Invisible Touch Controls v8

What this little plugin does is hide the touch controls and the inventory, chat, pause, emotes and interaction buttons, providing an experience just as if they were playing on the PC.

Some people want to play Minecraft having an interface as if they were playing on a pc, although it is actually from the mobile device, they do not want the controls and other buttons to appear during the game, these can be hidden using a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. But if you don’t have one of these things, it’s easier to use a texture that hides these buttons.

The texture now has 3 modes in which it hides these buttons.:

Normal (Vanilla):

To select one of the following modes, you must touch the Settings icon and choose as you like.

Completely invisible controls:

In this mode all buttons are hidden (controls, inventory button, chat, pause, emotes and interaction).

Just buttons icons

In this mode you will see the icons of the chat, pause and emotes buttons. In case you make a mistake when touching them while they are invisible, (that’s the way it happens to me XD).

It may be a simple change, but there are options to have a Java Edition-like interface. These options are “Split Controls”, “Classic Interface” and “Outline Selection”.

A simple texture very light and useful for some players. Your experience could be completed with the activated options.


– Invisible touch controls

– Pause, chat and emote buttons are now invisible.

– Invisible inventory button

-Invisible interaction button


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When entering the download you should only skip all the advertising, avoid it and not allow notifications of this, for your safety.

If you are going to make a video about this add-on, you must leave the link to this page and not to the direct download, because when there is an update the previous link will be deactivated.

And please give me credits.

Tutorial to pass the shortener

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Normally I upload progress of my plugins on my Facebook page and on my Twitter, if you have something to tell me or report to me about my plugins you can tell me through my networks.

Changelog View more

-Effect icons have been fixed.

-The name of items is now shown in the dark bar of new versions of Minecraft.

-The option "Half invisible buttons" has been removed.

-The option "Only visible button icons" now hides the inventory button and the interaction button.

Known bugs

-Sometimes the text of the interaction button is still displayed despite having already been hidden.

-Sometimes the package description is still in English even when you change the language of your game (I found no errors in the files, this may be a Minecraft bug).

New adjustment modes: Completely invisible, Half invisible and Buttons just.

-Now the interaction button is invisible.

- Now the plugin adjusts to the language of the game (for now there will only be Spanish and English)

- Emotes button is now invisible

The button to open inventory is now invisible.

Coming soon the button for emotes will also be invisible

- Add-on page improvements

- Final version

- Updated gui texture

- Texture of Invisible Chat and Pause Buttons

-Invisible "Chat" and "Pause" buttons

-Fixed the error that made it impossible to import by mcpack

-Updated texture

-Updated information in the complement

-Invisible "Chat" and "Pause" buttons

-Added complement data

-The invisible texture was modified a little, because there was a small part left without erasing

This is the first version of the add-on, therefore it has no new changes

Simply touch controls are invisible, no more changes
-The recommendation is to use the settings given in the description of the complement

Solo es la textura invisible de los controles táctiles en dispositivos Android


To install the ZIP file you just have to go to your Downloads folder, unzip the file and move the texture folder to the path "games/com.mojang /resource_packs", so that you will have the add-on available in the game.

To install the MCPACK file you must go to your Downloads folder, touch the file and in the options to Open you must choose Minecraft, this will open the game and automatically import the texture.

It is necessary that every time you update the add-on you delete the previous folder so that there is no problem with Minecraft detecting duplicate packages.

You only need to download one file, they both work the same, it's just up to you how you want to install it.


Supported Minecraft versions


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79 Responses

4.46 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. kirkee says:

    May i have an older version of these pack pls? I combined this latest one with my personal texture pack, and the xp bars are combines and it glitches. Pls do tell how to fix this i really want to use my own xp bar with this amazing pack.

  2. I Like Programmer Art says:

    when i activated the invisibke touch co trols, somehow the zombified piglin texture becomes the original texture of it. (that means the zombie pigmen will be back if i activated this pack) I mean… you can fix it right?

  3. this is the best touch control hider ever, because only this pack that hide interaction button and interaction text for example Trade button is gone or Feed, Fish, Tame, Ride etc button is gone

  4. XxJeoffelxX says:

    Nice! This is gonna be useful for playing Simburbia map from the marketplace

  5. Sombiso_Dou says:

    Muchas gracias , lo necesitaba.!❤

  6. Akk says:

    Maybe I will create a youtube channel, may I use this for my YouTube channel, maybe forever, I will give you credit and add a link to this page, I hope I will be a successful YouTuber and you successful with your work.

