The Heist – Guards vs. Thieves

The Heist – Guards vs. Thieves is a multi player combat map made by me where a team of thieves and guards battle for the sake of the bank’s balance!

Welcome to The Heist – Guards vs. Thieves! This is a multiplayer map for 2-6 players in which there are two teams: guards and thieves. The thieves attempt to steal the bank’s balance by using the items from a nearby loot chest, while the guards try to stop them from doing so.

This map contains multiple secret areas and chests within them. I have made this in 1.16.100, however I think it would work in 1.16.0 as well, but why would anyone stay in 1.16.0? Either way, this is all I have to say, literally. Have fun, and see you next time!


Installing on Windows 10:

Go to the installations area and it should probably install to your computer. Once you install the file, click on it and it will automatically import it into Minecraft.

Installing on phone:

Not sure for this one, so here's this -


Supported Minecraft versions


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