The Fallen Kingdom Project

Hello. This addom is made by @MrMagikarp2, @HugoYogurt, @Monster48662788. @evil_virgil @geckoboy17 and @dinosaursTime

This addon is based on the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (owned by Universal Studios). The add-on adds beautiful looking Indoraptor (renamed) Rexy and also Blue and many more and we hope you guys will enjoy this add-on.


  • Attack:18
  • Health:70

spawns every 1 minute so they are kinda rare and also tameable with cooked mutton 


  • Attack:25
  • Health:11

tameable with cooked mutton and spawns rarely


  • Attack:20
  • Health:90

does not spawn and not tameable 


  • Attack:30
  • Health:150

Not tameable and spawns every 30 seconds Roars when finds a target

brachiosaurus – 

  • attack:400
  • health:3000

not tameable spawns every 20 seconds 

Apatosaurus – 

  • attack:300
  • health:1000

not tameable spawns every 40 seconds 


  • Attack:200
  • health:680

spawns rarely in the ocean and not tameable 

Allosaurus – 



Tameable with cooked mutton 




Tameable With wheat




Tameable with cod and mutton




tameable with cooked mutton



Does not Attack

Tameable with Carrots

Official Trailer:

the dinos are attracted to Cows (carnivores) more dinosaurs will come to the Addon Such as stegosaurus,triceratops etc

I have permission from the owner to this btw and Remember To Follow the Creator to the support him @MrMagikarp2 

Changelog View more

Added the correct trailer and removed the default raptor from the thumbnail,added more detail to Rexy

Added Allosaurus,Raptor, Baryonyx, sinoceratops and raptor squad dinos retextured Mosasaurus and nerfed blue and made a roar animation for rexy

I updated it a little it and added more details about the dinos


Either tap the direct file or the mediafire link it's your choice enjoy the addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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234 Responses

4.71 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. I have Minecraft version 1.16 and I can’t download the addon form any of the links. Because when I try to download the addon it sends me to Minecraft, and then it says that there is no valid zip archive for the addon. Why is that? Also like the addon. But could you please move the new dinosaurs to the same addon to Addons the app please so that I can download it.

  2. eKufluma says:

    Love this addon. Can you please add more water dinosaurs?

  3. Crystal Creeper says:

    Not demanding or anything but can you add dinosaur death animations?

  4. Guest-4828315346 says:

    Ummm…,bro i can’t tame the sinoceratops,i tried to tame it with wheat like what i was said to do and it did not work.,im a bit dessapointed.

  5. WT Gaming says:

    I have a question. If you tame a dinosaur, what does it allow you to do?

  6. Guest-6927592236 says:

    Can you fix the name of the spawn eggs of gallimimus and raptors and make tameable T-Rex

  7. Guest-4505183495 says:

    I want these:
    Acu armo

  8. Guest-3841588586 says:

    i liked how blue looked before 😭

  9. Guest-2395718545 says:

    can you plz make indoraptor tameable

  10. Guest-1851195564 says:

    You know why the 3 raptors in this add-on because the baby’s is in the jwfk movie that’s right noobs that you were dumb the baby raptors cry babies noobs

  11. Guest-2326269339 says:

    When i downloaded it, it said that it was a invalid zip archive. Help?

  12. Guest-9025756499 says:

    Echo Charlie and Delta were added even though they died in the first movie and they are not in jwfk… fix ur logic man

  13. Guest-6476138078 says:

    Put a link to zip for free robux

  14. Guest-8506894560 says:

    Can you add Every dinosaur in the movies? Id also like to see Indominus Rex even though its a fallen kingdom addon, just cause the models are so good!

  15. Guest-6962543955 says:

    Why is Rexy attacking Blue? I thought they were friends 😭😭😭. In the next update can you plz make Rexy not attack the raptors?

  16. Guest-7600766387 says:

    The download link gives me the old version, help?

  17. Guest-9001593509 says:

    Can you make a mod if all of the dinosaurs that were on ingen’s list as well as the movie dinosaurs

  18. Guest-1857491157 says:

    Hi I think you made a small mistake in the addon thumbnail, it shows all the dinosaurs but the striped grey velociraptor is in the addon thumbnail, so might wanna fix that.

