The Crafting Dead V1.5

Do you wish you had Minecraft Java edition? Do you wish u can have actually mods like the Crafting Dead? Well now u can enjoy playing The Crafting Dead on Bedrock Edition! Ive implemented many things from the Java Mod and added my own ideas.


Walkers are humans who have unfortunately been bitten and infected by the virus, they are bloodthirsty and vicious, they will tear apart anything living!
Health : 30
Damage : 3 hearts
Drops : Rotten Flesh 
Runners are survivors who have been infected and have turned, they are faster than regulars walkers, watch your back!
Health : 30
Damage : 3 hearts
Drops : Rotten Flesh 
Bandits are humans that have lost all humanity, they resorted to killing for amusement and will attack you on site, BEWARE
Melee Bandit 1
Health : 20
Damage : 1.5 hearts
Drops : Baseball Bat
Equipment : Baseball Bat
Melee Bandit 2
Health : 20
Damage : 1.5 hearts
Drops : Wrench
Equipment : Wrench
Melee Bandit 3
Health : 20
Damage : 1.5 hearts
Drops : Combat Knife
Equipment : Combat Knife
Survivors are the few lucky people who have survived the virus. They will trade you rotten flesh for valuable items.
Survivor 1
Trades : Rotten Flesh for Full Glock19 Magazine
Survivor 2
Trades : Rotten Flesh for Night Vision Goggles
Animals are natures creations. Some will give you meat, while others will give you crafting resources.
Health : 4
Drops : Feathers
Health : 25
Drops : Raw venison, leather
Breeds with : Buck (wheat)
Health : 25
Drops : Raw venison, leather
Breeds with : Doe (wheat)
These are weapons left by the military or your everyday civilian carrying an Glock19, ammo is scarce, use it wisely..
Glock 19
Damage : 5 – 7.5 hearts
Rounds : 15
Damage : 6 – 9 hearts
Rounds : 30
Damage : 10 – 12.5 hearts
Rounds : 8
Damage : 12.5 – 20 hearts
Rounds : 2
Ammo is one of the key components of survival, you can reload your guns with it
12 Gauge Shells
Input – Boxed 12 Gauge Shells
Output – 12 Gauge Shells

9mm Parabellum 
Input – Boxed 9mm Parabellum
Output – 9mm Parabellum
Input – Empty Olympia, 12 Gauge Shells
Output – Olympia
Input – Empty M1014, 12 Gauge Shells
Output – M1014
Input : Empty Glock19, Full Glock19 Magazine
Output : Glock19
Input : Empty MP5, Full MP5 Magazine
Output : MP5
Full Glock19 Magazine
Input – Empty Glock19 Magazine, 9mm Parabellum
Output – Full Glock19 Magazine
Full MP5 Magazine
Input : Empty MP5 Magazine, 9mm Parabellum
Output : Full MP5 Magazine

Attachments (Armor/Weapons)
Attachments for armors and weapons can decide life or death, if you can make one, make it.
Night Vision Combat Helmet
Effects : None (at the moment)
Armor is very good in a firefight
Protection : 4
Durability : 100
Builder’s Hat
Protection : 4
Durability : 300
Combat Suit
       -Protection : 3
       -Durability : 350
       -Protection : 9
       -Durability : 550
       -Protection : 7
       -Durability : 225
       -Protection ; 4
       -Durability : 225
Night Vision Combat Helmet 
Protection : 3
Durability : 350
Effects : None (WILL CHANGE)
Melee Weapons
Melee weapons are good when u want to do it silent but deadly, you will always want one on you
Baseball Bat
Damage : 3.5 hearts
Durability : 75
Fire Axe
Damage : 8 hearts
Durability : 150
Damage : 2.5 hearts
Durability : 75
Golf Club
Damage : 3 hearts
Durability : 100
Hockey Stick
Damage : 1.5 heart
Durability : 50
Combat Knife
Damage : 6 hearts
Durability : 200
Damage : 11 hearts
Durability : 250
Damage : 2 hearts
Durability : 25 
Damage : 6 hearts
Durability : 175
Medical Supplies
Medical supplies are an essential, they can heal wounds, and fix broken legs. Very helpful.
Effect : Instant Health
Effect : Instant Health
Effect : Cures Infection 
Effect : Fixes broken leg
Input : Empty syringe, bottled cure
Output : Cure
Food is probably the most important thing. Stock up!
Canned Tuna
Hunger : 3.5
Canned Fish
Hunger : 3.5
Canned Beef
Hunger : 5
Canned Beans
Hunger : 4
Corned Beef
Hunger : 4.5
Hunger : 4
Raw Venison
Hunger : 1.5
Cooked Venison
Hunger : 4.5
Energy Drink
Thirst : (not implemented)
Crates will be placed in the naturally generating structures that will spawn, some are better than others

