The Impossible Escape! [SINGLEPLAYER ONLY]

The Impossible Escape

It’s Big Brain Time!

Welcome to the Impossible Escape where you will have to do various puzzles, riddles and obstacles to obtain freedom from this place. This map will test everything about your brain, this means that it will affect your brain cells. You are inside a wide white-gray room, you have been imprisoned because of something stupid that you disobeyed, your general objective is to escape and get out of this room. Free yourself and have a happy life.

This is an adventure/puzzle/parkour map, this map uses a custom sound resource pack, so increase your volume up to atleast 60 percent.

This map is intentionaly designed to make you mad, if you think you have an anger issue, then don’t play this map. If you think you can hadle the madness that will happen in this map, then good luck. This map uses the motto of “It’s Big Brain Time”. That means that this includes using your mental skills. And of course, physical skills. This map is a parody of unfair maps originated from java edition, It was also inspired by other unfair maps, I named it Impossible Escape because there is already an existing map that is called Unfair Escape by NICO_THE_PRO from java edition. The purpose of unfair maps is to challenge yourself through these awful and hard obstacles without messing it up. An unfair map cannot forget its troll, so watch out. What makes this worst is there are no checkpoints, each level has its own difficulty. So if you accidentally die, then you will go back to the start

General Tip: Always check your inventory

You have been warned. This map will likely cause you to throw your phone or any device you are using, so it is up to you if you want to do this challenge.

If you are stuck in that one level, figure it out, it may take you long to figure this all out. But I believe you can do it, good luck and have fun!

Not all texture packs was made by me. Credits are in the map.




All levels are tested and possible

Changelog View more

May 31, 2020

- Fixed some unintentional mistakes including the command block that says "hi" at the end of the map after you beat the Guards

- Fixed the broken download link

June 1, 2020

- Fixed some typos in the map

May 31, 2020

- Fixed some unintentional mistakes including the command block that says "hi" at the end of the map after you beat the Guards

- Fixed the broken download link

May 31, 2020

- Fixed some unintentional mistakes including the command block that says "hi" at the end of the map after you beat the Guards.


Play this map in a latest and newer version, this map have some newer features that has been recently added to minecraft. Recommended version: 1.14.60 BE/PE Edition.

The texture pack download will not be added as long as anyone wouldn't complain about the texture error or texture not appearing

This map is still in beta or still in working, please report any glitches, errors or bugs


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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48 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-8507506351 says:

    can you add checkpoints

  2. maincra says:

    I am in w10 to inform

  3. maincra says:

    Maybe can be the configuration, thanks.

  4. maincra says:

    I drop the star bit don’t happens nothing.

  5. Guest-4157554362 says:

    I can get to the “Opposite day room” but then I’m stuck, I’ve been trying for about 2 hours. Can I at least get a hint?

  6. Zhaox says:

    Hey everyone! The download link is finally fixed

  7. Zhaox says:

    Fixed version: version 1.0.3
    Please note that this is the advance download so you don’t need to wait for MCPEDL to accept the update, it could take up to 2 days.

    • Guest-7859559655 says:

      Can I help with your maps in any way because they are great and I wouldn’t mind helping out with them

  8. Guest-2824250339 says:

    The download link is dead

  9. Guest-3323509085 says:

    I have alot of spare time and I am good with command blocks and detailing and redstone i would love to help out on some of your maps I play on mobile. If I can help in any way reply asking for my mc username and I will be willing to help and give it to you.

  10. Guest-5203971342 says:

    Excuse me? Why It says Missing?

    • Guest-9606650917 says:

      Sorry about that! I never realised it until I saw your comment. Expect the update very soon or tomorrow!
      – Zhaox

      • Guest-7249095203 says:

        And for some reason, I’m logged in, but MCPEDL doesn’t seem to make me login so it shows me as a guest. I hope they fix this bug
        – Zhaox

  11. CroSlic MCPE says:

    Hey I Like Your Map very much! (I cheated the whole map😂) Just I want to say is can i help you to make Maps?

  12. Guest-2551720854 says:

    I love your maps. You are the reason that I started to delve into commands a bit more!

  13. Guest-1442917633 says:

    I played for 3 hours but can’t complete it so i give up 🙁

  14. mad.sandnerd says:

    very much in the spirit of NICO_THE_PRO’s unfair maps, quite frustrating and well done, it’s one of the better adventure mode maps on this website.

  15. Guest-5542725225 says:

    Well made map! hard and challenging

  16. Nice map! Thanks for the credit, even though you spelled my name wrong on the map. xD

  17. Guest-5676286900 says:

    i had to watch a walkthrough lol

  18. Guest-6739855903 says:

    Nice work on the map! especially the particle animations. Unfortunately, i haven’t finished it yet, but i think i’m close

  19. Guest-3304322087 says:

    this is hard but i did it after 30 moinutes lol nice effort to this map

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