The Forgotten Addon (Beta)

This is the very first version of the forgotten addon, I have plans to add lots of things overtime such as items, blocks and more mobs and bosses!

in this version there has been one mob added but quite a few things will be coming in the next update!

Information about the current mobs in this addon:

Dark Shulker:

  • Can have 650-1000 health (more than the wither!)
  • has 3 stages of projectiles, the first stage is a large fireball fired every 3 seconds, the second stage is a Shulker bullets that are fired every 2 seconds and third and finally is once again a large all being fired but every second! (Then it goes back to stage 1)
  • Will try and kill all mobs but is neutral towards players
  • it currently has no drops but this will be changed in the near future!
  • can be summoned by building the following structure then dropping a nether star in the middle:

Current information about the added items:

Dark Star:

  • can be used to craft the dark sword
  • is dropped by the dark shulker
  • currently no other uses

Dark Sword:

  • does 40 attack damage
  • when left click is pressed evocation fangs are rapidly summoned at all entites in a 10 block radius (long hold on mobile)
  • can be crafted like this

Changelog View more

Added dark shulker 

more updates will be coming soon so stay tuned!

fixed the resource pack file, can now be exported, sory about this 

  • added the dark star
  • added the dark sword
  • the dark shulker can now be summoned in survival
  • fixed some issues


  • Experimental game play MUST be enabled for this addon to operate properly
  • this is currently in beta so there may be bugs
  • do not steal, pirate, steal or do any of the sort as it is illegal!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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15 Responses

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  1. CubeSteff3906 says:

    This is a very cool addon. I do have a couple of suggestions for what to add in it though :
    1. Mobs
    1) More cave mobs (miner, stone zombi, etc.)
    2) More nether mobs (demons, stuff like that)
    3) More end mobs (mini dragons, idk)
    4) New “Forgotten” structures with mythical stuff
    5) Cursed books
    2. Other stuff
    1) More containers

    Idk all I got atm 😀

  2. AssassinHD says:

    Its Kinda Great, But Like Dont Make The Addon Too Early, Like Getting Bugful By RTX So You Can Smooth It Out.
    Helpful Mobs-
    Only Like Skeleton And Mounted Spider
    Has Tag Of Player And Notification If Killed.

  3. 102582947 says:

    The Bosses you should add:
    Giant Silverfish
    Mega Endermite
    Cave spader
    Iron Zombie
    Ender Lord

  4. Comphurtzone says:

    Great, more empty promises from a creator we know nothing about.

  5. Billy bowel man says:

    The resource pack doesn’t download
    Please fix this I really like it

  6. SCrafter says:

    Did this we have this addon before?

  7. Zack Taylor says:

    hey bro its good but the resource pack cant download it says unknown pack can you pls fix it cuz this addon looks good

  8. Ben h the best says:

    Only the Shulker as the mob in this addon..My idea.Thief. It looks like an illager carrying a bag
    and has a black mask on.Drops iron gold diamonds and emeralds.My idea for the two items.Bag.Dropped by thief’s and can be equipped onto wolves.Black mask.Dropped by thief’s. players and Armor stands can wear it. To wear it click on a block and to wear it on the Armor stand press equip. These ideas will be added next update

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