The Abandon (Horror!) [Adventure]

The Abandon is a scary horror map taking place somewhere out in the woods. You’re driving your car back home when suddenly a man steps out on the road. It’s pitch black outside and the rain is pouring down. Soon you find yourself inside an abandoned mansion which you then have to escape. If you’re looking for a creepy adventure, then this is definitely it.

Creator: CoolBro869, Twitter Account


You’re driving back home after being on a vacation with some friends. All out of nowhere a man steps out onto the road. You quickly hit the brakes and stop the car by the side of the road. When you exit the car you can see the man disappearing into the woods. You can decide to follow him and soon you come to an abandoned mansion. The man enters the mansion, leaving the door opened behind him. You decide to enter it as well but as soon as you’re inside the door is closed behind you and locked. You must find a way out!


  • Play on survival
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Max out the volume (but keep your ears safe)
  • Set brightness to 30
  • Don’t break blocks

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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26 Responses

2.64 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Coral The Blue Dragon says:

    Cool! Even my sister like it!

  2. CreeperPlaysMCPE says:

    I like the effort put into this map. The Skeloton Head did jumpscare me. The problem is that the dungeon part is broken, I quickly found that the redstone was wrong. Overall and A for effort. Maybe you could make another horror map with less redstone, sorry If I offend you!! 👍

  3. William Pratt says:

    I’m being honest here. It’s interesting, and I’d love to play it. Just make it work and 3 star maybe

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice effort, I would suggest slowness 3 and blindness 1, and maybe more jump scares. IK it was sopossed to b in survival so that didn’t bother me, thx 👍🏻

  5. FrostyPlayZMCYT says:

    Hey thanks for the likes it means alot and we the creators of the map will make a part 2 called “The Unkown” within 2 weeks make sure to like and wait for it! 😉 Stay Frosty my boyZ

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, the map was a good idea. Maybe in your next map it would be good advice to check the red stone first. The skeleton head did scare me.

    Don’t give up.

  7. Hamish Mongtomery says:

    I see the effort you put in, it would be an amazing map if you fixed the redstone. When I got the dungeon key, I had no idea what to do because I couldn’t place it anywhere. So I got bored and went into creative, and saw that the Creator’s Info was broken as well. The Basement lights didn’t work either. When I was in creative I went into the dungeon and… There was nothing there. Literally, no button to press to activate some text, or any redstone signals at all. Fix your map and I might enjoy it some more.

  8. Just_a_pirate says:

    It was an interesting idea, but the redstone had some problems, and the map was rather confusing. The basement lights don’t work, and unless the dungeon key was to be placed on a certain block in the basement(which I couldn’t find), otherwise the “place key here in the attic didn’t have any noticeable effects in the map. When I decided to simply place the lever by the dungeon door, most of the blocks around the door was covered by something else. I had to break some vines to clear space. Finally, after entering the dungeon, there was not a single useful object inside to help me advance. In short, the atmosphere of scariness was there, but it didn’t offer enough clues to help me finish it.

  9. Silvestre Torres says:

    It was great best horror map ever subscribe to swagvester

  10. TheMiner2163 says:

    lol, what the heck are you thinking huh, when get the key to the dungeon, i have no way to go inside

  11. CoolBro869MCDino says:

    I dont care if you hate… I just made tgis for fun :/ sorry…

  12. Lifes_Legacy says:

    I know you put an effort on doing this but try to make the map more interesting….. To be honest, this is the worst horror map i played in my experience..

  13. lexgioplaygame says:

    Dude did you check you red stone it dose not work and it not scary nothing works in this map and slowness is to must try harder next time Buddy :/

  14. Endy0 says:

    This is creative but there might be slightly little problems

  15. TheWitherYT says:

    Worst horror map i ever seen

  16. Aditya says:

    I can’t figure out what to do nothing in here works I can’t place levers and am just stuck at the dungeob

  17. Alex says:

    Worst map I have EVER experienced I hate this map so much.

  18. CMAN says:

    Not scary. Not scary at all. Sure it may be a good attempt, but I don’t give an A for effort. All the other “horror” maps have the same problem.

  19. Bdude1994cool says:

    Oh yeah first one anyway is this good to do at night

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