The Arena (1.14.50+)

This is a simple Arena with loot and parkour! Defeat your friends in this free-for-all   Arena!

Note: If you are the host/downloader of this map if you teleport yourself to 200,5,200

you will find a “control room”. for this map to work you also need edu mode on.

(I used slates instead of signs :P)

Included in the map is 2 resource packs; Borderless Glass and Minimal UI. Just to add a little bit.

What the “Control Room” looks like. 3 sectionseach room does something different. ex: The yellow room is the “Event Room”. The button in the event room does events such as invisibility, speed, jump boost, etc) The red room is the place where it tells the instructions of the game to everyone.

Keep in mind that in order to put everyone in the arena you must teleport them into it and put border blocks around them. (if you don’t know what a border block is put in the command /give @s border_block 1) in order to place the command block you must be a “World Builder”. Just put in the command /wb or /worldbuilder.

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