The Cars Update Addon

These addons add several types of cars to minecraft now you can download the cars that you like like the camaro or a ford mustang or maybe a bugatti

Creators: Team Infinite Minds and Fernan. Twitter:@TInfiniteMindsTwitter:@8Fernancraft.

How does it work?

In these addons you can have one of the 10 available cars that you want for free

The Update Car Addon Update these cars

  • Chevy Camaro Addon
  • Ford 150 Addon
  • Chevy Silverado Addon
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Addon
  • Bugatti Veyron Addon
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Addon
  • Mini Cooper Addon
  • Audi R8 Addon
  • VW Jetta Addon
  • Ford Mustang Addon
  • Go karts Addon
  • RAM 1500


  • All cars for minecraft 1.11,1.10 and 1.9 have been updated
  • They do not replace any entity


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11

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Installation Guides

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88 Responses

2.78 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Guest-9229279757 says:

    Bruhh i just downloaded Bugatti

  2. Clickbait says:

    I thought… I thought that they would all be one addon… but… nevermind. Screw this. 🖕

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cannot stand u30 its vulgar is crazy ist talking about
    Naked japanese cartoon girls game

  4. POOP says:

    thanks for the virus 😉

  5. LoyalDogYT says:

    Can you use something else? I can’t stand the vulgarity of U3O.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is it putting me in a new place….

  7. Chad Smith says:

    The models are pretty good, but can you guys please make future addons under 3 blocks in width? Again, the models are good, but they’re just so large. Thank you for reading, i hope you consider!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It keep saying that I have to make account for this

  9. John Paul Arce says:

    For people who keeps saying these r viruses, well they arent, they work, when u click on the link, click skip ad, then go to the u30 tab, complete the captcha, click the “click the button to continue”, click on “Get Link” 3 times, the third tab is the mediafire link :). the cars r so fast lol!

  10. ArGuA30 says:

    Can you change the downloading website

  11. Alkali1234 says:

    Hmmmm great!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is garbage I go to get it I try all links and get sent to a fake adfly and then to some suspicious websites and fake warnings then I get a 404 not found why don’t you use a media fire like everyone else

  13. T3NTH says:

    Wow one milion of links

  14. 😒 says:

    This is a joke the car is located in the grand place if Nowhere. I hope your satisfied wasting my time and computer space. I hope you have a nice day. Look, I can also lie!

  15. Gucci says:

    The download worked fine for me but where are the cars in your inventory

  16. Frank says:

    Son demasiado rápidos xD al menos el Byron que probé lo era no sé si todos son así me recorría 10 chunks por segundo jjaj

  17. Gamershy says:

    enjoying the 25 cents a month you get by spamming us with all these URL shorteners? Pretty sure half of this is illegal.

  18. ItzDianYT says:


  19. Pizzamania says:

    Plz fix the link. First, I get sent to adfly, which is fine, but then, it takes me to two download websites. Finally, it takes me to inappropriate websites.

    • annoyedcustomer says:

      yes that happened to me if i had the option to give minus stars i would

      • Rockeous says:

        Pizzamania, (this is your irl friend haha)
        Just download these from different websites. I got them all off different websites so just do that

  20. YeetGuy83 says:

    It takes you to then takes you to 2 sites and it does not give you the download site, so the add-on files are corrupted or something

    • Somebody UwU says:

      Actually,I’ve tried this before,and you need to go back to adfly and keep on opening *skip ad* until it lets you.^^hope that helps!

  21. Fix this says:

    Plz make a new addon with the same cars but instead with all the cars with one link and use a different link to download cause this one doesn’t work

  22. InfiniteMind&Fernan says:

    I it already but i would love it more if the wheels have animation including steeringwheel and please add gears also to make it realistic

  23. Minecraft is cool says:

    Why does it have adfly? I just want a car mod/add-on for Minecraft but the ones I find are all adfly. does anyone have any suggestions ? Plz help

  24. KillerGamingHD says:

    I like it nice addon pls add hot rods next pls i dont know why people cant download it but i can download it thanks creator pls add hotrod again XD

  25. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work. I get sent to a website full of games for adults (inappropriate) Fix it please.

  26. RMPlaysPE says:

    I can’t download it all of your mods

  27. FoxyGamepro says:

    It works i just downloaded all you only have to press click to continue and jusy wait and switch sites and press get link just follow this instruction dudes CHECK IT OUT IT WORKS 100% SURE

  28. libogcraft says:

    Thanks to this addon it gaves me idea better than this i made it realistic ,with some starting the car event ,and added gears including neutral and reverse

    • Player says:

      Plz update with new file link cause mine keeps crashing or just make one big addon with all of them in it

  29. looneytune says:

    The download does not work on pc, it always has a problem with the site after adfly

  30. Boone’s says:

    I can’t dow It for iPhone it’s so werid

  31. Anonymous says:

    I hate this pls fix the site pls i need it and support minecraft pls creator

  32. DiMMtheWitteD says:

    All of your links install malware. Can’t you find a better way to monetize your work? I’d be happy to send over donations.

  33. Nice addon, Can you please add the US President’s car?

  34. Pls says:

    Cars are so fast if it’s a bit too fast

  35. Empty says:

    not work for

  36. Guy says:

    You can download it! You need to do the I’m not a robot, then click continue. After that it shows the media fire link. Not sure if it works for others but it works for Chevy Silverado.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bota o link na Mediafire Mediafire não dá vírus e os antivírus contato essas mentiras para nós pegarmos vírus dos sites de download deles e pagarmos os antivírus deles

  38. ThatGuy says:

    Fix plz all links are broken

  39. howarohans says:

    Admin, please delete it

    Can not download

  40. Jimmy says:

    it works for me and i like it

  41. OctoGamer237 says:

    Hey I don’t think the download links are working properly, could you fix it? cuz I really want those car addons that doesn’t replace any mobs.

  42. Deadløcked says:

    Every time I press to get the Lamborghini I get sent to an adult game website 😡😡😡

  43. Mandalina says:

    Iam Fatih Mandarina

  44. Muhammed says:

    Link no work

  45. Guy says:

    How do you download it?

  46. TYberiusaurusRX says:

    Nobody can download it every time I try I get sent to a vires site. Fix the download please I want to use this addon

  47. Anonymous says:

    Link broke fix plz

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