The Johns Add-On (Horror) (1.14/1.16)

John Mod is a mod made for minecraft 1.5.2 but it was originally made for beta 1.8.1. 8 years ago a youtuber named “SCMowns” recoded the mod from scratch, he also added new things aswell. I really love this mod alot so i recreated it on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I also did changed some few things so players can have the best experience. 





SPEED: 0.45

Can Adjust Speed: Yes

DROPS: 0-1 Immortality Gem

Special Feature: N/A

Baby John



SPEED: 0.8 

Can Adjust Speed: Yes

DROPS: 0-1 Immortality Gem, 0-3 Experience Bottle

Special Feature: N/A

Mega John



SPEED: 0.2

Can Adjust Speed: No

DROPS: 1-3 Immortality Gem, 0-3 Enchanted Apple

Special Feature: Screams so loud, if he screams alot it means hes’s saying that he’s not alone. 

They all spawn in the desert biome, John and MegaJohn spawn in the beginning of the night while BabyJohn spawns in the midnight. 

NOTE: All the textures and the sounds doesn’t belong to me except for the models and the animation, the models and the animation were recreated, remember this is just a recreation of john mod in the pc version of minecraft.


Immortality Gem

Can be obtained by killing John (All Types)

Immortal Blade

Can be crafted with Immortality Gem



CREATOR’S NOTE: If you want to put this add-on in your youtube videos please put the original link in the desc, Don’t put adfly links just so you will earn, that disrespects the creator!


Mobile Installation Guide:

1. Download File Manager + In Google Play

2. Open the application

3. Allow it to access it to your device

4. Tap Internal Storage

5. Find your Download Folder

6. Find the addon with .mcaddon thingy

7. Tap the add-on you want to install in your minecraft.

8. Enjoy! 

NOTE: this is for the mobile users who can’t access .mcaddon files. 

Changelog View more

- John's Collision Box is now correct

- They are now rare. 

- Baby John will now play his ambient sound. 

- Added more information and screenshots

- the mobile installation guide was moved, added screenshots and more information so people will understand it easier


Click/Tap the download file to download the add-on 😊


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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33 Responses

4.71 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Nk22 says:

    Do you need To turn on the “experimental gameplay” ?

  2. Guest-4377452917 says:

    I see that your recreating mods from java and me and my friends would love it if you made the rival rebels mod it would be so cool.

    • J̪͖̥̬͗̎͊͊̾̔̅̐̇̉̍o̝̞̯͙̮͍̥̰̙͉̩̝͌̒̀͗̋͆̃h̫̦͖̫̳͎̞͕͔͑̿̀͂̄̊̅n͓̘̳̬͚̝͋̾̎̓ͅ d̦̩̭͎̘̝̿̓͆̑̑̈́́̀͌̉̍o̝̞̯͙̮͍̥̰̙͉̩̝͌̒̀͗̋͆̃é̘̲͈͎̣̝̽̓̀̑̿ says:

      Nice mod

  3. Dip says:

    Ah yes, the old “john” minecraft creepypasta thank you for making this addon, it brings so much nostalgic memories!

  4. Guest-5586981192 says:

    Omg! SCMowns! TEAM FORCE UPDATE. #forceupdateurgame Stevennnnnnn I miss Minecraft daily😭 Man that group was my first dive into Minecraft. Such a throwback

  5. Guest-5389622183 says:

    hey you should give mega john a boss health bar because of how much health he has, also have baby john and normal john have a chance to drop mega johns egg or something to spawn him.

  6. Guest-9686066449 says:

    nah its fine as is, it would ruin it if it were remastered

  7. Guest-8109438752 says:

    the addon is cool except this guys a gacha player ew yucks

  8. MADNESSman2411 says:

    Hi random question do they randomly spawn & if they do is there a specific biome?

  9. TryHardJibs says:

    Hey creator, I really enjoyed this addon. However, are you going to add Immortality armor when 1.16 is completely released, and are you going to implement new/ original ideas into this addon in the near future?

  10. Guest-4803576184 says:

    Haha never heard of it but ok

  11. Guest-2905178679 says:


  12. Guest-6075531458 says:

    OMG I can’t believe that this is actually happening right now.
    I’m so happy bc I have literally been waiting to see this mod for several years and now I have it in my hands ;-;
    Seriously bro you have no idea how much I appreciate you and it also gives me joy to see that in this world there are still people who remember this mod. Thx very much 100/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  13. Guest-5296202955 says:

    The health scaling for the John’s are not right. For example the baby John only has has nine hearts of health. The mega John and the regular John also have the wrong amount of health. Great Addon though!

  14. Guest-3896771956 says:

    How do you adjust their speed?

  15. Guest-6814518108 says:


  16. Guest-2335176880 says:

    The pack failed to upload ;-;

  17. Guest-5027128717 says:

    I know this is based on a Java Mod, but if you could improve on the textures that would be great. Maybe you could improve on it in general.

  18. Guest-3337442390 says:

    Why did i have to watch Ghepo MC… This gives me nightmares

  19. Guest-9249683108 says:

    cool but there is also a 1.12.2 version of the john mod created from mcreator

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