Texture Pack Review Map!

This is texture pack review map I made. At start I made some caves and others, so you can see how will your textures look in terrain. Next you have house, and at the end, a lot of blocks!

If you want to test your textures, because you don’t know, how they look, you can see a lot of blocks on this map! Maybe it don’t have all blocks, but i choose blocks that are most recently used! I tried to include a lot of blocks, because i wanted to have map with blocks, that can change in texture pack! I think this map is not very good, but still, you can test your texture pack in it! I tried do have map unique look, because i want to every map have something different! This map don’t have particles and mobs,because i don’t know how to make mobs don’t walk D:. But still, i hope you will enjoy map!

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Changed description so this world could be saw in mcped


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  1. Foxxesboy187 says:

    I has some texture to review thanks

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