The House of The Dead 4 – Chapter 5

Welcome to The house of The Dead 4 Minecraft Series. A horror shooting adventure game based on Arcade Game called The House of The Dead 4. This Map Included many things like sound effects, Animation, Ost and Cutscenes.


The Story took place in the city where most zombies showed up, James recieved a message from a anonymous person says “Nuclear missile strike in 1 hour left”. James recognizes It was Goldman who behind all these apocalypse. Now James and Kate on their way to Goldman’s offcie to

stop it!

They have to face to face with many zombies whose blocking their way!

After that they got block by a creature called The Star who was loyalty to Goldman that could fire purple exploding balls and flying around. You will find the way to defeat him!

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8 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ResidentRex says:

    A huge 5/5, Good job

  2. GoldenTronicc says:

    These are great maps that I really enjoy. So what if they aren’t getting popular? If you are having fun making them, that’s all that matters. They are really well made maps.

    • PG Minh says:

      I don’t really have much fun making them because I worked alone all these stuff and it’s too hard than I can imagine. And don’t mind my comment below because I just have some mental breakdown at that time but don’t worry about me. Thank you for your opinion.

  3. MKFDL says:

    Pliss Make A New Series To The End Chapter I Want Make A YT Video 2 Hour Playing Your Map And Make Your Map Post In Linkvertise To Make You Get Money Or Adfly

  4. PG Minh says:

    Seem Thotd 4 wasn’t popular on mcpedl, huh? And Yes, This map very laggy for bad device player so I don’t to talk about it. One day there’s someone who will make this series better than me.

  5. Bobby1545 Now Watching Mcpedl says:

    Hello All Itz Me! Bobby 1545 I Back!, wanna Play With Me! 🙂 I will Build Great Palace Dirty Home! Please Play With Me! 😀 But why all Say i Is Hacker Or Ghost And Make Me into Creepypasta Than Make me sad 🙁 Play with me Ok! I waiting you!

  6. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Msin disadvantage of your maps The House of The Dead – VERY laggy maps. I can’t play on J2 Prime

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