The Best Minecraft Bedrock Seed EVER (1.16)

I started playing with some friends in this world and when we discovered everything that this seed has, we were amazed. I must say that it is (without a doubt) the survival game that I have finished the fastest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, or even more.

This seed is AMAZING for a world in survival, either alone or with friends. A village next to the spawn point, one zombie savannah village nearby, a desert temple, a monument, a ruined portal, a large cave system under the villagers’ houses. And best of all: a stronghold just below the village.

Spawn point

Plains village

Desert temple


Savannah zombie village

Dig here to find the stronghold

Photos taken with the ESBE_2G shader (

Seed ID


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21 Responses

1.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Michael_the_minecraftplayer says:

    not the best minecraft seed

  2. lawrie says:

    hey guys you dont have ague over a profile picture people use the same picture its OK

  3. BoogaBoogaFireAnts says:

    Bruh your kidding you get this past the mods? Your pretty much lazy

  4. RISALZI says:

    What the hell dude??? Are you steal my MCPEDL photo profile?? (THE CREPPER)

  5. Aidan1919 says:

    this is the xploit server seed, right?

  6. TutaNgTsina says:

    I love democracy

  7. This is just the stronghold below seed in the seed picker.

  8. RRRGKYM says:

    You really thought you could fool us? This is literally the same seed as the “stronghold below” seed template

  9. lawrie says:

    i dont careif its funny its just a ripp of

  10. lawrie says:

    you can find this seed by pressing the arrow when enter a seed select strong hold below and then same seed

  11. lawrie says:

    this seed is just the stronghold below seed total ripp of

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