Orespawn’s Resurgence

This addon adds the King and the Queen to Minecraft Bedrock.The addon is based on the King and Queen from the Orespawn Mod for minecraft Java. Very special thanks to TheyCallMeDanger for the inspiration of the King and Queen. 


The King

The King has 7000 health and can deal 350 damage with his melee attack. The King has 3 ranged attacks, fireballs, and lightning and ice. He can easily destroy pesky players. He attacks players, and all types of Godzilla.
Health: 7000
Attack Melee: 350 + knockback
Attack Ranged 1: Fireballs
Attack Ranged 2: Lightning
Attack Ranged 3: Ice
Attacks: The Prince, The Princess, Players, Godzilla
The Queen
The Queen has 6000 health and can deal 225 damage with his melee attack. The Queen has 3 ranged attacks, fireballs, and lightning, and her purple power. If anything damages the queen, she will get very very mad, and will kill everything.
Health: 6000
Attack Melee: 225
Attack Ranged 1: Fireballs
Attack Ranged 2: Lightning
Attack Ranged 3: purple power
Attacks: When angry, she will attack everything,

The Prince

The Prince has 500 health and can deal 10 damage with his melee attack. He also has 2 ranged attacks. He can use lightning and fireballs. He is tamable with beef. When you tame it, look at its shadow. You can change/evolve his form by using a diamond block on him. BTW every time you evolve him, you have to tame it again. It has 3 forms Default, Teen, and Adult.
Health: 500
Attack Melee: 10
Attack Range 1:Fireball 
Attack Range 2: Lightning
Attacks: every single mob

The Princess

The Princess has 400 health and can deal 10 damage with his melee attack. She also has 2 ranged attacks. He can use lightning and fireballs. She is tamable with beef.  When you tame it, look at its shadow. You can change/evolve her form by using a gold block on her. BTW every time you evolve her, you have to tame her again.  It has 3 forms Default, Teen, and Adult. The princess takes after her mother by also having an angry form.

Health: 500

Attack Melee: 10

Attack Range 1:Fireball

Attack Range 2: Lightning

Attacks: every single mob


Mobzilla has 4000 health, and can deal a melee and ranged attack He can turn grass blocks into dirt

Ranged Attack: Fireballs and lightning

Melee Attack: Deals 100-175


The Hammerhead can deal 75 damage, and has 240 health.

Health 240   

Damage 75


Mothra can deal 12 damage, and can shoot fireballs. It has 150 health.

Attack 12

Ranged: Fireball

Health 150


The Basilisk has 200 health, and can deal 24 damage and can inflict poison.

Health 200

Attack 24+Poison


The Allosaurus can deal 18 damage, and has 110 health.

Health: 110

Attack: 18


The trex can deal 22 damage, and has 160 health.

Health: 160

Attack: 22


The Baryonyx can deal 0 damage, and has 40 health.

Health: 40

Attack: 0

Robo Pounder

The robo pounder deals 22 damage, and has 200 health.He will hit you really high.

Health: 200

Attack: 22

Robo Warrior

Robo Warrior is undamagable in shield mode, and in cannon/laser mode, can shoot lasers.

Moths and Butterflies

Moths and butterflies spawn from Moth and butterfly plants. Moth and butterfly plants spawn everywhere.


it has 4 variants, but I’ll let you figure out the others.



Butterfly Plant


The cliffracer is a bird that flies around and just looks cool. 

Abilities: looking good

Health: 5


Beavers have been added! Just follow them around, a watch them break wood. Be careful though, they do break planks. 

Abilities: break wood

Health 15

More Cows! 

There are 3 knew cows, they all have the same heal and model of a normal cow. Except, they have knew drops! They drop there apple type

Apple Cow

Golden Apple Cow

Enchanted Golden Apple Cow


All of the armor can be equipped by long pressing on the screen.

Queen Scale Armor and Mobzilla Armor

You have to craft all the pieces of this armor using thescaleschest, head, etc) Once all the pieces are crafted, just combine the pieces by placing them in any order in a crafting table.

