TFARCENIM: Triple Biome

The spawn is in front of a hole leading down to a complex cave system. Without having to walk far you will find loads of coal, iron and even some gold.

On the right side of spawn is a mesa biome. As usually, the mesa biome is big with loads of open caves which you can enter and explore.

Found by: Brainshard


For some there will be a large pool of lava. It appears to be a random generation as the submitter of the seed says there was lava for him there while we couldn’t find any. Either way if you continue following the mesa biome you will find an opening in one of the mountains where there are plenty of lava.


It’s a cool seed including three different biomes at spawn: a flat landscape, a mesa biome and a desert. There are loads of things to explore too, like the cave system and the lava pools.


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