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Published on January 13, 2017 (Updated on January 13, 2017)

The Hunter MCPE Addon

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Can you add gun sounds and names like
Italian Carcano the Rifle
M1887 the shotgun
And can you add armors like
The ghillie suit from the diamond armor
The camo suit form the iron armor
And can you add a civilan man wearing a
Red t shirt and white stripes and black pants and blacks shoes. Pls.
How do I make the dog follow me he doesn't follow me
tane it with a bone
Please make the hunting dog a cocker spaniel????
The range on the rifle is horrible!!!! I’m fine with the small explosion (even tho I’d prefer it not be there) but the range should be increase the bullet goes 5 blocks and hits the ground!!!
Hey, is there a virson of this Without the small explosion?
Help there is a glitch whenever I try to spawn a horse it instantly dies is it supposed to do that??
Can you make just a texture pack with only the hunting dog
its weird how it explodes
I wish somebody created an addon about ww2 guns like cod world at wars or even Soldiers Mod?
bro there is
This adDon is cool! Can you make a ww2 addon PLZ??
yes please can they make one!!!!!!!!! IT would be awesome if you could get it on mobile too!
Change the animals to like deer or something that would be cool
It's not working for me. :(
You should add a hunting armor