Royal Guardian Armor This armor is dropped by the King.


Royal Guardian Sword

Attitude Adjuster

Big Bertha (not craftable yet)


Queen Battle Axe


This is not a port from the java edition version. I had to make these models, animations, textures and behaviors from scratch. So the models are not completely accurate. Please understand. Also, please do no use my models and claim them as your own. 

Special credits to TheyCallMeDanger for the original King and Queen from the Orespawn Mod that inspired me to create this addon.\

Also, if you are going to make a youtube video about this addon, credit me and TheyCallMeDanger. Also, do not make your own link. Use the mcpedl page.

By downloading this addon you agree with the License.

Thank You!

Changelog View more

Updated and edited the download link for the addon. Please use the link, it supports me. 

Added the license to the download page. Please read the license before downloading the addon. LICENSE

Added armor, new mobs, and 3d weapons!! Hope you enjoy it!!

Added mobzilla,  cliff racer, more FRICKIN cows! Also added beavers. The kraken, cephadrome, and nightmare are coming soon. Armor and weapons are coming too! 

Reuploaded The Addon files due to it not importing correctly. Enjoy! 


Enable Experimental Gameplay!

By downloading this addon you agree with the License


Supported Minecraft versions


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311 Responses

4.79 / 5 (140 votes)
  1. Guest-1847569847 says:

    whenever i try to download it it gives me notification to download, but when i click download it brings me back to this page.

  2. Guest-9386464473 says:

    The most shit worst bitchy addon I’ve ever seen

  3. Guest-6498367547 says:

    How do you get the weapons and armour in creative-someone please help!!!!

  4. Guest-5568948755 says:

    1.16 plssssss

  5. Guest-3554853418 says:

    Can you find the bosses in survival

  6. Guest-1103455349 says:

    Legit dragon thx for workin hard I checked the Addon files I saw your making kraken cephadrome thx for making this addon so thx

  7. Guest-1103455349 says:

    Legit dragon thx for workin hard I checked the Addon files I saw your making kraken cephadrome thx for making this addon

  8. Guest-9030554900 says:

    Mobs to craft the big bertha and add the dimensions pls,six challenges tower,ants,and make the mobzilla to walk slow,pls,make a full addon/mod.

    • Guest-4207801265 says:

      He will, yall need to really capm down. The creator will eventually add everything in periodical updates. You guys are asking so much of them. Just let them be. They know what they are doing. He will add weapon soon, they will fix the mobs soon. Addon making takes a lot of hard work and effort. I rest my case..

    • Guest-3038663697 says:

      You can’t make custom dimensions and he is working on it, it is not easy to make add-ons if you want a full version go make it yourself jerk

  9. Guest-5274715347 says:

    Ok good! I will rate this 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars! Everyone need help? because invalid zip archive if you try to download? You need to download documents by readdle then go to files and just simply press the file then done!

  10. Guest-2874507992 says:

    Can you pls put in the app version of mcpedl because I cannot get it because invalid zip archive.

  11. Guest-5375863112 says:

    Great Orespawn addon but can you pls make a ice and fire addon

  12. KanadaEh says:

    You spelled new wrong.

  13. Guest-9202830788 says:

    Hello this is a really good addon. But you can’t play this in survival mode. First of all the armor doesn’t work. Second of all if you want to fight the bosses you have to get them in creative. Third of all please make more swords and make big Bertha craftable. And please put on the old mobzilla texture. He keeps on jumping super high
    That’s it

    • Guest-6340693044 says:

      Oh and there is to many moths it crashed my game

    • _ says:

      Yes, armor works you have to craft the whole set and then put it in a crafting table in a 2 by 2 area and it will give you the armor, then long press it and you can equip it.

