The Aether PE [Creation]

The Aether is a modded dimension in the PC version of Minecraft. It’s basically the opposite of the Nether as it’s supposed to look as if you are in heaven (rather than in hell). In the vanilla version of Pocket Edition there are really just two dimensions to visit: the Overworld and the Nether. This map lets you experience walk through a portal which takes you to the Aether.

Creator: Victor Gameplays, Twitter Account

How to go to the Aether?

Just to be clear, this dimension isn’t really existent. It’s just a map which copies some of the things found in the Aether and brings a similar experience to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Once you’ve spawned you will find yourself in a small house in a forest. Exit the house to find the Aether portal. When you are ready, walk into the portal!


If you’ve played the mod which adds the Aether to Minecraft for PC you will find many similarities in the Minecraft PE world. The trees’ leaves are yellow and the grass has a blue toned color.


There are some inhabitants of the world which can be found on the other side of floating island.


Liked this map? Then have a look at The End City map! It’s quite similar, but another dimension.


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  1. Zyrom121 says:

    AdFly account suspended. Help

  2. Zyrom121 says:

    AdFly account suspended

  3. ... says:

    It isnt working

  4. ender storm says:

    link i can’t download

  5. Ali55555 says:

    My map isn’t blue. Why this useful happening. Please help

  6. Ali55555 says:

    In my map, the grass isn’t blue. Why this useful happening. Please ansewer

  7. BlueberrySans says:

    Could you change the link? Because It keeps saying “This account has been suspended.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    When there is maps like this that have the grey button that just says download I can’t get it because it’s a zip one plz help

  9. Crftgtgtgt says:

    Editor I am on a iPad and I want to go there but it is a zip how can I turn zips into mc.worlds?☹️👧🏿

  10. Nurul Mohamed says:

    can someone make an add on for this and don’t need to use iexplorer because I don’t have it on my iOS and I don’t have an android device

  11. Angela says:

    It was great I loved it
    I told my friends at school and they didn’t believe me until I showed them

  12. Stanley says:

    I want to get it on ios 9 (2016)

  13. Edit no tors says:

    How do i download it? There will always a advertise like ad fly please help me!

  14. John kenneth says:

    How do you do he use nether portal to teleport

  15. fat cat gangsta says:

    I tried to download it so many times it unistaled my browser…I have a Samsung…plz make it for Samsung…0 stars if possible…jack frost miner said I was able to play it on my tablet.>:-(

  16. Ezekiel Garret says:

    Wait,I think they messed with the foliage png. and turned aqua-green to blue

  17. someone says:

    It is AWESOME!!! Better than mod!! Thanks!

  18. Jules says:

    How did they created the portal impossible

  19. Kyle says:

    The file is blocked because it was violating something.

  20. Luke MageSlayerYT says:

    this is so cool im going to make a vid about this
    sub https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUCNgIlApBB0eCZ34LSskyw

  21. Ethan Bell says:

    Blue grass?

  22. PixelplaysMC says:

    Ok this is cool but like the other question how did you make the grass blue?

  23. Marvin says:

    I’m okay with it’s realy fine i love it

  24. Zomboid says:

    Dude this is better than the mod

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good but how did you get a good map like that

  26. Lexus25 says:

    How did they get blue grass?

  27. BillyTheCrazy says:

    awesome dude!!!!!!

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