The CURSED BIOME Addon Version 2 (Cursed Wolf Update)

Have you ever wanted to have a new and unique biome in Minecraft for you and your friends to challenge stronger creatures? Well this addon gives you one! It’s called the CURSED BIOME. Unlike any other biomes in Minecraft, this biome is different and has very unique creatures that no one has ever seen.


  • This is what the biome looks like. It’s a nether-like biome that can be found in the overworld.
  • Sometimes finding this biome is a bit rare when you are far from the extreme hills. But if you have extreme hills in your world, you are likely to find one.
  • Take note that the more you find extreme hills in your world, the more you find a cursed biome.
  • No other Minecraft mob has ever lived here except the cursed creatures that dwell here.




  • The most common ores and resources that can be found in the biome is the strongest ore in Minecraft, the Netherite.
  • Instead of going to the Nether, you can get Netherite here!
  • But beware like I said earlier, there are hostile creatures that live in this biome, so its not easy to get one.
  • Netherite can also be dropped when you kill Cursed mobs.




There are very unique monsters in the biome that no one has ever seen. All of them are cursed, they have a lot of health compared to the other mobs. They all have hostile behavior and can attack players, villagers, pillagers, vindicators, evokers, vexes, and golems! They can break diamond  weapons and armor quickly! So you must be careful on them. The only way to fight them is to wear enchanted Netherite armor and sword with enchanted  apple.






  • These are one of the most powerful creatures that dwell in the biome be careful on them. Unlike normal zombies and husks, these creatures are difficult to take down.
  • They have 100 health
  • They deal 35 damage and plus gives you a hunger effect.
  • I also updated their speed now they are fast.




  • These skeletons are way too different compared  to normal skeletons and strays, they have a higher health with is 100. And they shoot many arrows that can distract you to other monsters.
  • They are born to kill players with their bows and arrows.
  • Be careful on them, they are sometimes fast.
  • They have a 1% chance to give you weakness effect when you get hit by its arrows.




  • These are one of the most creepiest  creatures in the biome, plus they are three-headed which makes it more creepier!
  • They come out instantly without the player noticing and can damage you quickly!
  • They have 120 health and has 40 damage!
  • Can give you a poison effect when you get bitten.



  • After the cursed spider, these creatures are the second most creepy creatures in the addon. They are also dangerous and they also hold a Netherite sword.
  • They give you a wither effect when you get hit.
  • These creatures are also known as the “Cursed wither skeletons”.
  • They are very fast and has 110 health and 35 damage.
  • These creatures replace my old cursed mob called the Dark wizard skeleton (from version 1) because I thought that the name dark skeleton warrior was better than the dark wizard skeleton.



  • These creepers look like ghosts, even more powerful!
  • They are a bit slow and less stronger.
  • They have 80 health and 30 damage.
  • But always make sure to watch out for it’s explosion!
  • They also give you a nausea effect when you get hit by it’s explosion.


One more cool thing about Cursed creepers is that they have no weakness when they face Ocelots and cats. Instead of running, they fight them.

This is a picture of the Cursed creepers attacking ocelots.


What’s New?


What‘s new is that I added a new plant in the biome which is the Cursed flower, they drop nothing but it can be used for a decoration. They also have 3 stages.

I also changed the textures for all of the Cursed mobs.

I know some of you are thinking if all the textures are made by me, the answer is no. But then I decided to choose another texture and edit it. So that you may think that I didn’t stole any texture. 😁


I also added a water fog color which makes the water red when it enters the biome.

I also lessened the Netherite appearance, now they can be found on trees or they can be dropped when cursed mobs die.

Most importantly, I added a new Cursed mob which is the “Cursed wolf”.

  • They have 85 health and deal 30 damage. Theya Lao give you a poison affect when you get bitten.
  • There is a 5% chance in taming a Cursed wolf. You just need a bone to tame them, like a normal wolf. But it’s hard because they are hostile and attacks many mobs like players, villagers, pillagers, golems, chickens, foxes, sheep’s and more!

You can learn more about Cursed wolves in watching this video.

Now after all of that, I challenge you and your friends to survive this 

inhabitable biome with full of dangerous mobs! Without dying.


Special thanks for all your support and for all your suggestions in the comments! Let me know more of your suggestions in the comments down below.




Always make sure that this addon is better used when you turn on Experimental gameplay, if not then it will not work properly and the biome and mobs doesn’t appear. Enjoy and have fun with the addon!



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Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added a Cursed flower
  • Changed the texture for the cursed mobs
  • Added a water fog color
  • Lessen the Netherite appearance
  • Added a Cursed wolf



To download the addon, just click the download link and it will tell you to download the mcaddon file. Then click download then import it to Minecraft and you now have the addon.

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If you found some bugs in the addon, just tell me
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Btw thanks you know comment on mcpedl😁
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This adoon is the best among the rest!!
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This addon is the best among the rest!!
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Forgot to rate, i love the addon just need that prob gone
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I cant get it to work with other biomes. It just seems to glitch the water, and add ash to all biomes
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Looks like theres a bug, Maybe I will fix that soon. :)
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Try deleting the pack and download it again
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THIS MOD IS GREAT, just, the mob loot I feel is a bit too op. I really want to use this for an adventure map but they drop netherite blocks and stuff which is wayyy too op for what I'm trying to do. Could you make it so that the mobs maybe have a small chance of dropping some item that yoou can then use to craft netherite because then using commands you can disable the op drops. That would just be a huge help, thank you
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Oh wow, I really love this mod. However, I do wish that maybe the textures of the mobs could be tweaked a bit more. Compared to the average mob in minecraft, it's a bit out of place. (Also, I make a ton of mc skins and I would love to help texture things, I'm using this add on for a survival map im akin with my friends.)
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Vortex mangle anims April 11, 2021 at 2:36 pm
Are ya planning of adding the cursed slime?
Nice btw.
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Yea, maybe I think in the next update.
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you actually did it! the curse wolf is awesome, can you lower the spawn rate of netherite in the next update? overall nice add-on here's your 5 stars again
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I already lowered it. Now it can be found in trees or it can be dropped in cursed mobs when they die. It’s not underground anymore.
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IDEA: Add an type of wither called "Loyip", he is like the wither, but more powerful and more stronger, also he has a evil theme to him, and when you kill him, tnt comes out every side
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