  14. Guest-2823512853 says:

    Please remove the sides of the blade from the royal sword,to original blade 😉

  15. Guest-1304112525 says:

    update plz i love this addon just one thing the MOTHS are really annoying because just one plant spawns in like a billion but otherwise in your next update hopefully you will add the kraken and also some animals

  16. Guest-5430046932 says:

    no plz i like normal bee

  17. Guest-2500609715 says:

    Can you plz add the ores from orespawn and lucky blocks plz and that the scales and weapons are functional and Could you add the sea/water dragon and PLZ add the kraken by killing attack squids

  18. Guest-4117118331 says:

    How do you find a Prince? I’ve been trying to find one in Survival -~-

    • Guest-8821438901 says:

      you can’t find the prince you have to kill the king and he’ll drop the spawn egg for it. that’s how you do it in survival..

  19. Guest-9203374036 says:

    can you make the king attack mobzilla and can you make the weapons look like pc when in first person but either way amazing addon 5 stars definitely

  20. Guest-3962197840 says:

    I love this addon and this is my favorite addon

  21. Guest-7390756893 says:

    Very cool!!

  22. Liam TDP says:

    Hey LegitDragonDyI realy enjoyed the new update it was so fun Mire bosses added and its so amazing Maybe in the next you can work on crafting recipes spawn rules on some mobs and more mobs a NV ayways Good work LegitDragon 👍

  23. Dye Brando says:

    Very cool

  24. Dye Brando says:

    How nice of you to not even include an ad! Thank you for this addon you worked hard for!

  25. Guest-6672198127 says:

    This add on is great but it’s really laggy

    • Guest-2825319111 says:

      Hello I love this Addon but how do you find mobzilla in survival and will there be more armor? Also Well done

  26. Just one problem… I can’t get any armor or swords.

  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!! This is such an amazing addon. My minecraft doesn’t support mods and I have been looking for addons like this for soooo long! Thank you!

  28. iiPlasma7 says:

    I have a problem, i was going to use this for my map when i heard it was coming out weeks ago i was so exited. But i got it and it works fine. But when you have any other 3d addon in the same game it wont work EVEN if you have this orespawn mod at the top of the list. I dont care agout the other 3d swords i hve but they include other swords ect that i need inmy map too but im not willing to sacrifice those items ive already used. Named ect so could you try to fix this. Usually any other 3d addons would overlap ones beneath but this doesnt so please fix it! This is really well made btw please respond!

  29. Instinct.s says:

    Another Update dude your the best

  30. Guest-7592321167 says:

    What happened to mothras texture? The spawn egg is different from the same as the moth

  31. Guest-9438049986 says:

    Iron golems don’t attack the mobs.

  32. Guest-5788320780 says:

    i play on windows 10 so can you please make it work on windows 10

  33. Michael7R says:

    It’s a nice mod but the moth spawn rate is wayyyyy too high lol, you should only see the occasional moth not dozens upon dozens of them, maybe have them be as common as chickens

  34. _ says:

    The best orespawn addon I ever seen! 5/5

  35. Guest-9037751296 says:

    please add the royal guardian and the big bertha

  36. _ says:

    Awesome addon, but could you make the mobs spawn naturally like the cows please?

  37. Guest-9551219438 says:


  38. Al rules says:

    Do they spawn naturally?

  39. Guest-5233545320 says:


  40. Guest-8209001575 says:

    are there also weapons?

  41. Guest-8129523954 says:

    Can you pls add the caterkiller and brutalfly

  42. Guest-3965954026 says:

    I cant download it because it is invalid zip archive

  43. Guest-8818731106 says:

    Can you show more pictures of the new mobs

  44. Guest-7004983433 says:

    I love Orespawn Stuff Its Amazeing and i learned that when u make armor moddles u could make such as the royal guardian helmet a eatable food and when you eat it it goes to your armor helmet bar and gives you the same hearts or resistance effects as what the mod does -GreatHeroPeter9

  45. Guest-2509126177 says:

    Can you pls add it to other addon apps

  46. Guest-5575878075 says:

    Can someone tell me how to import it on iOS it keeps failing

  47. Guest-3614059163 says:

    Armor and weapons is perfect!

