The Joy of Creation: FNAF Multiplayer Hide and Seek Map – Version 1.0

This map will guarantee everyone who plays it a thrill of excitement, adrenaline, and a heart racing experience. Play as a nightmare-thrilled animatronic and hunt down the children, or play as the child and hope they don’t find you. 

This map was inspired by the fan-made FNAF game called “The Joy of Creation”.

I in no way own FNAF or the characters belonging to Scott Cawthon

This map uses an addon made by AdamTaylor08 with their permission to upload their content

In this custom made FNAF map, minecraft will bring out a terror you never knew it had. Invite your friends and show them that minecraft can the most terrifying game in the world!


Please read the rules in game and the information on how to play the game with ease.

Play as any of the 4 original Animatronics in their withered state from the hit game Five Nights at Freddys

Or hide as the Child inside of your home….

They’re inside of your house? Maybe run outside into the wilderness…

Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.

Please check out my YouTube at

for information on updates on this map and better ones in the future!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, then please feel free to comment down below!

– Proof of permission to use Add On made by AdamTaylor08 –

Changelog View more
  • Added link for iOS and android
  • Changed title of map
  • Fixed the .mcworld file to work
  • Made a better picture for the featured image
  • Added a link to a screenshot where i was given permission to use the add on.
  • Added more substantial credit to the original creator of the add on
  • Fixed link to where it is now the correct .zip format file


Supported Minecraft versions


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23 Responses

3.44 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Aya041965 says:

    I’m sorry, but when I download the multiplayer mode and want to apply it, I get that there was an error when importing it

  2. Birdlord489 says:

    It said failed to download for multiplayer link, I’m on android

  3. LootsFill3d says:

    Hey, creator! You can actually get dany fox’s tjoc cancelled addon from another website. Just type dany fox tjoc addon. lol ._.

  4. Dustyz says:

    So the buttons to choose weather to be the child or the animatronic dont work

  5. Ponder says:

    You guys should make more of these maps cause they’re really fun and if you make a fnaf 2 then even more people could play.

  6. skategod says:

    good love this game pls update I love how you do the jumpscares

  7. DeluxeBeef362 says:

    Nice map

  8. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    Hi, it’s says the level import failed for the multiplayer one…

  9. Borris569 says:

    How do I play this with others? Can I play it by myself?

    • Splackers says:

      This version is only multiplayer right now. We are working to make more to this game and even a single player option. And you should be able to play with others by making a microsoft account and adding who ever you want to play with to your friends list.

  10. ItsEystreem641 says:

    What the fuck dude why did you have to make a horror map
    When no one plays with me

  11. Splackers says:

    Guys when you load into the world, make sure command blocks are ACTIVE in the game settings. The game won’t work without that!


    How is this a tjoc minecraft map when there arent any tjoc characters?

  13. The Multiplayer Link Doesn’t Work

  14. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    The link doesn’t work

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