The Exit 2 [Puzzle] [Parkour]

The Exit 2 is a follow up of the previous The Exit map which caught a lot people’s interest. The objective in this map is to get past 10 different levels. In each level you will in some way find yourself trapped. Most of the solutions are in some way connected to redstone, and as a result 0.13+ of Minecraft Pocket Edition is required to be able to play.

There’s some parkour though on a couple of levels but it’s primarily a puzzle map.

Creator: JohnZkie


  • Don’t break any blocks
  • Play on peaceful

theexit1 theexit4 theexit3download

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7 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Skygems says:

    Cool map I really liked it

  2. Shine Craft says:


  3. Hi says:

    This needs to be mcworld or else nothing happens

  4. Reece says:

    This is a great map it took me nearly 30 minutes to complete it was really hurting my brain

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