The Forgotten Addon

Welcome to the forgotten addon! In the ancient days of minecraft mythical creatures roamed the lands of minecraft, until 1 day they all disappeared…. no one knows what happened to them but now they are returning…..

Information about the current mobs in this addon:

Dark Shulker:

  • Can have 650-1000 health (more than the wither!)
  • has 3 stages of projectiles, the first stage is a large fireball fired every 3 seconds, the second stage is a Shulker bullets that are fired every 2 seconds and third and finally is once again a large all being fired but every second! (Then it goes back to stage 1)
  • Will try and kill all mobs but is neutral towards players
  • drops the dark star
  • can be summoned by building the following structure then dropping a nether star in the middle:

Dark beast:

  • can be tamed with infected meat
  • is hostile towards player
  • can be ridden when tamed
  • does 15 damage
  • has anywhere between 100-200 health
  • spawns in dark biome

Steel guard:

  • drops steel parasite
  • has 50 health
  • attacks basically all mobs
  • does 4 attack damage
  • spawns in gateway biomes


  • has 1500 health
  • attacks the player
  • does 10 attack damage
  • can be made by ‘infecting’ a steel guard with a steel symbiote (takes 2 minutes for the transformation to happen)
  • drops eye of darkness

Skeleton shark:

  • has 30 health
  • will attack the player
  • does 7 attack damage
  • can be found in the depths of the ocean


  • the remnants of these golems can be found in warped forests

  • there are 2 variants of this model, to get these you will need a fused eye of light and a fused eye of darkness
  • to get a yin variant left click with the fused eye of darkness (press fuse on mobile)

  • to get a yang variant you will need to left click with a fused eye of light (press fuse on mobile)

  • stats for golems (same for both variants) has 200 health and does 15 attack damage
  • golems will fight hostile mobs, yin and yang golems will fight each other

Betrayer of demons:

  • can be found spawning in lava lakes in the nether
  • can walk on lava and land
  • is hurt by water
  • stats: has 30 health and does 5 attack damage
  • will attack piglins, zombified piglins, striders and will attack things that hurt it

Trader of souls:

  • can be found spawning in mushroom biomes
  • can be traded with
  • the fused eye of light can be obtained by trading with the trader of souls

Soul dragon (not fully completed):

  • currently does not spawn in survival
  • can be obtained from the creative inventory
  • has 100 health
    Information about baby variant:
  • can be tamed with  raw porkchops
  • can be grown up with raw mutton
  • if tamed will defend its owner
  • hatch from soul dragon eggs (can be found in creative inventory)
  • if you want to instantly summon a baby soul dragon go /summon searmr:soul_dragon ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_transformed

    Information about adult variant:

  • if tamed can be ridden by its owner
  • if tamed will defend its owner
  • it will fly
  • lays soul dragon eggs


  • spawns in swamps at night
  • will attack the player
  • when it attacks a player the player will be poisoned
  • has 30 health

Corrupt spirit:

  • spawns in soul sand valleys
  • attacks everything
  • has 20 health
  • does 20 attack damage
  • will teleport around its target fastly

Current information about biomes added:

Dark biome:

  • completely made out of coal blocks
  • generates near taiga biomes
  • dark beasts spawn here
  • portal ore generates here (currently bugged of beta)


  • steel guards spawn here
  • can be found generating in jungles

Current information about blocks added:

Portal ore:

  • generates in dark biomes
  • drops portal shards

Current information about the added items:

Dark Star:

  • can be used to craft the dark sword
  • is dropped by the dark shulker
  • currently no other uses

Dark Sword:

  • does 25 attack damage
  • when left click is pressed evocation fangs are rapidly summoned at all entites in a 10 block radius (long hold on mobile)
  • can be crafted like this

Infected meat:

  • used to tame dark beast
  • if eaten it gives you the wither effect (so not very tasty!)
  • can be crafted like this:


  • This is a equippable item, left click to equip (long press on mobile
  • gives the player more health
  • more functionality will be added later
  • can be crafted like this:

  • what it looks like equipped on a player:

portal shards: 

  • is dropped from portal ore
  • can be crafted into a portal block via the image below

Eye of Darkness:

  • drops from null
  • currently has no use but will be implemented into next update

steel parasite:

  • is dropped from steel guards
  • is used to craft steel symbiote

Steel symbiote:

  • is used to infect steel guard
  • can be crafted via the image below:

Fused eye of darkness:

  • is used to make yin golems
  • can be crafted by using a eye of darkness and some blaze rods

Fused eye of light:

  • is used to make yang golems
  • can be obtained by trading with a trader of souls

