The Cursed Neighbor (Horror!) [Adventure]

This is probably one of the most disturbing horror maps you’ll play. It includes horrific scares and other potentially disturbing elements so it’s not really recommended for anyone who easily get scared or want to avoid getting nightmares. You’ve been warned! You’ll start out on the parking lot at your apartment complex and from there it only gets worse.

Creator: umerkk164Twitter Account
Updated: 22 July, 2018 (read changelog)


You return home after a long day at work and all you want is just a good night of sleep. As you arrive at your apartment you hear a loud scream from upstairs.


  • Fixed the end which broke the whole story before
  • Updated command block syntax to support latest Minecraft version


Important Warning: This map includes disturbing images, jumpscares and other horror related elements. Download at your own risk!

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105 Responses

4.46 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. SavagePicker says:

    Didnt work went into dining room at the beginning of the game and nothing happened

  2. Ella says:

    Resource pack makes my game crash. Please fix

  3. AnotherMinecraftSpiderManPlayer says:

    Great Game 😀

  4. Party says:

    Can this active in ver

  5. NOBODY says:

    I’m confused! I download the game hoping it would be good, but then when I went into the apartment I didn’t know what to do! I even went into creative mode because I had no idea what to do! Please help D:

  6. ... says:

    What do I do after it says “where are my keys?i think I left my door open”

  7. Someone says:

    i walk into the apartment and nothing happens after that

  8. Prince Vegeta says:

    Well I downloaded the map on android and some how all the commands are not working anymore for some reason can you help fix it because on the last update on 2017 the map was working fine

  9. Coosethehoose says:

    The map was set up AMAZINGLY… however…. I ran into so many problems right from the get go. First I was teleported INTO a window on the third floor. I was in the process of making a YouTube video of your map so I let it slide, then I could not locate the key to get out of the third floor so I had to use creative mode and then as I was making my way to the basement, the intro text starting coming up again. Finally I was randomly teleported out of the house…. it has great potential, but definitely needs to be fixed.

    • Umerkk164 says:

      sorry for the trouble. Minecraft’s inconsistency with command block syntaxes have made older maps which were rolled out during the development phases of command blocks very buggy. I will fix this asap.

      • NaughtyScotty07 says:

        Is this map multiplayer? I want to stream it on Mixer but I always play with my sister and download stuff on her iPad then join her on my Xbox. Plz let me know asap so I can get to streaming again.
        If anyone has an Xbox you can watch me stream Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and Forza Horizon 3. Username is NaughtyScotty07

  10. SuperMarioGamer says:

    Excuse me but when i download this, i am taken to adfly, then i have a ****ing virus on my phone. Is there a way to use mediafire? That would be great!

  11. Infinity says:

    When is part 2 out?

  12. Parth N Makwana says:

    I cant even enter in the portAl

  13. mcbloxYT says:

    The map is 1 out of 5 stars and isn’t even scary I played 5 seconds worth of the map and the map was over but the only good part of the map is blowing it to smithereens

  14. Coolnathan49 says:

    Nope nope. Well I wasn’t that scared only because when the person talks my Siri talks. Which made me less scared idk how you turn it off. But just so u know when I didn’t see some jumpscares fully. Like when the girl in the bathroom I only saw her hair. And body not her face. But when it say look behind on the wall nothing happened. Also I deleted the map because it’s too scary lol but I’m playing minecraft.

  15. Rahil says:

    Best horror map ever. Pls make part 2. or other horror maps

  16. The Ace gaming says:

    its good map but scary too…but what to do after getting the key in the dead girl’s room

  17. Foxygirl8790 says:

    How do you open Sara’s apartment door after you find the key? it wont open, it only spawns a chicken XD

  18. LilMinionBoy724 says:

    I dunno what to do after you find the key. Btw this isn’t scary. Well the jumpscares made me laugh!

  19. Josh says:

    Someone help me with this map😔

  20. Cayden690 says:


  21. Reaper67 says:

    Man that was amazing even though I played it thousands of times it still gets me good I can’t wait for part 2!