  48. Guest-7843277473 says:

    I cant even get the mod hw do you even get mods off thus website tell plz and I rate 5 stars

  49. Guest-6628554719 says:

    This addon is literally pathetic compared to the original, it literally only has a few new mobs, like the dragons you cant even kill because you dont have the proper weapons. In the original there were soo many new weapons, tools and armor but there is none of that, i was expecting something really good but im really disappointed. I love orespawn and this is not even close

  50. Guest-8097246373 says:

    Could you either update this pack or give permission to Gamer Crafter Saurus for Mobzilla. Really good addon, just want it to have weapons.

  51. Guest-1382474527 says:

    You need to update ASAP another orespawn addon has already updated with weapons and more mobs.

    I much likely like this than cyan spawn,so hopefully you’ll be able to update this amazing addon soon

  52. Can I use this in my mod pack I’ll make sure to credit you

  53. Guest-1174694259 says:

    It keeps on saying failed to import. What do I do?

    • Guest-6324634797 says:

      If your on iPad you go to files and move it to my apps into behavior packs and then when you’re in behavior packs you click it or copy into Minecraft and there.

  54. Guest-9128107030 says:

    Hey can you give us a bit of an update on whats happening? Because it’s been a while.

  55. Guest-8831394540 says:

    When will be the next update?

  56. Guest-7849647371 says:

    Can you add the Emperor Scorpion? Other than that, great addon!

  57. may you please let me use your mobzilla for my addon? I’ve been working hard on my addon about crazy craft and people keep asking if I can make mobzilla but it’s too hard! I wont ask anymore if you say no and I wont beg or anything this is just a question, if you say yes I’m just saying I’ll credit you fully and everything! I’ve got so far in this addon with so many weapons so it would mean alot!

  58. Guest-2725733556 says:

    When the update will come out @legitdragonb0y

  59. Guest-8356969655 says:

    Kinda getting worried its been like 2 weeks and ive heard nothing from legitdragonboy?
    Are you going to update it soon? Or have you got other important things???
    Please let us know?

  60. Guest-2302670468 says:

    Muito bo.

  61. Guest-3018082747 says:


  62. Guest-1217720609 says:

    The legs of the king vert Small please remake the legs

  63. Guest-9895115963 says:

    Can these spawn in wild?

  64. Guest-1812191267 says:

    I have an idea for the “Rotators” model them and all that then u should retexture shulker bullets and make them shoot shulker bullets. That would work.

  65. Guest-6714715776 says:

    I have an idea for the FREAKIN ray gun and Ultimate Bow, you could do what those gu mods do and change the projectiles. Love this addon please hurry with the update!

  66. Guest-9498905328 says:

    Hello. Please update this soon! In the next update can you make it so that the new cows can breed. I love this addon. Keep up the good work

  67. Guest-3955695201 says:

    Hey so the game isn’t working how do I make it work

  68. Guest-1828021932 says:

    Make a Twitter page for this

  69. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Also, I think you can make 3D weapons.
    Such as my submission titan creation sword and bendy’s P90.

  70. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Great addon.
    This addon’s behavior is great.
    But I think you can improve model by using blockbench and make them be able to fly.
    Your addons are always good so keep on good work bro.
    I am sure you can do this.

    • Instinct.s says:

      Can you two work together to make the full orespawn mod LegitDragonb0y is the closes we have ever gotten to it

  71. iiHeroic7 says:

    Could you try fix the King and Queen they fly out of your render distance and still shoot u with fireballs and lightning snowballs, also try make them come towards you for a hit because theyre gona be impossible to beat if they fly 10 miles away everytime, otherwise this addon has great potential i’ve been waiting a week+ for you to update it and i cant wait! 5 STARS!!!

  72. Guest-2419272556 says:

    i can’t tame the Prince what type of beef is it anyways cause i to tame them

  73. Guest-4045034093 says:

    Hi Creator this addon is the best, i’ve been wanting to play orespawn for so long thank you but can you add mob drops and other more amazing things thank you.

