Thanos Boss Add-on

Thanos Boss is an Add-on from the Avengers Movies which adds a Giant and  very strong mod called Thanos and plus he’s a Boss mob.

Thanos will kill any mob that comes near him with one single hit since he has a lot of health and strength.                                                                             

 SPEED: he’s speed is 3 times faster than a normal mob’s speed.                                                                   Thanos Will attack every mob near by and kill it with one single hit, so be careful in survival!                                              HEALTH: he’s health is 999999, which means it’s harder to kill than the Ender dragon.                                                                                                                              No mob can kill him or Escape him!                                                                                                                The best way to defeat him in survival is by using enchanted swords. Check out  the showcase on my YouTube channel  for this Add-on.

Changelog View more

Added YouTube channel link for clear explanation of the Add-on 

Added YouTube video for the Add-on show case on my YouTube channel 

Added video tutorial and bugs fixed for 1.12 as it was crashing on this version 


Now works on all Minecraft versions.                                                        And thanos is stronger


The  behaviour and Resource files are in one single file for easy installation                   


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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18 Responses

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  1. Alithegamer2 says:

    I created a world then iI did resource pack and behavior pack and searched Thanos it did not work

  2. Pokest45 says:

    Just noticed that the creepers in the video had a PrestonPlayz skin, why? Also, don’t just make insta-kill entities, its pointless. If you want to make a boss, add some custom behaviors, like moves, instead of just 1-hit kill creatures that chase you around but get defeated by a 2-block high wall. But its better than the so-called, “096” addon, so I’ll give this a 2 stars.

  3. Thanks guys, and if anyone says I made it on my phone, let them go make there own addons, cause it hearts, it took me hours to make the skin, and adding the abilities!

  4. Try making it, cause I’m the one who made the skin pack, make your own, try it!

  5. KH2890Gaming says:

    Hello Aaron It’s me KH2890 your best bud!

  6. Laycraftingch says:

    Can you do more animation for this addon

  7. Hi Aaron,how do you make those models?

    • There Is No THJ says:

      I’m not the creator, but I can tell you that from the pictures Thanos’s model is basically an edited Minecraft player model that was given behaviors and made into a custom mob on the easy-to-use MCPE Addon Maker mobile app.

  8. SkeppysYummyBurgers says:

    Can you try add in more special abilities? Like the power stone or the time stone

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