The 50 Trivia Questions [Minigame]

This map includes 50 different questions and each question has three alternative answers. All of them are in some relation to Minecraft and most of it relates to things which only a geeky Minecraft player would know. It’s highly recommended to read up on the wiki before starting. All in all, it’s a great quiz for Minecrafters.

Creator: RudeGbxYT

It’s really easy to get started. Just read the question and then pick an answer by pressing a button. If you are correct you will be teleported to the next level, and if you are wrong you will die and have to start over.

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25 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. IcyArticuno says:

    There are 6 mobs that spawn in the Nether: Ghast, Zombie Pigman, Wither Skeleton, Blaze, Magma Cube, and Endermen.
    Nice Map By the way!

  2. ilia says:

    Good job this is a well made map

  3. Minecraft maniac says:

    u did good creater from 1 to 5 I rate this map 200 🙂

  4. DarkEnderKnight says:

    Is the creator English

  5. Roben Khoury says:

    Best map ever!
    Btw that’s the only map I ever successfully completed without cheating lol.

  6. Cake says:

    No hate, but I think there are only 5 mobs that spawn in the nether, if there are 6, what am I missing:ghast, blaze, wither skeleton, zombie pigman,and magma cube.

  7. Cool Gamer says:

    What is the sound that is used when the answer is right?
    I mean this: /playsound [the sound] @p

  8. STEPHANMAN says:

    That is very hard!

  9. McMINEGamer says:

    Hello guys! This game is Great!

  10. RudeGbxYT says:

    One thing I got wrong spelling xD

  11. 8BitSmash says:

    Sorry to be that guy but the nether has 5 mobs: blaze, ghast, zombie pig man, magma cube and enderman. If you could pls fix this but if I’m wrong don’t worry sorry for wasting your time

  12. HuskyGamingTES says:

    This is a really cool map, and I learned a lot! Thank you!

  13. CreeperTrolling1 says:

    Nice! I have been waiting for dis :)))

  14. Stormfive's Friend says:

    P.S I didn’t play it but it looks exciting

  15. Stormfive's Friend says:

    I found typos. Did anyone else do? And also first comment 🙂

  16. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Hey, the maximum render distance depend of the performance of your phone, mine it’s 54 chunks, so I can’t know the awnser (sry for my bad english i’m french)

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