The Abandoned: Warehouse [HORROR]

The Abandoned:Warehouse it’s a horror free roam game with custom sounds and objectives follow them carefully and try at least to survive..also you can believe if this is a fan game or not 

An old job for you to work awaits you again, but this time you working overnight in The old warehouse your boss said that everything must be perfect if you want get paid but during your work you realise you’re not alone

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Car Model by Nogard

SHADERS:The Hybred

Changelog View more

•Remasted the whole map for a better experience and some bug fixes


•Gameplay is a little easy

•The antagonist has improved texture

•supports 1.13 ONLY!


The antagonist has been improved

Gameplay is a little easy now

Supports 1.13 ONLY

Spanish version has been added

Small fixes to make the game more fun...

•Improved some bugs

•A small bug fix that happen with the spawn...

•Remastered the chase theme of the game map

•Bugs fixed

 fixed the mcworld file and the correct file now you can really download this map

•The mcworld file it has been really fixed this time sorry for the mistake you can now really download it

•A barrier that was blocking the way in office has been fixed

•Supports all devices and from version 1.8 to 1.10 no BETA 

•Added a mcworld file

•Added a zip file if the mcworld didn't work

•Added a new mcworld file 

•Spawnpoints added in the game

•Bugs Fixed

•Added more screenshots to see how the game looks like


Supported Minecraft versions


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34 Responses

4.11 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-8959456408 says:

    I thought this was going to be good… I literally kept getting stuck in a room cuz there was no where else to go.. And I did get myself unstuck but I went passed barriers, which I was probably not supposed to do that…. I had no Idea what to do before I cheated and gave myself levitation for a minute because I was stuck. And when I continued after cheating the guy appeared, I was able to hit him, but it seemed like he was invincible or something, so I went passed him, then the Minecraft pe crashed. Wth is wrong with this map?

  2. BulzRai21 says:

    ChrisMP, why did you remove the flashlight in The Abandoned: Warehouse: Chapter 1 (Remastered)?

  3. Guest-4610446863 says:

    Hey guy who made this im stuck i just entert de building btw this is the first part and. It said strange de door is open what now im stuck in a room and its really silent what now btw great map so far😂😅👍🏻

  4. Rearwardcello53 says:

    How do i download it

  5. Anonymous says:

    I tried playing the map, it seems cool, but it kept crashing and was really laggy. The grammar you used in the map was horrifying, since I’m a grammar freak. The overall map however, from what I saw of it, was nice.

  6. Its Lars says:

    HEy bro

    you made a really cool map and also you put things from fnaf in the game.
    Its acctually not so scray but the idea behind this is very cool.

  7. Nicolas Asafe Farias P. says:

    Please add new Português-Brasil version! we wait the version ):

  8. Logan says:

    I know I sound like an idiot.. I can’t find the key for the employees only door.. Please help =/

  9. EvanYT MCPEDL says:

    Wait Scott cawthon?
    That name is a creator of fnaf?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is fine

  11. Jenne14294 says:

    Can this map play by multiplayers??

  12. tomatoking12345 says:

    also i used commands to kill the killer

  13. tomatoking12345 says:

    lol a diamond armor is a bonnie sute cuz i used commands to get the sute and theres a markaplire easter egg

  14. ChrisMP says:

    mcworld download link will be unable to download until new update which I guess will not take time for MCPEDL to accept it

  15. Angel says:

    Does this have jumpscares? 😱

  16. ChrisMP says:

    Well people I don’t know for you if there is a problem to be honest i tested the downloads and both are fine also with the ads just close them and go to download page of media Fire..

  17. Sebb says:

    The download links doesn’t work…it seems that they are broken or moved. Well somethings wrong at least

  18. Remiel says:

    When I click download mcworld or download Zip, it takes me to media fire, then I click download, it takes me to a video or Survey for free prize. This isnt working. Hope it gets fixed

  19. Remiel says:

    When I try to download the map, it goes to MediaFire, and I click “Download”, it takes me to a video or a free “stuff” page. I retry 5 times and happens again, on the 7th time, no video. But the Free “stuff” page. I try to go to Zip, same thing happens. It also says that you took the file off MediaFire. I hope this gets fixed. Good luck on Chapter 2 anyways. (I’m only 11, sorry if bad grammar or something)

  20. Angious2004 says:

    Good job, it reminds me of SCP-3008.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Help! It wouldn’t let me open it up on Minecraft. I have tried so many time and it keeps saying “import failed”

  22. Blake says:

    Cool map hope chapter two come out soon

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