  22. DarkService8 says:


  23. DarkService8 says:

    Awesome nice map btw can u tell me what’s the texture pack because I want to make a scary map btw MAKE MORE SCARY MAPSSSS LOLOLOLOL

  24. DarkService8 says:

    Umerk164 tell me the texture pack I want to make a scary map as well because I know how to use command blocks

  25. DarkService8 says:

    Wow I screamed allot when it was 5:00 am in the morning even my mom and my sister woke up because of me hahahahah nice map though

  26. Anonymous says:

    why in end of the map there is text “to be continue”?

  27. RTN GAMER says:

    I feel scared i play no key then she muder on minutes she ghost i close phone . Game very scared good job

  28. azzam says:

    Wow it s scary and creepy i t s best map ever and I can’t completed it my heart is exploded

  29. HuskieCutie says:

    This is an amazing game!!!!

  30. blurryface says:

    The game looks cool but I can’t download the map help me

  31. I Hate Adfly says:

    Nice map…very entertaining! Lolz the map didnt scare me but my friend screamed for some reason when watching me play…odd

  32. Mike says:

    Played the first few seconds and i peed in my pants!
    Awesome map tough ( flew around in creative).

  33. NuraShadow says:

    Hey I was wondering if this map is multiplayer compatible. I love playing horror maps with my brother but I don’t want to download the map if it’ll break just because of having multiple players.

  34. thecoolman says:

    it scared the hell out of me so I quit at the part where the sighns say there was a hole here

  35. thecoolman says:

    it scared the crap out of me

  36. Minecrafter says:

    Does the first part end at when you get the key?

  37. GamesAddict says:

    I can’t download this map. It doesn’t lead me to the download website… Help me

  38. DanMatrixDM says:

    There’s no real antagonist. The paintings isn’t even the same monster or ghost. Lots of the textures I’ve seen before and it’s not a very good story. I hope you’ll do better in the next part.

  39. Sultan says:

    Adfly can’t access in my browser. Can you try other website

  40. Anonymous says:

    The pictures creeped me out so badly

  41. BO3 Fan says:

    I pee my pants from the jumpscares

  42. eximious says:

    hey there
    a video has been made
    have a nicevday

  43. helldemon101 says:

    keep playing or not?!?!😱🔪nope too scared!!!

  44. Cyberflame says:

    I have not played this map either,but this looks very sp00ky.

  45. CReEpeRsRCoOl says:

    What were we supposed to do with the knife AKA chicken spawn eggs?

  46. CReEpeRsRCoOl says:

    Were the signs at spawn supposed to be filled? Because without any rules my friend and I had absolutely no idea what to do. I think the jumpscares are kind of glitchy though, because whenever one happened, I suffocated and was teleported outside of the map. otherwise, it’s pretty good.

  47. tug_pug_fun says:


  48. KingJeff314 says:

    Good map, but I will give my critical review (so you can improve your next map). First, there was a window in the top room that you could see command blocks through, which takes away from the scene. Second, there was a light switch that could be turned on even though “the power was out” at the top of the stairs. Third, any item could be put in the item frames at the end, I put in some cobwebs that I found. Fourth, use adventure mode. Last, good jump scares but they did not contribute to the plot- you could use jump scares to make the player take action, such as running or hiding. Good overall, I give 7/10 for such a short map

  49. LichSama says:

    Hey, can multiple people play this map (3 for specific)

  50. echan123 says:

    I have not played the map, but it looks good!
    (note: if you want to download maps and it takes you to adfly, tap and hold on the skip ad button and open in another tab.

  51. Found a glitch! In the 1.1 map the signs at spawn are blank..can you fix that?

  52. MrBurglar says:

    This map is a 10/10 for mcpe1.1 Pretty amazing!🙂

  53. KenloLikesMincraft says:

    Hey, haven’t played it yet but going to. I loved the Tale of Steve 1 & 2, excited for number 3! Keep up your amazing work, thanks!

