The Hulk Mod

In The Hulk Mod you will be able to turn into the Hulk which is a superhero with a wide range of superpowers such as the abilities to run super fast, be super strong and jump ultra high.

The Hulk came of creation when scientist Bruce Banner worked on a gamma bomb when he noticed a teenager out on the test range. Bruce managed to save the teenager but the side effect of the event was that he got exposed to extreme amounts of gamma radiation causing his DNA to be altered which turned him into the Hulk when he gets angry.

Creator: diamonderlikerer

Item ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Hulk Armor (500) – 1 diamond helmet + 1 diamond chest plate + 1 diamond leggings + 1 diamond boots + 1 emerald block

Turning Into the Hulk

In the mod you will be able to turn into the Hulk at any given time by using the Hulk Armor item. All superpowers are available through the use of the item. So no other items are required to craft to use them.

Tap on the ground to use the item and your character will be boosted up into the sky and the skin turned to green.


When you tap on the ground you will create an explosion at your feet and be shot up into the sky as a rocket. The explosion is probably an attempt to resemble the impact your weight does when you fall onto the ground. Besides the explosion jump ability you will also run fast, be able to one shot kill enemies and have 1000+ health.


Download Mod (Dropbox)
Download Textures (Dropbox)

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15 Responses

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  1. Claw God says:

    When i click download mod (dropbox) it says “the file isnt here” wut should i do?

  2. Claw God says:

    How to download .mcpacks files (im new at this)

  3. hulk says:

    Hulk can’t download pack

  4. Cred says:

    Editor, the link isn’t on Dropbox anymore pleez help

  5. ummmm says:

    can you make is so your mods don’t need blocklucher or file editor please

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can u pls make an IOS version

  7. L says:

    when i clicked the download link it brings me to an error page of dropbox,pls fix this

  8. Kaden says:

    How do you danlode the mod

  9. ej says:

    Iove minecraft really i dont lie

  10. Rudy says:

    This mod is so so so cool

  11. Micheal says:

    So cool I love this mod !!!!!!!

  12. i do not know how to do this stuff and i really wanna download this stuff

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