Military Crate
Drops : Glock19, Empty Glock19, MP5, Empty MP5, M1014, Empty M1014, Olympia, Empty Olympia, Combat Knife, Machete, Boxed 12 Gauge Shells, Boxed 9mm Parabellum, 12 Gauge Shells, 9mm Parabellum, Empty Glock19 Magazine, Full Glock19 Magazine, Empty MP5 Magazine, Full MP5 Magazine, Combat Vest, Combat Pants, Combat Boots, Night Vision Combat Helmet, Night Vision Goggles
Food Crate
Drops : Canned Beef, Canned Tuna, Canned Fish, Canned Beans, Corned Beef, Chips, Energy Drink
Civilian Crate
Drops : Empty Glock19, Baseball Bat, Wrench, Pipe, Sledgehammer,  Fire Axe, Golf Club, Hockey Stick, 9mm Parabellum, Empty Glock19 Magazine, 12 Gauge Shells, Mask, Builders Hat
Medical Crate 
Drops : Bandages, Painkillers, Splint, Empty Syringe, Cure, Bottled Cure
Structures are remnants of civilization, they’ve been destroyed and rotting for some years now, some have better loot than others
Destroyed Shed
Loot Crates : Civilian Crate or Food Crate
Rarity : Common
Abandoned Military Camp
Loot Crates : Military Crate and Food Crate 
Rarity : Rare
Medical Tent
Loot Crates : Medical Crate x2
Rarity commonish
Loot Crates : Military Crate 
Rarity : Rare
Big Ruined House
Loot Crates : Civilian Crate and Food Crate x3
Rarity : Rare
Small House
loot Crates : Food Crate
Rarity : Common
Loot Crates : None
Rarity : Extremely Rare (bug)
Gas Station
loot Crates : Food Crate x3 and Civilian Crate x2
Rarity : Very Rare
Ammo : gives you all the ammo in the addon
Blocks :  gives you all the blocks in the addon
Food :  gives you all the food in the addon
Melee Weapons :  gives you all the melee weapons in the addon
Ranged Weapons :  gives you all the ranged weapons in the addon

Known Bugs
Guns in player hand not making sounds when shot
The first time shooting each gun, there’s only 1 bullet

Changelog View more

Added : Medical Equipment, More food, More Weapons, Survivors, More Structures, Infections, Broken Leg feature

Removed : Ranged Bandits 

Changed : Multiple Texture Changes, Multiple Damage Changes

Added my Youtube link, id appreciate it if you checked it out :)

Changed every texture other than the food

Replaced M9 with an MP5

Crates now have textures

Added my discord Link so can get early access to my addons!

Made the description more "beefy" and added my discord link!


Mobile - download the .mcaddon file and press open

Xbox and Windows 10 - download the .zip file, extract it, then move the both the folders inside into the corresponding folders in the Minecraft files.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. crustyboi says:

    Cool addon, but Jesus christ those structures look straight out of 2013

  2. naruto94644 says:

    Wow so far you making it be more like java version but i still wondering if it is hard to make the handcuffs is there something that java have that we don’t have to make it possible

  3. Floofycat142 says:

    I have a few suggestions
    Structures: makeshift shelter like a wood hut that was made by a survivor
    Biomes: dead forest it’s basically just a forest with costum trees that look dead and some have fallen over and the spawn rate of zombies would be higher in those areas
    That’s all I have for now I’m may able to try it yet but this mod looks great

  4. pretty cool addon even tho you did use a few of the skins i made in my zombie addon

  5. naruto94644 says:

    Wow so far it is being more like java so what are you working on next

  6. Gopnik kat says:

    Just one word, good

  7. Pronoob1234 says:

    İt is great but we can’t find any destroyed houses why?

  8. Namenet says:

    Ill Put 5 If U Fix The Textureless Things

  9. sajmon2402 thecitycraftmod creator says:

    the zombies are invisible

  10. Wailin says:

    Yay bubbles i can finally download the addon btw bubbles for taking the pics i reccomand turning full screen on.

  11. naruto94644 says:

    Wow also is it still possible to make the handcuffs also how is it going to make the 3D guns and trying to make it just like the java mod

  12. mrhong says:

    i really want to download this addon, but it keeps saying that theres a duplicated pack even tho theres none. And it doesnt put in the addon anyway….

  13. QXT says:

    Iv been waiting for a crafting dead Addon for bedrock for a while and I hope you could maybe make a map that go’s with the Addon?

  14. naruto94644 says:

    Sweet thanks dude you see i been wanting this for a long time also when the next new update comes out it will have custom block models and custom armor i hope you can use that for something

  15. naruto94644 says:

    Hey if you can plz try to add the handcuffs to it also try to make the guns 3D i mean your trying to bring the crafting dead to bedrock edition right so make it as close as possible.

  16. DarthGamer3012 says:

    Great addon but it says there is a duplicate addon and this is the first time I installed it, is it because I have your clone wars addon (the clone wars addon was amazing btw), if not, reply, please, I really want to install this addon

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