The Building of Villager [Adventure]

The Building of Villager is a mysterious and a unique type of map with an odd storyline. The goal is to find out where the big pixel art blocks were built after the creator have passed away. Somebody knows and your task is to find out who and where the blocks are. By figuring out clues that you will find on the sky island it is possible to complete the objective.

Creator: Tal_Melamed100


About a year ago a villager crafted blocks to build enormous pixel art blocks. One week ago the villager passed away and now nobody knows where the pixel art blocks were built. There is only one who knows where they were built and he lives on an island in the sky. There are clues on the island..


  • Don’t break/place blocks
  • Play on peaceful
  • Set render distance to minimum

villager villager2


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    Please repost it with .mcworld link plz

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    Can you repost it so it has a .mcworld link please

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    I really want to play this map but i can’t download it, does anyone have this map?

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    It says the download link is not found

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