The Island

Are you tired of playing the normal survival mode over and over again? Do you want something new and beautiful? Then this map is right for you. You are stranded on this tropical Island and have to survive by farming and building your own shelter.

Survival aspects:

  • generated caves
  • generated ores
  • custom overworld
  • custom nether (it’s an island, too)
  • many biomes
  • you can get almost every ingame item on this island

Custom biomes:

  • Swamp
  • Beaches
  • Jungle
  • Savanna
  • Coral reefs
  • Snowy mountains
  • Vulcano
  • Nether
  • and more

This map is best to use with mods.

Here are some mods that fit well in this map:

  • yCreatures
  • Cuter vanilla Animals
  • Oceanic addons (Oceanic Mod Addon, Aquatic+)
  • Thirst Bar Mods
  • Lots More Food
  • Weapon addons (Melee Weapons Addon)
  • Tents Pack Addon
  • Old Style Ferry Addon (or other boat addons)
  • more addons or mods that improve survival
  • New Player Animation 
  • Shaders!! (ESBE2G, Kamii)


  • 3D map:

  • 2D und map of overworld and nether:

  • Ingame Screenshots (Overworld):

  • Ingame Screenshots (Nether, with, of course, a water vulcano)

  • Screenshots with yCreature( addon:

Discord: Join now

You can:

  • Play this map
  • Share the link to this mcpedl page
  • Use this map (If you give credit to this page)

You can not:

  • Share a direct link to the map download
  • Share the map
  • Use the map (in for example videos) without giving credit to this page
  • Copying anything from this map to your map/addon/… without permission
  • Steal my idea

Changelog View more

Updated the supported versions so it is working in the newest version 

Fixed small issues, like repositioning the discord link, because it seemed like it was part of the ad.

Added a link to my discord server for people who might have questions or something 

I accidentally missklicked and it said the map is 1.6, but I changed it back to 1.16

Added some more good mods that will improve this island

Changed the linkvertise link, so no one needs to activate notifications


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.200 1.16.201

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Installation Guides

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47 Responses

3.68 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. ShadowKing06 says:

    I would like to try this map. But I am on mobile and I have to add a lock box using linkvertise. You can’t do this on mobile therefore I can’t play the map…. Plz remove this then I’ll try it

  2. Playcode1 says:

    Don’t complain about linkvertise some people can’t even use adfly since sometimes the allow button doesn’t show up

  3. Nebflut says:

    Linkvertise not use on page brings down an exe you to download your map, unfortunately that is a virus, I’ll have to report the publication so you can give better access to download the map.

  4. KKcantgetright says:

    i really want to play this but im constantly blocked by linkvertises fake downloads, please use adfly or allow us to post the direct link…

  5. LizardPlayer says:

    Hello, I would appreciate if you gave directions of how to download this map since it feels like it’s literally impossible. I’m a mobile user who uses documents so if you can respond and tell me what to do i would appreciate that a lot, thank you.

    • Estelmayer says:

      On mobile its pretty easy:
      1. Klick the link
      2. Klick on free access with ads (you have to swipe down a bit)
      3. Klick on see articles (don’t klick on any)
      4. Klick on the X
      5. Wait 10 sec
      6. Klick on the X again
      7. Klick on the continue button
      8. That should take you to mediafire
      Hope this guide helps you. Sounds a lot harder then it is. Takes like 20 sec just because of the waiting time.

  6. baicai_yt says:

    its a nice map hope to see more

  7. destructes183 says:

    its a .exe file. just use adfly not linkverse, i feel so much safer on adfly. atleast they actually do what you want and leads you to mediafire instead of downloading exe from its website as a scam.

  8. therealonedude says:

    i really wish this was anything but linkverse because it makes me download a exe file first

  9. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    I am 90% sure that clicking the black download button on linkverstie is going to give me a virus, I’m honestly safer on addfly

  10. AdamGPS says:

    Bruh use other support link because we need to download the exe thing

  11. Duckio says:

    Is this island have a village and a spawner pls reply

  12. Mayomanitshere says:

    Do we have to download? That’s so impossible to do in mobile.
    Only can do this on laptop.

  13. MU GAMER says:

    How can i communicate with you its so important I need ur help please, give me ur discord Id or Instagram account or anything else please…

  14. Tom Tom Tom says:

    Great The new update really helps but I am on my new acc so I have the world but I didn’t download this in this acc. :p

  15. Washnirra says:

    It’s perfect! Great job. If you’re adding something, I suggest adding the nether biomes (the warped, basalt,…) in the nether Island. I loved your map

  16. Sarge1893 says:

    Would be awesome if it worked

  17. balta says:

    I don’t know how I did it but I could download it as a “.McWorld” file.

    • balta says:

      I forgot to rate your work, five stars,
      For those who have problems, here is a hand:
      Once the Linkversite .Exe file is downloaded you have to drag it to the desktop and right click on it, press the option “run as administrator” and there will be “something” of linkversite that you have to press next, next … then it downloads and press Finish. You open file explorer, you will download, and there you will have the .McWorld file

  18. Howulikethat says:

    Why did I spawn in the nether?

  19. auronxr says:

    how do u get past the download to chrome part of the linkvertise

  20. darknesscompellsyou says:

    doesnt work

  21. therealonedude says:

    the download is a exe file so what should i do?

  22. Haze says:

    The link works just fine?

    Apart from that everything looks great, what shader are you using in the picture?

  23. ttanmay says:

    dude, its a hack man, dont download

  24. Estelmayer says:

    There are just the vanilla ores and no structures because it’s an island with no inhabitants

  25. deustl says:

    probably is virus do not download does not have the minecraft symbol in the file and instead of being a madcon file was an application

  26. Are there still ores or is it all custom?
    Same thing goes for Structures ( bastions, villages, Strongholds E.T.C)

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