Texture One Dollar!

You have wished to trade with villagers but it is very boring just by doing it with emeralds, no more! my new dollar billite texture that replaces the emerald is here

The good

my texture replaces the emerald with the dollar bill, the bill has a very good quality but causes a little delay when you have it in your hand or lying on the ground

The bad

The downside of this texture is that if you have a lot of dollars on the ground, they will cause a long delay and the items will fail for a strange reason that I don’t know.Could serve as a fun form of dollar currency instead of a simple emerald

its resolution quality is very high, so be careful to put too many

If you want more dollar bills like these please let me know or if you have an error like split half or something like that

Changelog View more
a new more representative image has been added for the texture
more quality was added to the texture especially to the banknote (is good)


watch the tutorial to know how to put textures in Minecraft Poket Edition


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  1. Lilpresjackson says:

    The reason why it’s so heavy on frames when you drop a bunch is the texture is too HD for Minecraft, if you are able to low the resolution of the texture it should fix it.

  2. A really small and fun texture pack.

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