    • Guest-6921068601 says:

      And also I will be patient for other mobs and custom biomes as dimensions,weapons and armor,and dungeons.I hope you can add that to this amazing addon.Suggestion is can you lower the spawn rate of enchanted golden apple cows as well as the golden apple cows its too op when you start survival

  74. Guest-7860524429 says:

    Caution: There has been a new orespawn mod it came out recently. You should try and make more on this mod so that it becomes bigger than the other one. What you should add it the robot warrior and stuff. Remeber robot warrior has about 170 health Robo gunner has 80 and robo pounder has 200

  75. Guest-1202434713 says:

    When are the weapons and arrmor going to come? By the way this is an amazing addon

  76. StingerUzumaki says:

    hello sorry to disturb but you will still update the addon ???

  77. Guest-8374485825 says:

    Kiedy czerwono czarny smok rycerz

  78. Guest-2082784708 says:

    Chyba sie zakochałem błagam tylko nie spierdol tego że są bronie ale nie zadaja żadnych obrażeń

  79. iiHeroic7 says:

    I have a few questions:
    Can you do dungeons like the King’s 6Tier dungeon?

    Can You give Big Bertha,Queen’s battleaxe,Royal Guardian Sword all reach like in Orespawn/ Will they be 3d?

    Can you make Miners Dreams?? And some more ores?
    Please respond and do you have any idea when you will next update,
    This is my most fav addon yet!

    • Guest-9138966930 says:

      he said he’ll see for the dungeons he also said he can’t make a 3d model he said he’ll add all of orespawn also the minerals

  80. Guest-1666123775 says:

    LegitDrag0n boy Pls Make The Teen prince and princess And Also the adult prince and princes fly like the fly function you use for your dragon mounts addon pls i really want to fly with it pls

  81. Guest-3533394405 says:

    Hello Legitdragonb0y could u please add purple power to the queen and can u make the queen and king make the head and claws move and when are u updating

  82. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    This is great!

    • Guest-8966870557 says:

      Wręcz wspaniałe

    • Guest-2744808253 says:

      Hey so I really like the add on just added it to my pack but one major problem is that the cows don’t breed even with the same type I tried the golden Apple ones and the Apple ones other then that great add on

  83. Guest-7255963292 says:

    Give king and queen regeneration
    Give queen the purple orb attack
    Make king do more melee attack since it keeps too much distance from the target
    (If you can)make a gimmick where they take no more than 120 damage per attack
    Add more knockback to melee attacks
    Thanks for making orespawn addon

  84. StingerUzumaki says:

    will you update this week! ???

  85. Guest-7973646317 says:

    Looks epic!

  86. MinerCrafting01 says:

    LegitDragonb0y, I have also been making an orespawn addon, but it’s more of the weapons (Big Bertha, Royal Guardian Sword, etc), would you like to see it?

  87. Guest-2545484945 says:

    U should add ores and armor and corn and tomato’s also are u going to make the ant dimension? Thank you

  88. How far are you planning on taking this? I know a full port isn’t possible, but still…

  89. Guest-5477777659 says:

    Can you give queen 9000hp and all mobs armor and high resistancebecause they’re supposed to be so strong that they can stand like 10,000 attack damage andjust because you like the king better doesn’t mean you can make him stronger give the melee attack ice breath have you seen those Chinese Creator add-ons there’s so much betterand give the model animation and give mobzilla resistance and the fireballs are way too stupid and give them melee okay maybe they can have two forms and one is melee and the others like shooting fireballs in your stupid snowballs why would you replace snowballs you son of a b**** why can’t you just do fireballs I do more damage or maybe just summon something at does a lot of damage and at the f****** purple powder

    • WAN_first says:

      calm down dude he manages to give us a great addon you should by happy to have a creator like him he does are incredible but you do nothing to help him

    • WAN_first says:

      The Queen in orespawn have 6000 HP no more dude

    • Guest-6646675626 says:

      Let’s see you do a better job than this guy and you’re mad because the queen isn’t stronger than the king? You’re leaving suggestions that you probably couldn’t even do even if you had all the time in the world to do it. Honestly you’re whining about the most dumb things ever

    • Bro, am have you even played the orespawn mod? Check the stats of the queen in the orespawn mod, it has 6000 health. And, I like the queen better than the king. Stop assuming things you immature child.