  19. Guest-4145489996 says:

    Can you add a zip link 😊

  20. Crystal Creeper says:


  21. Guest-4917646154 says:

    In the next update, add this dinosaurs:
    -Indominus Rex

  22. kacc says:

    Can you pls add indominus rex and make every dinosaurus rideable pls 🙂

  23. kacc says:

    Can you pls add indominus rex and make every dinosaurus rideable pls.

  24. Guest-7679154369 says:

    Pls Help Me!!!
    -Velociraptors Are Gone
    -Indoraptor Walk Are Broken
    -Sometimes Indoraptor Broke And Fix

  25. Guest-8541476462 says:

    Y’all better stop hating on this addon this is the best dinosaur addon on mcpedl maybe even the best addon in the entire world back off haters

  26. Guest-1527876855 says:

    I add the addon to my world and i only see blue, indoraptor, rex, appato, and brachi in my spawn list

  27. Guest-9471115211 says:

    Could I please use this Add-on in my knew adventure map I’m making

  28. Guest-9546177036 says:

    Hello can you add Indominus Rex please ?

  29. Guest-1217058942 says:

    Wait… Something is missing

  30. Guest-9428525785 says:

    Pls add pteranodons Plss that would be awesome 😄

  31. Guest-4882006893 says:

    what is mno??

  32. Guest-9123520692 says:

    Guys the addon only work for 1.14 not 1.16 but please dont hate hugo

  33. Guest-3852839568 says:

    Bro why can I not tame rexy the t-rex in the update?🤔🤔🤔 is it because I’m in V1.16.1? Also my favorite is blue in the new texture because the blue line on blue’s body is blocky love it. Its like the jurassic craft mod

  34. Guest-3016353828 says:

    I don’t see the other spawn eggs

  35. Guest-5494230702 says:

    Add a ZIP 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  36. Guest-1865636289 says:

    I think they’re equal

  37. Crystal Creeper says:

    Noice addon bro

  38. Guest-7349714603 says:

    Can someone direct me to a zip file?

  39. Guest-6964587832 says:

    I can’t tame any. It shows feed instead of tame….

  40. Guest-4431602841 says:

    Does it work on

  41. Guest-9736601806 says:

    I can’t tame a t-Rex I used the cooked mutton but it didn’t work

  42. Foxxesboy187 says:

    This is the last update??

  43. Guest-8964882022 says:

    Your download is very,Veeeeeeery slooooow

  44. Guest-4586853784 says:


  45. Guest-6078566553 says:

    Make sure to add a triceratops, but don’t forget it’s bigger than the sinoceratops. It would also need more heath and attack then the sinoceratops. Overall great Add-on!!

  46. Guest-4743123895 says:

    So good better than mno addon

  47. Guest-9104102693 says:

    I ove the update but can you add raptors because I want to make a raptor cage with more than four raptors

  48. Guest-7631059415 says:

    Zipper zip

  49. Guest-7631059415 says:

    Zip ugly

  50. Guest-8830727315 says:

    I used to rule the world

  51. Guest-2254831539 says:


  52. Danniel plays ph says:

    It’s already released but that’s too late cuz I’ve get it early in discord but wow I’ve enjoyed the Addon great job creators but i have a suggestion can you add dead bodies

  53. Guest-6050921150 says:

    Finally New Update

  54. Guest-6667321846 says:

    I cant tame anything😢 but besides that i luv this mod

  55. Guest-1827503122 says:

    Tell me when the release date for the next update plz 😢

  56. Guest-2971620139 says:

    how do you tame them i try feeding them but there are just green particals can someone plz help

  57. Guest-5102623119 says:

    Bro wtf they destroyed mi house

  58. Guest-5432754308 says:

    will there be a release date for the next update?

  59. Guest-6676691108 says:

    Can you make some of the dinosaurs rideable????

  60. Guest-2819018741 says:

    When will the next update came out?
    This addon is awsome and impressive

  61. Guest-3873330346 says:

    Plz add baryonyx allosaurus stegosaurus triceratops nasutoceratops ankylosaurus and I hope this isn’t too hard for this but plz plz add fences and new blocks

    Ps I love this addon and I asked for these because It would be cool to see them with these super cool models:)

  62. Guest-6381383831 says:

    I Agree For Update!

    • Guest-1583110488 says:

      Me too
      Please add:

      And for hybrid:

      • Guest-5294275947 says:

        the ankylodocus stegoceratops and spinoraptor are from Jurassic world evolution

      • Guest-8618160172 says:

        you do know its fallen kingdom and the people making this addon will most likely ONLY add dinosaurs seen in the movie right? sorry to burst your bubble, but most of stuff you said might not ever be in the addon

  63. Guest-2982756579 says:

    Update it promice me!!! Pls Reply!