  7. Swish7057 says:

    Hey I have a yt channel and I use this texture pack, it’s so helpful, but the piglin and zombified piglins texture is somehow broken, I cant make the piglin bartering farm if texture is broken, thanks for making this content keep up though

  8. HanielLFB says:

    Ey se que hablas español =)
    Esta muy cool este paquete pero hay un problema el cual hace que desaparezca el fondo negro del texto al tenerlo activo ¿crees que puedas solucionar eso?

  9. SantiCraftSC says:

    esta perfect xd

  10. bell723 says:

    Love this texture pack however with potion effects the little icon that appears on the right of the screen is glitched, please have this fixed!

    Me encanta esta texture sin embargo los efectos de paciones a la derecha de la pantalla están fallados. Por favor arreglalo! (yo vi en los otros comentarios que tu hablas español, después tres años de las clases de español yo pensé que podría intentar traducir :P.)

  11. ItsEystreem641 says:

    Thanks for making this ??

  12. Zach Marc says:

    can you make so that the only button also hides the inventory button?

  13. DesigNerPlex says:

    why can’t i download the mcpack? it says that the key is invalid. is it only happening to me? it’s also the case when i try to download the zip.

  14. Guest-9246418683 says:

    Status effect tabs/ icons bugged!!!!

  15. Guest-8627280743 says:

    The effects (like fire resistance, night vision etc.) are not showing up properly, it just shows a glitched texture

  16. Guest-2559376855 says:

    is there a way to not only make it insivisble, but not be able to pressed at all? i want to find a mod that has the diagonal arrows not show up cause when i play skywars i keep falling off bridges because im pressing the diagonals and its super annoying

  17. Guest-6287230311 says:

    Love it! Just one problem, I kinda like the new opaque text background when you select items in 1.16. Fixing that would be the cherry on top of this texture pack. Good luck!

  18. Guest-4497137551 says:

    Can I use this texture pack to correct the phenomenon where the Text Background Opacity setting is not applied in Minecraft version 1.16?

  19. Catalinai says:

    Can You Maybe Remove The “Fish, Trade, Drive…” buttons?
    Nice texture btw

  20. Guest-4138288428 says:

    is there a way to remove the interaction button?like the villager “Trade”

  21. Scio says:

    Ah yes, the Spanish speaking Texture pack creator

  22. Guest-5027437255 says:

    It’s a nice pack and the emotes button are already invisible for me… Good work

  23. Guest-9397437553 says:


  24. What happened to your animated blocks texture pack? And also is it ok for me to upload a faithful 32x version of it?

  25. Guest-8834211798 says:

    Bro can you make the interaction buttons like when trading with a villager it has a trade button or riding a horse it has the ride button on it invisible, it would really help thx.

  26. Felipanconpan says:

    ¿Quieres ser mi amigo y que juguemos?

    Por lo del addon

  27. uhm *cough* *cough* emote button *cough* *cough*

  28. TheCannibull says:

    This pack is great but when combined with any resource pack that changes the status effect UI (the icons that appear in the top right), it completely breaks them. Can you fix this somehow?

  29. ZyporeGG says:

    Hello Sir Can You Make The Inventory UI Outlined/Transparent Appreciate Your Hard Work 🙂 Best GUI Maker

  30. justZitt_ says:

    make invisible button which opens inventory

  31. Anonymous says:

    Search “Pc/Win10 look” instead

  32. I can hide the inventory button

  33. Sean says:

    Please make a 1.14 version

  34. Good for roleplay filming says:

    Note: a tip for players who like this texture pack, you can make controls and the pause and chat buttons invisible in setting by enabling the “Hide HUD” setting in the video section of pause settings. This can be enabled and disabled at will, even if you are playing at the time you change it. There are also settings to toggle a paper doll for your player, along with disabling hot bar and fist visibility.

    • La opción de “Ocultar HUD” se encarga de ocultar absolutamente todo, lo cual hace que el inventario no se pueda manejar y no poder ver otras cosas. Este complemento solo hace invisibles los controles y los botones de “Chat” y “Pausa”.

  35. Jeckistic says:

    remove the button at the top of our screen please so it looks like a pc version

  36. Orange_county says:

    Dude the link does’nt work

  37. Kchrist18 says:

    Hey can u fix the download link? Its doesnt work, thanks..

  38. Naxy_21 says:

    The link not work

  39. Stalk says:

    the link is broken

  40. G0ldenD3mon says:

    How can i download this?! Change your link please i really need this addon

  41. Richie says:

    The download isnt working

  42. Raeza Falevy says:

    Man the mediafire link is error

  43. Souna6 says:

    Please fix the link. I really want this texture pack.

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