    • Guest-2541696421 says:

      Try to make an add-on buddy

  90. WAN_first says:

    can you add the purplepower these are the star-shaped crystals that kill a player one shot if he does not have the armor of the king and the star has a thousand point of life and they are released by the Queen during the fight by the purple cube

  91. Guest-7498600945 says:

    What is ur discord I have a unfinished robo-pounder for you:).

  92. Guest-6601726870 says:

    Is the prince and the princess gonna be tameable in the future

    • Guest-2726812383 says:

      you can already with beef and evolve the prince with diamond 2 times but you have to re-tame it witch beef the same with the princess but with blocks of gold

  93. Guest-8495213398 says:

    Hey do you know when the next update is going to come because I’m really anxious to be able to use all the weapons and armor on the mobs.

  94. Guest-5420960400 says:

    This addons really cool but plz plz plz can u make it so the tameable prince and princess can fly by looking up and down not just by jumping other than that it’s awsome

  95. Guest-3352822939 says:

    You should make mobzilla use lighting. Animations are needed too. The mob have no regenaration or resistance to damage. Add weapons too. And some food and add the utimate bow(make it like a gun).

  96. Anonymous says:

    We did 3D weapon.
    Without replace anything.

  97. StingerUzumaki says:

    hi i loved your addon. if you already have a boss, mob or weapon ready please update soon as i’m very anxious, i can’t wait any longer

  98. Guest-2974900749 says:

    hello could add you the function deactivate the fireballs of the prince and the princess

  99. Guest-1349146500 says:

    Hello there. I have just recently tried out your mod and it was great. But I do have a question. Do these bosses/mobs spawn naturally, if so, what are the spawn rates? It would be really nice to know.

  100. Guest-3170470830 says:

    Maybe add the dimension with all the eggs? Also ad the Easter bunny and make it my any egg in a world, like mobzilla or godzilla from different addons

    • Guest-6819209291 says:

      This addon has a lot of potential to replicate the java version of it. Please never stop developing it, or lose interest in developing it because there are a lot of people who lose interest and stop developing. I believe this addon can truly get somewhere, in the near future.

    • Guest-3262268646 says:

      Oops didn’t mean to reply

  101. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    Also make it so mobzilla can break blocks.

  102. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    Add the Easter bunny and malice it so it can lay any egg in the game, maybe even addon spawn eggs!

  103. ScratchyFace3000 says:

    Add the Easter bunny and malice it so it can lay any egg in the game, even addon spawn eggs!

  104. Guest-9310981558 says:

    I am very anxious, when the next update comes out ??!?

    • After I finish Dragon Mounts. Because Rafatar32 and I are doing a add-on competition:
      Whose dragon Mounts add-on is better.

      • Guest-9252104694 says:

        OK but I’m very anxious bro please don’t delay 🙏

      • Guest-5007478745 says:

        Can you add something to fly because it is hard fighting the king and queen. This is the best add on ever, you going to add the goodness tree and the dried spawn eggs like the Easter bunny and stuff

  105. Guest-1743543739 says:

    Very very nice and if you were to add royal guardian gear or something beyond those lines it would be extraordinarily better but 5 star never less

  106. Guest-8188112833 says:

    There is a bug where the evolved versions of the prince and princess dont attack anything
    Still awsome tho
    Oh and the beavers only “eat” the very bottom of trees and rarely even e”at” wood

  107. Bubbles06 says:

    Very good on my phone but is it possible for you to make a zip file for this? If so I’d love this..I feel as if it would run better on my Xbox

  108. Guest-2716843190 says:

    you will improve the king and queen because their heads are to move to different sides (OBS I AM BRAZILIAN)

  109. Guest-1082123205 says:

    Maybe can you add the other mobs from.orespawn like cloud shark, ender knight,ender reapear and maybe the structures aswell

  110. Guest-2533423596 says:

    hello i have a lot of questions about your addon more specifically 4
    Are you going to model weapons in 3D?
    Are you going to make big custom biomes?
    Are you going to do the orespawn mod entirely?
    Make sure that the generation of dungeons (if you add them)
    automatic with a good percentage of finding dungeons?

