The 30 Trivia Questions [Minigame]

Do you consider yourself a Minecraft expert? I kind of did until I played this map. Here you will be put on the spot and questioned about things only a true Minecraft geek ever would care to remember. If you happen to give the wrong answer there will be an epic surprise waiting for you, and it’s not a good surprise in any way.

Creator: RudeGbxYT

There are 30 rooms (and questions) in total and in each on you will be presented with one question with three possible answers. Press either of the buttons to select your answer.

If you are wrong you will be sent away.. and die!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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24 Responses

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  1. Silver Phoenix says:

    You need to change the spawnpoint to /spawnpoint ~ ~ ~

  2. PixelEagle138 says:

    I had a BLAST playing this map! I even recorded for my YouTube channel on it! Here is the link:

    Thank you for making this map!

  3. Diebum says:

    This map really isn’t good. First off, the checkpoints don’t work and I have to go trough all of the questions to get to where I was, secondly nowhere does it say that it’s also about mcpe youtubers. This map really needs to be fixed, and the summary needs to actually summarize the map.

  4. MIGUEL says:

    I like it

  5. MegaMiner260 says:

    Hey sup I didn’t download the map yet but I’m about to! If anyone wants to subscribe to my YouTube account it’s Mega Miner and my first video is called “My HIL-AIR-EEE-OUS Timelapse”

  6. Awesome says:

    It was ok but some of the answers were wrong like it said what was 0.15.0 update also known as it was the boss update not the friendly update that’s when the wither came out

    • RudeGbxYT says:

      Nope… I found all answers on and 0.16.0 is the Boss Update. And also Donkey, Horse, Husk, Mule and Stray are the only Mobs added (no wither) in version 0.15.0

  7. RudeGbxYT says:

    Sorry about that

  8. TheMegaGamer163 says:

    Its a very cool map (beside the YT part,cause i dont watch any of them) but there is one downside the “checkpoint” dont work cause you forgot the / (i think)

  9. Retro says:

    OMG!So Fun!One tip though,SET CHECKPOINTS!The command blocks wont do it some how and I keep raging becuase I can’t complete the map!

  10. editor says:

    Make a mini hose i already made one though it would be epic for everyone!

  11. Cutelix7Rowling says:

    Hey! Cool map, but it should be /spawnpoint for the checkpoint command blocks. I know I went to creative (I was curious) but /setworldspawn sets spawnpoint for the next person to join the world, not meaning yourself. So it should be /spawnpoint instead of /setworldspawn. Oh and this is quiz is so hard.

  12. RudeGbxYT says:

    Mcpedl, how to update this map… I forgot to fix the Checkpoints

  13. It's funneh says:

    I like this map I can’t wait till your other map oh I will sub to your channel and happy April fools LOL

  14. Devin Bateman says:

    Nice Story But not long enough doesn’t have 30 trivia questions

  15. Nehasusu aj says:

    i played it and got 7 deaths, but really cool commands i am bad with command blocks lol

  16. Alvindesa says:

    In The Game Its Say every 5 level ther is a Checkpoint But In The map is doesnt have any checkpoint

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