The Fortress

Set in an alternate reality where the End, Nether, and Overworld have collided, a massive fortress has been built to protect the survivors.

You are the Overworld’s last hope

(This is a work in progress.)

You are the last known human survivor of an apocalypse in which the Overworld, Nether, and End collided, creating an extraordinarily dangerous landscape. Luckily for you, a massive Fortress had been built, giving you a safe-haven in the uncertain apocalyptic world.

The Fortress’s walls are lined with obsidian, to protect from the ghasts, creepers, and other monsters which haunt the once (relatively) peaceful Overworld. Because the Fortress was originally built with the intention of containing an entire town, there is plenty of storage space for anything. Unfortunately, not much was placed into storage before the devastating collision, so you will have to brave the harsh environment to collect many items necessary for your survival. However, food and water are not an issue, as an entire farm has been built inside the facility, along with a well. Additionally, once you bring an item safely back to the Fortress once, you can use the in-house cloner to replicate it in the future.

There are many hostiles outside of the Fortress, including Blazes, Ghasts. Shulkers, Zombies, and more. You can secure the more crafty mobs in the solid bedrock prison.

Above all else, be smart. And remember, the Fortress is your only defense against the hostile post-collision environment.

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  • Removed excess items from user inventory.
  • Added spawners to the various sections of O.N.E.
  • Spliced sections from O.N.E. into one another, to complete the world collision effect
  • Edited the biome settings to match the jigsawing
  • Tweaked map
  • Edited description
  • Reworked into survival
  • Freed Dangerous Prisoners


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4 Responses

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  1. Pending Approval, update 1.0.2 is here! This update adds mob-spawners and better jigsawing in the three worlds, among other things.

  2. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    LOL imagine dying just because the moon and the hell collided with the earth at the same time, what a noob

    • It would be a particularly shameful death considering the fact that the collision was apparently predicted enough in advance for a massive shelter to be built.

      The existing lore of Minecraft suggests that, prior to the game’s start, some major event is supposed to have happened. Whatever it is, it supposedly caused at least one civilizational collapse, and, unless the player can defeat the End Dragon, it will eventually cause the end of the Overworld as we know it.

      So, what if instead of a slow-working apocalyptic event, something else happened, something which cause the world to enter an immediate chaos? What if after the portals allowed manevolant being to travel between the worlds, scorching the once civilized Nether and threatening to do the same to the Overworld, the portals were not merely closed, but imploded by the End Dragon’s magic, causing the three worlds to collide?

  3. OC here! I just wanted to say that the final project will be cleaner. The current version 1.0.1 is nice, but it lacks some important features:

    I intend to clear the player’s inventory of all excess items (command blocks, netherrack, structure blocks, etc.) since I forgot to do that last time, oops.

    I intend to strategically copy various area chunks from each world, pasting it into the others, creating a ragged jigsawing of the three worlds which I will then blend, but only partially, to create the impression of a violent collision. There will be end cities, villages, mansions, oceans, ruins, bridges, and lava seas in The Overworld (O), The Nether (N), and The End (E). The three realms would still be different in their base topography, but topography from the other worlds will be mashed together.

    I intend to add a few strategically placed spawners in the three worlds to make them even more unified. For example, villagers will spawn not only in O, but also in E and N. Similarly, blazes and shulkers will also spawn in the unified O, N, and E (O.N.E). This will apply to all naturally spawning mobs.

    That said, there are a few things that will not be included in future updates:

    I will not add any resource or behavior packs, because I intend to keep the base game appearances and behaviors intact. This is about a universe in which the three natural worlds (as created by Mojang) have collided. As such, I believe it is important that all game visuals are kept as designed by Mojang. I also believe it is important that all entities act naturally, to accurately convey how they would react to such a dramatic collision, even and especially if they end up killing one another, or committing suicide.

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