  111. Guest-8745245104 says:

    I give you a little advice before doing all the bumps first create the monsters and animals to moin not annoy you 👍✨

  112. Guest-4105940551 says:

    When i hold a spawn egg all things get invisible

  113. Guest-4012816350 says:

    can you please separate them into a behavior pack and a resource pack because that’s how i get adding and such to work so i can move them into the right places

  114. Guest-8991834933 says:

    Just a quick question, are you planning on adding generated dungeons?

  115. Guest-9118091892 says:

    This addon is amazing but I have a few questions. Are you planning to be adding the dimensions as biomes? If not please consider it ! Are you planning of adding everything from orespawn like the mobzilla scale armour? And aslo when is the next update because I am so hyped!!!!!!!!

  116. Guest-7210525423 says:

    Never mind I just found out the bee is the wasp… Just add the mafia bees and name it a wasp and that would be amazing!

  117. Guest-5529363340 says:

    Two things first off please lower the spawn rate on the golden apple cows both the normal and enchanted I get too op too early in th game second ADD CORN please

  118. Guest-3695687743 says:

    This is my second favorite addon ever and I’ve been around for awhile and I absolutely love it I can see that this addon has great potential. I have a suggestion you could add custom structures and some mobs could spawn there and add more pets please. Thank you

  119. Guest-9578971052 says:

    Please make the addon be and re pack please i can only play with re and be pack please

  120. Guest-7299714128 says:

    Hello this is a great addon but I have a few questions. When you add in the armour will it replace the normal or will you do it in another way? Also, are you planning of adding everything from the orespawn addon as well as dimensions being biomes? Overall, great addon and 5 star ,just keep doing what you’re doing and this is going to be a hit!

  121. Guest-7145571423 says:

    hello what i could understand the dimensions of orepawn will not be added you will just modify biomes or customize them?
    And just one question do you change the version 1.14 ?

    WAN_ first*

  122. Guest-1654896727 says:

    Also 5 star because I’ve waited years for an orespawn addon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Guest-8837232380 says:

    Are you going to make the full orespawn addon with all the items and mobs? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Arachnology_Bruh says:


  125. Guest-4795508628 says:

    hello i just have a question in the future of this addon go add new dimension although it must be difficult but in any case your addon and incredible

  126. Guest-2326955691 says:

    Hey uh can i suggest one thing when you update the addon?
    My suggestion is can you please add sounds to the orespawn mobs?
    But either way great addon!

  127. Guest-9544969074 says:

    Very good addon. I bet it took you some days to create this. I am testing Addons and Mods to see if its worth playing them, and your addon is pretty good. But I would be careful creating the armor, it can cause problems to other tools and Items. Well I have nothing left to only good job and thank you that you created such a nice working addon.👍

  128. Guest-5761849456 says:

    Hellloo! Could you ever so kindly check the download links of your other addons
    e.g – aquatic++
    The download link is not working i get an error everytime, but its not exclusive in your links tho I noticed it too on other creators link.
    Another thing to add is, it usually occurs when the link automatically redirects to downloading or by not leaving sites, links with or any other link shortening webpages works fine on my end.
    Thank you!

  129. Guest-9785983944 says:

    Umm hello I’m just asking if you say no it’s okay but may a mod creator dakonblackrose use this for his crazy craft Modpack he Is making? Because this Is awesome but if you say no then it’s okay because this is just a question of your permission so if no then no…

    • Anonymous says:

      I already gave him permission! I’m subscribed to him on YouTube. 😁 My username is Sunclaw legitdragonb0y

  130. Guest-5458106988 says:

    Hey I absolutely love that your adding stuff from ore spawn. Since your doing tools and weapons later on I’d like to ask some questions and add some suggestions. The first question being how many types of armor will you be able to add. Second question being how many types of tools and weapons will you be able to add. Those are all of my questions nothing too much now here’s a few suggestions. My first one being able to add ores and maybe if possible adding the crystal dimension.

