The Devil’s Shrine [Parkour]

In this map you must take advantage of a new type of parkour. Instead of jumping you’ll need to fall from one block to another to find all the diamonds in the map which is the ultimate goal.

It’s a port from PC which looks absolutely amazing. JoshVs, the creator of the map, then added some chests with diamonds and other blocks to make it possible to actually play the map as a parkour and adventure map.

Creator: JoshVs

screenshot-2015-05-17-12-48 screenshot-2015-05-17-12-49


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4 Responses

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  1. Dominic says:

    Next time please don’t do a .zip file please

  2. ShawnTheDemon says:

    Its A Big Place I Made It My Home

  3. Rainbow fairy says:

    This build is cool and the parkour looks cool to 😊

  4. jesse says:

    Thanks so much josh

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