The Amazing Magic Mod

The Amazing Magic Mod is a very well put together magic mod with tons of features to explore. Build altars and summon bosses or use a magical crafting table to craft new weapons, wands and tools. There are lots of more things to experience, so give it a try!

Creator: wartave, Twitter Account

Getting Started

Make sure the sound of your device is turned on when launching a new world as the story will be read in a robotic voice. If you didn’t get what the voice said then you can read it in full down below.

In a far away place there was a Minecraft player who did not know what skills he had in his body. Mystical creatures wandered earth which never been seen before in all of humanity in Minecraft. He did not know why they were here. But he knew he had to stop them. He fought with all his might and managed to defeat the some but after one thousand years of involvement with the creatures and touches of defeat for the good of all. Good luck, son.

Arcane Compendium Book

In the book you can learn more about how to build magical blocks; craft weapons, armors and wands; build altars and read facts about bosses. It’s an essential part to better understand how the mod works.

Let’s walk through the entire process of getting the book.

Find and mine an Amazing Ore (ID: 55) with a diamond pickaxe to get some Amazing Gems (ID: 730)


Next you will need 1 bucket of water and 1 Amazing Gem. Fill a whole with the water bucket and then tap on the water with an Amazing Gem to put a spell on the water.


Tap on the magical water with a poppy and it will turn green. Then tap on it again with some seeds.

screenshot-2015-08-04-10-28 screenshot-2015-08-04-10-29

Then tap on the magical water with 1 normal book to get the Arcane Compendium Book. To use the book tap on the ground while holding it and a graphical user interface will show up.


Magic Crafting

The Crafting Magic (ID: 72) table is crafted with 8 iron ingots and 1 normal crafting table using a stonecutter.

Tap on the magic crafting table to open the user interface.




  • Blood Altar (23) – 3 Blood (to get blood kill Blood Demons) + 4 stones + 1 redstone
  • Water Block (25) – 7 Water Orbs + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Fire Block (29) – 7 Fire Orbs + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Dirt Block (33) – 7 Dirt Orbs + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Air Block (34) – 7 Air Orbs + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Leaft Block (36) – 7 Leaft Orbs + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Essence Extractor (70) – 1 coal + 1 snowball + 1 dirt + 2 iron ingots + 1 water bucket + 3 stones
  • Inlay Corner (75) – 3 coal + 6 glass panes
  • Light Block (144) – 7 Light Essences + 1 iron block + 1 book
  • Dark Block (143) – 7 Dark Essences  + 1 iron block + 1 book

Weapons & Tools:

  • Gravity Sword (704) – 2 Gravity Player + 2 Air Essences + 1 stick
  • Fire Sword (713) – 5 Fire Essences + 1 stick + 1 gold sword
  • Water Sword (712) – 5 Water Essences + 1 stick + 1 gunpowder
  • Grabber Water (729) – 1 stick + 4 water buckets + 3 redstones
  • Grabber Lava (728) – 1 stick + 4 lava buckets + 3 redstones
  • Broomstick (701) – 2 redstones + 2 sticks + 1 wheat
  • Book of Heads (727) – 1 Air Essence + 1 Fire Essence + 1 Water Essence + 1 Dirt Essence + 1 Leaft Essence + 1 book
  • Amazing Gun (700) – 2 diamonds + 4 Amazing Gems
  • Gravity Player (705) – 4 Amazing Gems + 4 Thunder Gems + 1 redstone
  • Fire Wand (754) – 1 Fire Essence + 1 Legendary Stick of Fire (kill Fire boss to get)
  • Ice Wand (755) – 1 Water Essence + 1 Legendary Stick of Water (kill Water boss to get) + 1 Ice Essence
  • Leaft Wand (758) – 1 Plant Essence + 1 Legendary Stick of Leaft (kill Leaft boss to get)
  • Air Wand (WIP) (757) – 1 Air Essence + 1 Legendary Stick of Air (kill Air boss to get)
  • Dirt Wand (756) – 1 Dirt Essence + 1 Legendary Stick of Dirt (kill Dirt boss to get)
  • Magic Wand (703) – 1 Air Essence + 1 Ice Essence + 1 Fire Essence + 2 obsidians


  • Battle Mage Helmet (302) – 5 Amazing Gems
  • Battle Mage Chestplate (303) – 8 Amazing Gems
  • Battle Mage Boots (305) – 4 Amazing Gems
  • Battle Mage Leggings (304) – 7 Amazing Gems
  • Plants Helmet (761) – 5 Plant Essences
  • Fire Chestplate (762) – 8 Fire Essences
  • Air Leggings (763) – 7 Air Essences
  • Ice Boots (764) – 4 Ice Essences


The Essence Extractor (ID: 70) is crafted with 1 coal,  1 snowball,  1 dirt, 2 iron ingots, 1 water bucket and 3 stones using a Magic Crafting table. To learn how to use the Magic Crafting table scroll up to the section about “Magic Crafting”.

