The Cosmopolitan

Welcome to the Cosmopolitan! a luxury apartment that contains 25 floors!
with 8 different, and detailed apartments. Higher up their is 4 apartments. The topmost floor, is the largest floor filled with art and other stuff.

The interior is of highest possible quality and design, I hope you’ll enjoy this  complex apartment, as much as I enjoyed building it, just for your pleasure!

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7 Responses

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  1. Necronz says:

    Just click the site and Deny the nofication then skip add
    Then allow the nofication if You are in the blue adfly
    Then download it Easy right?
    I have the link but mcpedl wont let me post it

  2. maso kawkab says:

    Doesn’t Work

  3. LillyOREO says:

    Um I attempted to download this and was redirected to a job search site, any idea why?

  4. Nope says:

    Doesent work

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