The Hollow Tower Parkour

The Hollow Tower Parkour is a 5 layered tower parkour map. Includes unique levels, checkpoints, secrets, multiplayer and more! Stay tuned for updates, other maps, mods and minigames made by myself!

The parkour is split into 5 different levels and themes. Each level gets harder and harder until you either finish or rage quit.

Here are all of the levels:

Level 1 – Woody

Level 2 – Stone age

Level 3 – Rainbow mania

Level 4 – The nether

Level 5 – The end?

Things to keep in mind:

  • This map is in early alpha, there are a lot of changes I would like to make so it’s not totally finished yet (but it’s ready to play).
  • The map has been tested by myself and a couple of friends, I can confirm that it is all possible.
  • Creating content on the map is totally accepted, giving a shout-out is all I ask.
  • Any feedback would be highly appreciated! Stay tuned for updates and other maps made by myself.

Changelog View more
Added new image to the map, nothing special, just a little more trendy!
  • Command block technical changes.
  • New checkpoint system
  • Re-spawn bug fixed.
  • Checkpoint fixes - The checkpoint system for the map was a little bugged, now with that fixed it works properly.
  • New checkpoint system - Instead of just getting a checkpoint you can hear a level up sound and see text on screen.


Simply download and run the mcworld file to install automatically.

Alternatively, download and unpack the zip file into your minecraftWorlds folder.


Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Sloppy_Dreams says:

    On the rainbow floor there is a head bang jump that is impossible

  2. Hey guys! Any feedback would be highly appreciated, if you have some please feel free to share it.

  3. Der King GHG says:

    Finally a good Download! 👍

  4. anto11 says:

    Very nice map! I enjoyed it very much! But, in the checkpoints, when I died, i spawned outside the map on the command block behind the checkpoint button. Please fix that. Except of that everything was great. 5 stars

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