  54. Supitsme says:

    Very scary lol

  55. AlienCraft says:

    sounds creepy, very very creepy. I can’t play it, but people keep saying that they are now scared of their family. Why?

  56. Jonny says:

    Scariest map ever made plz make more maps!!

  57. ioninq says:

    I’m scared before downloading! I wanna help you for making second episode. If you accept, my XBOX name is “ioninq”!

  58. awesome5185 says:

    Lol, on the first level, if you look out the kitchen windows you can see command blocks 😛

  59. D Gamer says:

    Super scary, scarier than the orphanage

    • Umerkk164 says:

      This map was largely inspired by the Orphanage! Glad you found it even better but Orphanage was awesome considering it was made so long ago!

  60. muhtasim says:

    very well made map. please make the next part soon.

  61. Awesome says:

    PLS TELL ME THE TEXTURE PACK RIGHT NOW these map is cool add alot of creepy things and awesome creator and editor thanks to emerkk164

  62. ZeReaper says:

    Wow 😮
    It’s the first horror map that scared me during all the map (or when there are actions). The ambiance is great even with the builds that are “simple” (but cool and scary). I think that the plus of the map is the good timing and use of the timeline but the resources are also “helping” for scare (but just one twist : is Sarah dead or “alive” ? Because she had the time to write “HELP ME” on 2 opposite floors ^^’

    • Umerkk164 says:

      Really appreciate that you took time to write so much about the map! Feedback is all that encourages us creators to create more awesome content! Thank you <3

  63. Xjarrod21 says:

    By The Way 5/5 for making most scariest map ever in MCPE 1.1+

  64. Xjarrod21 says:

    Hey Great Map im loving the images soo i might do a video on this 😉

  65. TomTubeCZ says:

    Im in the Main Power Control room and I dont know what to do. Please help.

  66. Darkshark says:

    I was forced to play this and when i finished i wasnt scared i was just scared of my family lol

  67. narbluebird says:

    1st, and insert a reference to the game “Hello Neighbor”

  68. No says:

    umm can anyone help me? When I load the world the texture doesn’t change. The resource pack and behavior pack won’t load. Even if I put it back. Plz help

  69. The Redstone Miner says:

    I went to ad.fly waited five minutes, blah blah blah, I pressed skip ad and get sent to a website that tells me there’s a virus on my iPad! Please fix the link so I don’t get sent to another website (that isn’t mediafire) that’s trying to download a virus onto my iPad… that would be greatly appreciated.

    • KnightOfEmperor says:

      Those Just An Adds Dude They Lieing To You

    • Chicken noodle soup says:

      That’s impossible, and it isn’t five minutes, it’s five seconds and the virus is an illegal joke.

    • Daniel says:

      That happens to adfly all the time, next time you use it, press skip, but DON’T close adfly, then after the random page that is not the download link pops up, just go back to adfly and click skip again

    • tug_pug_fun says:

      Umm……..could anyone tell me what the texture pack is?
      Also I got so scared that I didn’t even play the rest of the MAP…….thanks for making the scariest map EVER

      • NOT TELLING YOU says:

        Ummmmm what’s the texture pack? And umm this scared the 💩 Out of me so I stopped playing it. My 16 year old brother got wayyyy more scarred than me. Thanks for making this scary. Btw the scary pictures on the walls kinda made it cheesy so take those down. Btw people if u get scared easily this will make you have night mares for at least a week. I had nightmares for a week.

    • No name says:

      Yeah, happened to me too on three other maps. The first time I freaked out badly, then found out it was fake, so from then on I always just ignored it, closed the tab and retried downloading. I heard 99% of the time virus warnings are fake. My mom helped me download my iPad to her Norton protection thingy, so u haven’t seen it since.

    • umerkk164 says:

      Click skin 2x i guest👍

    • Dark says:

      If a ad tells you have a virus its fake!!! As wehave our rights and the virus ads are made by the anti-virus company, they can not check our devices for virus as that is in constitution under search and procedure exit the tab and press ‘skip ad’ again then it will work 🙂

    • Cayden690 says:

      It worked fine for me.

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