Hardmode+ (1.16) (Aquatic Update)

Only mob’s in 1.16 all the way to 1.10 have been changed to be harder, hint the name of the Addon. So that means Village and Pillage and Nether Update have been the only ones changed so far and more will be changed in the future. Now onto the mob’s (also try the mob’s with different armour). There is another requirement that you must have hard difficulty one.

Before you start reading on i would like to say that this is still wip so dont expect it to be done and also i got this idea from Fundy.


XP: drop’s 5 XP

Health: health is now 100

Size: size is now 0.5 little taller so that makes them 1.15 metres now.

Attack: Panda’s always have a choice of attacking. They will attack first but then they will be given the choice to attack more. All together they do 32 damage.


XP: Drop’s 5 XP

Health: 100

Size: 1.5

Damage: 20

Zombie Piglin:

XP: drop’s 5 XP

Health: 80

Move speed: 0.46

Damage: 40 (might sometimes one hit, depends on the Armor)

Wandering Trader:

XP: 0

Health: 80

Size: 0.5


XP: 5

Health: 150

Size: 2

Damage: 24 (Might one hit sometimes, depends on the Armor)


XP: 5

Health: 40

Size: 1.5

Damage: 12 (will only attack once) (really hard when the bee is small)


XP: 5

Health: 30

Size: 1.5


XP: 5

Health: 32

Size: 1.5

Damage: 48 (will only attack when holding crossbow, that is a glitch) 

Trades: random enchantment book.


XP: 5

Health: 100

Move Speed: 0.5 (that is fast just to say)

Damage: 32


XP: 5

Health: 100

Size: 1.5

Damage: 32


XP: 5

Health: 100

Movement speed: 0.8

Size: 0.9

They are scared of you so they will swim away from you at full speed.


XP: 5

Health: 100

Movement Speed: 0.15

Size: 0.8

They are also scared of you.


XP: 5

Health: 150

Movement speed: 2.0

Size: 0.5

They are now really annoying and now they don’t burn in the daylight.


XP: 5

Health: 100

Movement speed: 0.1

Size: 0.7


XP: 5

Health: 100

Movement speed: 0.9

Size:  2.0


XP: 5

Health: 150

Movement speed: 0.9

Size: 2

Dragon Fireball: 

(Texture has changed again)

Power: 3.0


Power: 1

Spawn mob: endermite 


(Texture has changed again)

Power: 2.0


Power: 1

Spawn Mob: Ghast (this will cause a lot of trouble)

Small Fireball:

(Texture has changed again)

Power: 2.0

Gravity: 0.1


Power: 3

Spawn Mob: Blaze

Some Tip’s:

I suggest you get an enchanted bow, shield, trident, effects and tipped arrow’s to make you’re troubles easy.

leather Armor:

Leather Armor is the worst in this so don’t get this I would go straight to iron if I was you because most of the mobs that have changed can one hit you. Ravager’s and Piglins can one hit you.

Chair Armor:

Mob’s can still one hit you with chain Armor so yeah skip to iron again and you might be fine. Ravager’s and Piglins can one hit you.

Iron Armor:

Only one mob can one hit you which I am sure it’s the zombie pigman or Piglin, I’m not sure but now you able to defeat some of the mobs easy as pie. Piglins can one hit.

Gold Armor:

Wow, Wow, Wow skip this because you will die instantly from I think all of them and the Armor will break easy and you should go and find diamonds. Ravager’s and Piglins can one hit you.

Diamond Armor:

You are know reaching what I call a epic games moment we’re you can survive longer then you’re sibling who is still wearing that stupid iron Armor. You can beat all of the mobs but you’re parent’s might have netherite Armor.

Netherite Armor:

Netherite Armor now I call it easy. You can find netherite easy just by using bed’s and now you’re reached the level of master and you can now go and beat the dragon so yeah, there is probably nothing I could say more,

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this.

Walkthrough Video Here

Changelog View more

Version 2

1. Added all update aquatic mobs

2. Fixed the bug with the small fireball 

3. Added bug tracker

4. Updated thumbnail 

5. Better YT walkthrough video link

Version 1.0.2 *download Fix*

1. You can now download both zip and mcpack from medifire and it is not a virus so don’t ask if it’s a virus.

Update 1.0.1:

1. Fixed name in the thumbnail

2. Added YouTube video for walkthrough 

1. Changed Name.

2. Changed the description.

3. Changed some of the mob and armor defense description.

4. Added the installation guide


IOS: When you had download the file you want to get the app called document and then when it has downloaded you want to rename the mcpack text and replace it with zip. Once down share it to files then tap on the file once it has opened then look for the rp (resource pack) and bp (behaviour pack) upload them to the correct areas in the minecraft pe file.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.16

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  1. PizzaFab says:

    The import failed but 5 stars for the effort you put into this addon keep up the good work.

  2. Unknown Boi says:

    Cool mod, im trying to learn how to code cause most of difficulty addons just buff stuff, i wanna make 3 Difficulties:

    Harder – basically yours, i mean that it would just increase mobs stats, hunger and health stuff and maybe some changes too

    Expert – increased mob stats, and e.t.c but now it would be more advanced:

    Skeletons – Have double bows, aimbot, shoot arrows with negative effects (Rechanged mob texture)
    Zombies – poison and hunger when you get hit (Rechanged mob texture)
    Phantoms – spawn in end, wont burn in sunlight cause of their anti-sunlight fur thingy (Rechanged mob texture)

    Idk what more im just thinking rn

    More stuff: higher rarity of enchanted weapons for mobs

    Nether On Earth (tottaly not doom reference)
    Basically – hell on earth, all mobs except ender mobs will have a bit hellish texture, nether mobs wont change (maybe)

    Skeletons – the same as Expert but fire bows, and higher change of enchanted arrows

    idk once again but the main thing i want to add to this mode is

    Nether raids – u just chill and then suddenly nether portals apear in the sky, sky turns red, and you see nether mobs come from the portals

    there would be types of nether raids: like piglin raids, wither skeleton raids, mixed (btw now nether creatures like zoglin, wither skeleton, piglin now are all teamed up and not hostile to each other)

    there would be “cheif” mobs something like that that control the raid (wither skeleton chiefs, killing them would end the raid quicker, but make it harder

    The raids work like that:
    1. it chooses a type of raid (withe skeleton raid, piglin, mixed, more types maybe idk)
    2. The raid members search for players, pillagers, villagers, and must kill them
    3. After they killed them, or if theres none they make some ritual thingy and they slowly turn the closest overworld into the nether, building defenses

    so that means if you wont protect your self they would slowly turn the overworld into the nether, buffing every hostile mob and making them fully hellish, e.t.c

    lol i turned this comment into a submission lol

  3. Laiffoo says:

    hoglins/zoglins and Ravager should launch you in the air when they Damage you.
    And you forgot the withe make him the OP of all pls

  4. Nicinator says:

    Works perfectly fine even know it is still work in progress.

    Note: I could install it on IOS by just running the .mcaddon file.

  5. Guest-7652191039 says:

    Dude, is this a virus? The import did not work

  6. Guest-6871786996 says:

    Nice addon dude simple but very good

  7. MCFrenzy says:

    ur Emglish speaking is quite weird ._.

  8. Guest-4242998314 says:

    please help the import is not working

  9. Dalay995 says:

    error al importar. porfavor soluciona eso 🙁 de verdad me llama la atencion este addon

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  11. Guest-3705839875 says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any sign on intelligence here…

  12. Guest-5395476992 says:

    Very good and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you and I look forward to working with you and your team for the future and hope to see you soon and hope you have a great day 😀

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