Published on August 14, 2021 (Updated on March 05, 2022)

AUR1C CYB3RC4T ARM0R | v2.0: The Final Update! | (New Model, Balances, & Farewell!)

Do you like technology? Do you like battle suits? Do you like CATS??? Well I have the addon for you! This add-on adds an armor set that gives you multiple abilities and buffs towards the end of the game. But beware, an evil has awoken and is storming the desert. They’re not really a big threat but watch out.

This is this addons Final Major Update.

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- Addon has been rebuilt from the ground up.

- Updated Art

- Updated Trailer

- Updated the Armor model. It no longer looks like a set of armor made from mobile Blockbench and a lack of experience.

- Remade all abilities.

- Revamped the sword. It was absurd.

- NPCs have been removed. the trade was buggy and the armor was WAY too easy to get considering its power. 

- Added “Auric Elementals”, a new enemy that spawns in deserts at night.

- Crafting the auric armor now requires a Nether star. Now you can’t just get it early game and be OP right away.

- New Item Textures and descriptions.


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Forgot to mention in the update notes, but raids are now fixed.
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
I cant get the Auric Fragments and does it still use player.json?
Forgot to mention in the update notes, but raids are now fixed.
thank you my brother for making this addon i really love you and this addon
Really cool addon but yah, sword is OP. Nice job otherwise
Oh, and also raids don't work anymore. probably something to do with the new "itsdarkwolf6s body double" dudes wandering around
actually I think they accidentally deleted the bad omen counter in the player.json file
While I get that you are trying to do something unique, everything about this is flawed.
It's unbalanced, uses player.json, and can literally delete items from you because of the way it's coded.

Player.json really needs to be used only as a last resort. I myself am working towards removing it from my addon, as it prevents most other addons from working with it. A better design would be to make a single item that runs a /give function to grant the armor set and charged items, then deletes itself, so that the automatic function isn't needed.

Secondly, using /replaceitem to get the charged abilities can and will delete whatever is in the player's hotbar prior to putting on the armor.

Finally, 50 damage is just absurd, even if the durability isn't great. On top of that, the durability doesn't even matter because the player can just unequip a single piece of armor, then re-equipping it will recharge the whole set.

In its current state, I would rate this a 2/5, because at least the idea is unique... but until these issues are fixed, I would not reccomend this to anyone.
Actually thank you so much for this. You actually just opened my eyes to how things can be done and worked differently. And thanks for the heads up about the player.json file and how it works. And the idea about a single item giving you the ability’s. Genius. Thank you so much!
No problem! I'll be watching this addon for when you finish the update, then give you more feedback then.

Looking forward to it!
No problem!

I'll be keeping watch on this page for the update so I can give feedback once it's ready.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
Is a bit OP, how about you make it so the suit has very low durability and is about to break when you get it, then you can combine like a nether star with the chest plate and diamonds with the rest to get full durability
Sadly it uses player.json :(