The Abandoned: Pizzaria [Horror]

Welcome To Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza we did anything to bring the characters in real life come and have fun with your children and eat pizza while playing with your animatronic friends!

The Abandoned:Pizzaria or TAP for short is a horror free roam game it might look like the fnaf 2 but nothing is 100% the same thing, story and other stuff are different on my own way

Fnaf 2 paintings by:Legoskeleton

Play the prequel if you Haven’t

The Abandoned:Warehouse

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•Remastered the whole game for a better experience and some small bug fix!

•Nothing has been changed for the game 

•Added a good description with more images


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27 Responses

4.14 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. BulzRai21 says:

    Will there be a sequel to The Abandoned: Pizzaria?

  2. BulzRai21 says:

    Wow! You changed the animatronics shape from 3D to 4D. I didn’t expect that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You Made a Poor Choice Of Mobs Because I Was Able To Lure Bonnie, Chica And Mangle To Mangle’s Room And A Mob Under The Map Kept Them In That Room. And The Unknown Got Stuck Hitting The Broken Freddy.

  4. Guest-7545283158 says:

    Hey Um I Found This Glitch On Night 2 and The Music Box Is Unwindable and I was wondering If You Could Help Me Fix That

  5. Guest-7252447503 says:

    Does this work for multiplayer?

  6. Guest-1830741449 says:


  7. Guest-6535270284 says:

    do they actualy not move when you look at em

  8. Guest-1410862428 says:

    Hey ChrisMP is it ok if i add stuff to your fnaf 6 map and put it on here ill mention you in developing and that i just remade it a little is it ok if i can

  9. Guest-4961612505 says:

    its justclike fnaf but its cool great map???

  10. Guest-3992004269 says:

    Hmm smart something must be. Yoda i am.

  11. Guest-3798642287 says:

    The clue in the office says mat pat

  12. Guest-7579617923 says:

    this mapp is a s s

  13. NPGaming2971 says:

    um can i join you to build maps? i am pretty good at command

  14. Zero says:

    8/10 hay dos problemas 1 no hay linterna o algo que ilumine 2 al final no dice nada de grasias por jugar o algo

    • Dimensional Guard says:

      I Had To Punch A Hole In The Ceiling To See The Music Box And Also I Thought That There Was A 6th Night, But No.

      So Yeah, I Agree That This Map Would Need Some Work.

  15. Anonymous says:

    is this multiplayer? if not will you make one multiplayer>

  16. Anonymous says:

    For some reason after I beat night 1 it won’t let me into night 2 saying “ complete blight 1 even though I did. Is there something I can do to fix it?

  17. Swagmeisterking says:

    I got jumpscared before I even got to the office so I turned off my device…

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