The Floor is Lava [Minigame]

The Floor is Lava is a popular minigame where players have to constantly be moving around in order to avoid dying. The color of the block under the player gradually shifts color and will eventually turn red and then disappear. If this happens while a player is standing on it then the player fall downs into the lava and dies.

Creator: noahcraftreal, Twitter Account

How to play?

It’s recommended for multiplayer but you could also play it in single player mode. An automatic countdown will appear in the center of the screen and then the game will start.

The objective for each player is to survive for as long as possible. But anywhere you walk the block under you will shift color and eventually disappear. You are not allowed to hit other players.

  • Yellow = 1st stage
  • Orange = 2nd stage
  • Red = 3rd stage
  • Block disappears = 4 stage

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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38 Responses

3.33 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Hamany says:

    Aaaaaaaaaa lava I’m gonna die on lava

  2. Anonymous says:

    I blew it up

  3. Minecraft maniac says:

    bruh u map is broken there is no blocks sry but this is crappy

  4. Nastyterminator says:

    No blocks spawn it, what the point of taint if I can’t even play it right

  5. KingJeff314 says:

    To fix the map: you need to seperate the reset button and the start button so the blocks will spawn in

  6. Ben says:

    When I just start it spawns me in lava! A. K.A The floor has no floor

  7. Darryle says:

    It was so awesomw

  8. Fix it says:

    It dosn’t do it, when it starts there is no clay because it is 1.1 so you have to change clay into that other 1 don’t no exectli how it is cald.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Concept is great! But there is a big issue that many are facing… when the countdown starts and we are released, the clay below doesn’t spawn in and we fall into the lava.. BUT THERES A SOLUTION!
    1. Go to Creative mode
    2. Go to the area behind the ‘start’ buttons
    3. Break the command block on the left
    Then, your game should start working well! Some improvement could be to add special modes like meteors or something 😀

  10. Tpko says:

    If i set dificulty and after it start the game the blocks don’t be spawned but i repair it and now if i start the game it wery slowly and it have bugs

  11. superspider3500 says:

    This isn’t the The Floor is Lava game I know of. Was this confused with the other game I know? The one I know is parkour, but you die if you touch the earth.

  12. DarkNeon64 says:

    It doesn’t work 🙁 but good map!

  13. LeDavidDu says:

    I played it, for the bugs just put yourself gm 1 then go behind the start button and broke the left command block

  14. It doesn't work says:

    It doesn’t work I tried but when it starts there is no floor so I fall in lava

  15. CMAN says:

    Blocks fail to spawn. Complete failure.

  16. MajesticMarcelo says:

    This game seemed really cool, but for some reason, when I pressed start there were no blocks there! Just lava! This may be a bug, so please see this comment and fix ur map! If you have the same issue as me, then reply to this comment! I was really excited for this map but it didn’t work! Plz fix it!

  17. William says:

    I opened it and i tried every thing but i spawned in glass the countdown but there was no bloks only lava

  18. Anonymoose says:

    Game is broken, the floor doesn’t generate so your going straight into lava

  19. WimpaWampa says:

    The minigame is a bit broken currently, no blocks appear after countdown. Great concept, just a few bugs which need fixing.

  20. Haimanlooi says:

    Best map

  21. Mia says:

    There is no ground

  22. V4k4r1s says:

    Umm….. there Are No Blocks For Me

  23. Ikbenmika says:

    This is just tntrun you can play it on inpvp if you want…

  24. noahcraftreal says:

    I like this map 🙂

  25. minecraftdog767 says:

    The game isn’t spawning in the clay, so it makes everyone die before the clay spawns. Please fix.

  26. Redstone right? says:

    I gave this 4 stars because TheRedEngineer made this but with different PC things but! I like how you completely changed it to be in PE and have stages!

  27. JMS1717 says:

    Uh… when I played there was nothing under me when I fell, just a put of lava that dropped me into. Idk if this happens to everyone or not, if u can fix this please help

  28. Krish12003 says:

    broken map

  29. TotalBlue says:

    Doesn’t work no blocks spawn in and it doesn’t work plz fix

  30. Minecraft Pro says:

    Yay My Other Comment Was FIRST!

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