The Fairy Tale World

The Fairy Tale World is a little, medieval type world that i made with alot of references to classic fairy tales and stories. You could find them (I’ve listed all the references) or just explore.

Here’s the list. There’s a sign somewhere in all the references so if you don’t know what you’re looking at find the sign.

Jack and the Beanstalk 

• Jack’s House

• The Beanstalk

• The Giant’s Castle

Hansel and Gretel 

• Hansel and Gretel’s House

• The Spot that they’re Step Mother left them

• The Gingerbread House

The Baker and his Wife (from Into the Woods) 

• The Bakery

Jack and Jill 

• Jack and Jill’s Well


• The Witches House

• Rapunzel’s Tower


• Cinderella’s Step Mother’s Mansion

• Cinderella’s Mother’s Grave at the Willow Tree

• One of the Glass Slippers at the Steps of the Castle

Snow White

• Snow White’s Wishing Well

• Magic Mirror on the Wall

• The Dwarves Cottage

• The Dwarves Mineshaft

• Snow White’s Glass Coffin

Sleeping Beauty

• The Spinning Wheel


• The Miller’s House

• The Dungeon with the Spinning Wheel

The Three little Pigs

• The Three little Pigs’ Old House

• The First little Pig’s House made of Straw

• The Second little Pig’s House made of Wood

• The Third little Pig’s House made of Bricks


• The Bears’ Cottage

Little Red Riding Hood

• Little Red Riding Hood’s House

• Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny’s House


• Geppetto’s Workshop

The Princess and the Pea

• The Bed with 20 Matressess

Alice in Wonderland

• The Rabbit Hole

• The White Rabbits House

• The Mad Hatter’s House

• Cheshire Cat

Beauty and the Beast

• Belle’s House

• The Living Furniture 7x

Lumiere (Candelabra)

Cogsworth (Pendulum Clock)

Plumette (Feather Duster)

Mrs. Potts (Teapot)

Chip (Tea Cup)

Madame de Garderobe (Wardrobe)

Cadenza (Harpsichord/Piano)

• The Rose

Humpty Dumpty

• Humpty Dumpty and his Wall


• The Sword in the Stone

Wizard of Oz

• The Tin Woodman

• The Scarecrow

The Little Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

• The Shoe House

Puss in Boots

• Puss in Boots

• The Miller’s House


The map was all made by me

The Texture Pack used is MultiPixel by ZouChenyunfei

The Shaders used is TTW Shader by illurito XD

The World does come with the Texture and Shaders, but if you want to, you could always not use them. If your Minecraft is laggy i recommend not playing with the Shaders.


1. Find the ,Zip file

2. Extract to current folder

3. Copy to minecraftWorlds

4. Open Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Of Course He Can’t Man He’s My Friend His Name Is Liam
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    it is a really good world 🙂 but I wonder if you could make a addon with it?

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    Nice One Liam
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