  64. Guest-9754132364 says:

    All the dinosaurs are invisible and the spawn eggs are black what have I done wrong?

  65. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Btw Nice job but

  66. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Can you make the idomaraptor spawnable artificialy

  67. SkyxD says:

    A few minor tweaks are needed like spawn rates, health and damage, but overall it’s a great addon with beautiful models. I’d like to see more in the future.

  68. Guest-6013148527 says:

    The blue have so much damage it can destroy 2 carno and 1 indoraptor and the health its broken it supossed to be 2 hits from carno and died but its to powerfull and its one shot 80 hp mob its to crazy carno is not 80 hp carno is 140 hp and the damage is 5 the trex is to powwerful it can one shot the wither and the hp is 280 the brachiosaurus is cant hit player when i watching this beta addon the allosaurus is smaller than carno its supossed to be little bit bigger and stronger than carno the trex need spawn in the taiga biome blue need spawn in the forest carno need spawn in plains taiga and forest mosssaurus behavior need become attack any mob when the baryonyk added please be carefull because making a mob than can walk on land and can swim on the water is hard alot of addon cant function that so good luck to functioning baryonyk and fix those crazy bug and accept my suggestion

    • Guest-1608139152 says:

      I have a few of ideas that may contribute to this addons, if you still are updating it. Firstly please add dinosaurs like the triceratops, stegosaurus, gallimimus and the such. I also think that it would be good to add a way to spawn the indo raptor as a sort of ‘end boss’. I think you should be able to spawn the indominus Rex to. Basically you need to create dna from a few dino and somehow make the indominus Rex. After that you must kill the indominus to harvest its bones to create the indo raptor. Please also add npc, from the two different groups in JW:FK (the dino sanctuary guys and the other bad guys idk what their called). Of course these are just a few ideas, take them as you will. Wether you add these things or not, it’s still a great addon!

    • Guest-4150192616 says:

      What even did you say?I don’t understand what you mean.

  69. Guest-7067329597 says:

    Monster gamer 122
    Hugo yogurt
    Mr magickarp
    Can i become a beta tester pls

  70. Plz nerf, the t-rex literally one-shots iron golems and players in netherite armor. And a group of them destroy entire villages and everything in their path.

  71. Guest-1206696269 says:

    Hi it’s kingcreeperblue/creepa. I love the models from this add-on and is hoping for some new stuff from it. Maybe some time you could make a robot dino mech thing to contact/recontain the dinosaur’s.
    Or something like that.

  72. Guest-9263836856 says:

    This is an amazing mod ,but there are too much dinos spawning in and they are LOUD

  73. Guest-5210579622 says:

    Vais a meter dinosaurios que solo salen en la pelicula O que no salen pero estan como el suchumimus, el giganoto O el spinosaurio? Porque esos estan en la pelicula pero finalmente no aparecieron.

  74. Guest-2445206659 says:

    Hello mr magickarp wheres the compys and allosaurus

  75. Guest-1350534036 says:

    Sorry I meant to say but

  76. Guest-4675132688 says:

    When is the beta update release I’m sure there’s more dinosaur butt I still can wait tho great job working with your team to create this ad on by the way

  77. Mr. Magikarp says:

    Blub Blub

  78. joe847802 says:

    theyre health and damage should be drastically reduced. Theyre to op to even have fun with in survival. great models, just wish i can play it comfortably.

  79. Guest-2965792772 says:

    Excellent mod friend, I want to provide a suggestion that in my opinion could be useful for this wonderful mod, it is about adding a domestication system similar to that of the video game ARK Survival Evolved, I know that it is possible to do it since a mod called Extensive Fantasy ( great mod by the way) apply this system using arrows of weakness to numb the creatures (griffins) for a certain time and thus feed and tame them, I hope you take this suggestion into account since my person, and I think that a large part of the community, You will welcome this inclusion in the mod, thanks.

  80. Guest-5701663804 says:

    The stats on these guys are crazy ridiculous! Rexes can instant kill pretty much almost everything in game! Blue can take on 5 carnos at a time! A lot of these are just imbalanced crazy stats, but I love the models and animations too much, please fix it soon with better stats! It’s almost unplayable in survival!