Essences are used to craft different types of magical items.

How to get gems & orbs?

  • Thunder Gem (738): mine Thunder Ore (69) with a diamond/golden pickaxe
  • Amazing Gem (730): mine Amazing Ore (55) with a diamond pickaxe
  • Dirt Orb (725): Kill the Dirt Boss (scroll further down on the page to learn how to summon bosses!)
  • Air Boss (721): Kill the Air Boss
  • Fire Boss (724): Kill the Fire Boss
  • Leaft Orb (723): Kill the Leaft Boss
  • Water Orb (722): Kill the Water Boss


  • Fire Essence (742) – 2 coal + 2 Fire Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Water Essence (743) – 2 water buckets + 2 Water Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Leaft Essence (744) – 2 tree leaves + 2 Leaft Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Dirt Essence (746) – 2 dirt blocks + 2 Dirt Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Light Essence (745) – 2 glowstones + 2 Thunder Gems + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Air Essence (748) – 2 feathers + 2 Air Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Ice Essence (747) – 2 ice blocks + 2 Water Orbs + 1 Amazing Gem
  • Dark Essence (760) – 3 obsidian blocks + 1 coal block + 1 Amazing Gem


There are seven different types of altars all which are built differently. You can read in the Arcane Compendium Book how to build each one or look below.

Just to show you it works in-game we built a Leaft Altar. To summon the boss we tapped on the centered Blood Altar (ID: 23) with a Book of Heads (ID: 727, scroll up for recipe).


Spawn Egg IDs

  • Water Mob Spawn (716)
  • Lava Boss Spawn (717)
  • Demon Pig Spawn (718)
  • Mutant Dirt Spawn (719)
  • Crasy Spawn (720)
  • Blood Demon Spawn (714)

Install Guide

  1. Press the download button further down on this page to download the mod files.
  2. Extract the zip using ES File Explorer or a similar Android file manager app.
  3. Go to the extracted folder and rename The Amazing Magic v2.1 created by wartave.js.js to The Amazing Magic v2.1 created by wartave.js
  4. Move the folder called TAM to /sd/0/Android/
  5. Start BlockLauncher and load the textures.
  6. Import world ores generator.js and The Amazing Magic v2.1 created by wartave.js mod scripts.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the download button.

  2. Zack Taylor says:

    looks like a good mod but is thare any way to get this mod on IOS without jailbreak

  3. Whyyyyy? says:

    The mod download link ain’t working 😭😭😭😭

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    is there a way to load this into a pocketmine windows server?

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    Great mod.had some trouble to install but fine

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    This is a lot like arc magica

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    Help! Can’t download because it says deceptive site.

    • Spiralfruit says:

      I have the same problem, ad fly just constantly bombards me with popup adds making the DL impossible.

  14. Pixie says:

    How do you do IDs I tried the guide and its treriible because I don’t have Windows or Mac >:(

  15. Person says:

    Is this only for android?

  16. Natasha says:

    i do not know how to download pe mods

  17. RytisXZX says:

    Hello is this mod for minecraft version 0.11.0 or 0.12.1?

  18. Gaetan says:

    How do you get the amazing gun to work. I did it once but now the icon in the lower right corner won’t show up.

  19. Rathakos Mage of Tides says:

    Who created this mod i whant to thank him for his awesomn’es

  20. Rathakos Mage of Tides says:

    This mod is amazing, at the moment im making a wizard mod that adds in Mage robes (custom texture) Elemental staffs and a new GUI for the Spell selection also a teleportation power for all your travel in needs

  21. Rathakos Mage of Tides says:

    It works for me guys I don’t see what the problem is

  22. TelosKori says:



    This is the absolute best mod for 0.11.0 That I have ever seen before! The mechanics are amazing! the only issues are the whole setup phase and the textures. Make sure that you use a mod with all of the normal minecraft textures as well as the mod’s textures as well guys! unless you’re rooted this mod will have only it’s textures and slickcrafts! And finally, there actually two TAM folders, one under the main extraction file and one under the texture file, combine them both after copying and pasting into the android folder in your sd card folder. Epic mod though, and I posted to help anyone else who had trouble setting it up!

    • Rathakos Mage of Tides says:

      True Nickcrazyminer Their are two TAM folders this mod was easy to set up I’m trying to get my mod to work for all Ipad generations and at the current ios8

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    Why I can’t import the magic.js?
    I HV already put the folder into Android file
    However I keep getting this massage:
    **error code**

  28. #newblife says:

    Is this mod fun???????

    And do you have to start it on a new world or a old world (one I have already got stuff on??)
    If so thx

    P.s I am not nooby I am a pro at clash and minecraft


    You forgot the item ids for the essences. Oh, and WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS MOD AT!!??!?!?!

  30. DwarvenWarrior says:

    I keep getting this message when I try to enable the magic.js file I put TAM in Android and I have textures installed plz help.

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