Changelog View more

added corrupt spirit

added soul dragon

added bugnamoid

sounds will be added in next update

portal ore now generates again

  • added sounds to mobs
  • added golems
  • added trader of souls
  • added betrayer of demons
  • added fused eye of darkness and fused eye of light
  • made small changes to some behaviors
  • fixed some bugs
  • Fixed the links
  • added sounds to mobs
  • added golems
  • added trader of souls
  • added betrayer of demons
  • added fused eye of darkness and fused eye of light
  • made small changes to some behaviors
  • fixed some bugs!
  • added null
  • added steel guard
  • added skeleton shark
  • added eye of darkness
  • added steel parasite
  • added steel symbiote
  • added gateway biome
  • added use for portal shards
  • changed attack damage of dark sword to 25
  • darkness now has a damage boost
  • xp drops now drop from mobs
  • biomes now support 1.16.0 (generation may be slightly different in this version)
  • fixed some issues
  • added dark beast
  • added infected meat
  • added darkness
  • added dark biome
  • made small improvements to dark shulker behavior
  • fixed some bugs
  • added the dark star
  • added the dark sword
  • the dark shulker can now be summoned in survival
  • fixed some issues

fixed the resource pack file, can now be exported, sory about this 

Added dark shulker 

more updates will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Added the dark shulker.

fixed description 

please contact me on Twitter if you find any bugs!


  • Experimental game play MUST be enabled for this addon to operate properly
  • do not steal, pirate, steal or do any of the sort as it is illegal!


Supported Minecraft versions


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41 Responses

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  1. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    How to ride the fucking dragon

  2. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit though.

  3. Guest-7636259468 says:

    Just wondering, what software do you use to make mods? I love Addons but I only can fin the mobile garbage that is very limited

  4. Guest-2159828576 says:

    could i have the link for v1.0.6 pls

  5. Guest-8439637851 says:

    The dark beast makes nearby cats attack the player(I don’t know if it is a bug)

  6. Guest-7745196343 says:

    I have so much expectations with this mod
    Btw I have a question can u make other planets and more boss fights on other planets plus some armies.if u can please do it

  7. Guest-6805402369 says:

    crafting “darkness” does not work for some weird reason

  8. Guest-8470361013 says:

    May I know how one gets 1.16 Beta? I’d love to try this.

  9. Guest-3991540071 says:

    What is the keyyy????

  10. Guest-8338534924 says:

    Ikr , i dont know the key too

  11. Guest-6980521411 says:

    Requires a decryption key :/

  12. Guest-6786462566 says:

    Pls make updates soon I love this add on

  13. Guest-1459388769 says:

    There’s null,and symbiote in the same mod,you can’t tell me this dude doesn’t read comics XD

  14. Guest-9577179152 says:

    i literally forgot about this addon because it hasnt had any updates and it came back!!1

  15. 102582947 says:

    Its not working

  16. CubeSteff3906 says:

    This is a very cool addon. I do have a couple of suggestions for what to add in it though :
    1. Mobs
    1) More cave mobs (miner, stone zombi, etc.)
    2) More nether mobs (demons, stuff like that)
    3) More end mobs (mini dragons, idk)
    4) New “Forgotten” structures with mythical stuff
    5) Cursed books
    2. Other stuff
    1) More containers

    Idk all I got atm 😀

  17. AssassinHD says:

    Its Kinda Great, But Like Dont Make The Addon Too Early, Like Getting Bugful By RTX So You Can Smooth It Out.
    Helpful Mobs-
    Only Like Skeleton And Mounted Spider
    Has Tag Of Player And Notification If Killed.

  18. 102582947 says:

    The Bosses you should add:
    Giant Silverfish
    Mega Endermite
    Cave spader
    Iron Zombie
    Ender Lord

  19. Comphurtzone says:

    Great, more empty promises from a creator we know nothing about.

  20. Billy bowel man says:

    The resource pack doesn’t download
    Please fix this I really like it

  21. SCrafter says:

    Did this we have this addon before?

  22. Zack Taylor says:

    hey bro its good but the resource pack cant download it says unknown pack can you pls fix it cuz this addon looks good

  23. Ben h the best says:

    Only the Shulker as the mob in this addon..My idea.Thief. It looks like an illager carrying a bag
    and has a black mask on.Drops iron gold diamonds and emeralds.My idea for the two items.Bag.Dropped by thief’s and can be equipped onto wolves.Black mask.Dropped by thief’s. players and Armor stands can wear it. To wear it click on a block and to wear it on the Armor stand press equip. These ideas will be added next update

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