    • Guest-8194994782 says:

      Yeah cause we can all just punch a t.rex to death irl and a t.rex bite wouldn’t hurt that much right even with full armor and bows don’t exist

      • Guest-9059499577 says:

        A t-rex shouldn’t instantly kill the wither nor should it instantly kill a carno nor should it instantly kill a kaiju or something from the other addons

  81. TheRandomMudkip says:

    This is soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Guest-7863663560 says:

    Yessir! Please, add more Dinos to the addon! But also make them REALLY rare, or else they’ll ruin survival.

  83. Guest-4253658230 says:

    The best dinosaurs addon cool models and so detailed love it can you make a subnautica add-on plss correct the spelling I forgot

  84. Guest-3674642700 says:

    Will more dino will be added after the update

  85. Guest-4649398112 says:

    I’ll tell you one thing, you got talent! If you could make some regular Wildlife animals, technically a redesign, I’d like to see that as a realistic wolf on Minecraft that howls would Be awesome! Keep up the good work man!!!

  86. Guest-9853009912 says:

    hello, it’s REX, the former dev. I would like to congratulate hugo, 62 and others on their release of the addon. (i did indoraptor anims)

  87. Guest-7851514826 says:

    it is a great addon but i think health and damage isnt the same as the one on this page blue two hit ko’d a carno

  88. Guest-1791985696 says:

    Yeah!!! Is Great Addon Ever Make More Dinosaur then add terridactle.😀😀😀😀😀

  89. Guest-2112070436 says:

    hi hugo yogurt and your team. please add a walking animation to the dinosaurs in the next future update? the add on will be great if you add a walking animation to the dinosaurs. 😀

  90. Guest-6028327395 says:

    Wish you could add more addons.nice piece of work you have there

  91. Guest-9570877474 says:

    Epic addon im excited for future updates

  92. Guest-9401805573 says:

    Awesome!!!!! Can you add the battle at big rock Allosaurus? And nasutoceratops? I know they weren’t in fallen kingdom but Allosaurus is in fallen kingdom and I love the design of the big rock allo. Nasutoceratops was in it and it takes place after fallen kingdom. Will you guys be adding the creatures in lockwood’s museum like Dilophosaurus, Concavenator, Dimetrodon, and dracorex? Ive Yet to see anything minecraft with those so this would be the perfect opportunity! Keep up the great work!

  93. Guest-7110165011 says:

    feathers, For the last time PPL WE NEED FEATHERS, TIME FOR A FLUFFY T-REX

  94. Guest-7943607089 says:

    This adon is too insane, the spawn rate of the creatures are high, they destroyed my village, the T-rex literally oneshots me even though I’m wearing netherite armor.

  95. Guest-5346285845 says:

    hi can you pls add baryonyx and nice addon btw

  96. Liam TDP says:

    Love the addon The model looks fantastic maybe in future you can make more dinasours

  97. Guest-8040409936 says:

    More minecraft-y models! The models are overcomplicated and don’t fit in minecraft.

  98. Guest-1589954693 says:

    I want Indominus

  99. KeniaPlayzz says:

    Hey to all of you guys the team won’t add dinosaurs and insects that are not in fallen kingdom so make sure that all of you request the ones from fallen kingdom only
    Also subscribe to my YT : AriaCraft For more info

  100. Guest-7222977348 says:

    Get rect Project Prehistoric

  101. Guest-5692075707 says:

    project prehistorc is getting rekt

  102. Guest-8106168334 says:

    I all ready have it before it came out in mcpedl

  103. Guest-5759716023 says:


  104. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Oh my Gosh finally its exit

  105. Guest-6185100899 says:

    Finally, its accepted

  106. Guest-7126105790 says:

    Natanggap din mga idol(renz)

  107. kingofdrago123 says:

    you’ll have to add me to credits after sleepin’ is added >:D

  108. Guest-4720935699 says:

    Hi its me CharlesYT

    I deleted my discord


  109. Guest-4425039144 says:


  110. Guest-1551124768 says:

    ichthyosaurus Please

  111. Guest-7966764745 says:

    Thank you so much! Feels like Bedrock is finally catching up with Java mods when the mobs look this great!

  112. Guest-3699115116 says:

    Finally im blue Raptorex from discord its out!!!!!!

  113. Guest-9707514042 says:

    why did it kick me out?

  114. Guest-9391031990 says:

    Add more dinos

  115. Guest-8276922995 says:

    muito bom

  116. Guest-6055376974 says:


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