The Creeps | Episode 1: Amnesiac ( beta only)

Imagine waking up in some room for no reason. Forgetting everything that happened in your life, including your own name! Take a step with the eyes of an Amnesiac victim ( YOU )

Find your way through this seemingly abandoned hospital, despite its horrors and ambiguous eeriness. The mystery lies within you and what you are because you don’t know what happened until you read the passages spread around the map.

Passage 1:

The first one is in your ward…


  • This world is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL


Supported Minecraft versions


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22 Responses

3.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. GamerAnimate16 says:

    Please make a part 2 it’s so good

  2. spacefilth says:

    what do you do with the button?

  3. spacefilth says:

    what do you do with the button??

  4. Joking Plays says:

    Where do you go in the first room?

  5. Turtledryscope says:

    hey hey he is using my resourse pack it name is decor++

  6. Ella/Joseline Turner says:

    This is a really cool map, nice job!
    But can you add a second part, please? I would really appreciate it, thanks

  7. Dumbo v2 says:

    Oh, nvm, I played it. Just need to download Xbox Insider App and go to the Navigate to Insider content and find Minecraft and then click join.

    Tis a decent map but the decorations are on the spot!
    Given 4 star for the decoration
    Less 1 star for not that much storyline.

  8. Dumbo says:

    Doesn’t work on Windows 10, it says “A newer version of this game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded”
    It is either as the requirements have said that it needs to be played on 1.12 beta or is the map broken.

  9. curt justine says:

    can you please make the addon only?

  10. ZIFIX says:

    I dont wanna allow notifications from unkown links.

  11. Spider-boy says:

    Is this a horror map ? if is i will not download.

  12. cristalsofiajimenez says:


  13. CurityGames says:

    There’s a problem in the link

  14. Last Unicycle says:

    This Map Support Multiplayers?

  15. Last Unicycle says:

    This Map Support Multiplayer?

  16. Minesquad Productions says:

    i dont want to alow notifications

  17. lol says:

    u cant even download it

  18. Titaniouszestorer says:

    This is really cool!

  19. IGamer says:

    The download link are broken.

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