    • I’m trying to add the armors, weapons and tools, as I make the mobs. For example, I’m making the royal guardian, mobzilla, and the queen armor and weapons. For dimensions, I’d have to make custom biomes.

      • Guest-5750500774 says:

        No don’t add armour please because that means it would have to replace the normal armour
        Also it is quite hard to do that
        I think you should just improve the mobs that’s all
        Thanks though!!!

      • Guest-7533637153 says:

        Do you have a Patreon we can support you on? I would like to help you and give you more energy to finish this!

      • Guest-5136916766 says:

        Is there a release date for armour and weapons as I want to fight the bosses in survival

  131. Hi guys!! I’m having trouble modeling the nightmare from orespawn. If any of you can model me one, that would be great. To enter, post a comment under this one if you’re in. When you finish the model, you can upload your model to Google drive or media fire and comment the link under your first comment.
    You do not have to make a texture for it.
    You have to have a computer/laptop for it.
    You have to know what the nightmare looks like.
    You also have to remember I might not use your model. I might use somebody else’s.
    Thank You!

    • iiHeroic7 says:

      I don’t know much about modeling but the nightmare isnt too hard of a model is it? you don’t have to get the correct animations?

  132. Guest-1181266526 says:

    wow thats realy hard and btw do not animate the king and queen up and down theres heads it needs to be ragdoll

  133. Liam TDP says:

    Hey mr creator i have simple suggestion on this addon pls add some sounds on some mobs also can you add Mobzilla do mellee attack also the King also add some boss like The Nightmare The Locness Monster and Robowarrior

  134. Guest-9815593193 says:

    I think this is really cool and is one of the best addons I have seen, but can you please add the purple power orbs that the queen shoots for the actual orespawn mod? That is what makes the queen strong even though it has lower health then the king. Idk if this is too much to ask though. And thanks for making this addon. I love your other addons too.

  135. Guest-9936913714 says:

    The model on mobzilla is good but mobzillas behavior pack his bad. He won’t shoot fireballs

  136. Guest-1746733816 says:

    Plz just whatever you do, dont add The Mafia Bees!

  137. Guest-6508606734 says:

    Pls make a better texture for mobzilla.

  138. Guest-1791228655 says:


  139. Guest-9703106200 says:

    Add chaos dragon

  140. BoxCatMC says:

    I really really love this addon, please add bees and some dungeons! Thank you for making this addon.

  141. Guest-9646623065 says:

    hello I love your add-on but the problem is that the king and the queen do not attack or defend me but when he is young the prince and princess are very strong but when he attacks with lightning it fall directly on it and if you can put a fly function by looking up and down and also just to tell you that the queen cube is spinning and the princess cubes are spinning too and if not the animation and just amazing
    and if not continuous as its it’s really incredible (hoping that there and again monster and weapon)
    sorry for my bad english i’m french

  142. Guest-6077532545 says:

    Do they spawn naturally? Even if they don’t the addon is great!

  143. DynamiteMaruyama says:

    This is amazing, but can we please have weapons and armor that have good enough stats to go against these mobs? Same issue I have with the KOTM Godzilla mod. But the King is amazing, almost identical to the OreSpawn version! A five star, for sure.

  144. Guest-2347364519 says:

    Hey is it possible to make a zip version of this download? If not I completely understand 😊

  145. Guest-9911123357 says:

    I have a question, can you change the animation to be more realistic. Because the heads move up and down and it really annoys me, can you also make the kind/queen/prince/princess able to walk (the king/queen will have a second stage that allows them to walk. And the prince/princess will have to learn how to fly (about 3 1/2 Minecraft days) and if you add a fly function I would appreciate it!

  146. Guest-9777228413 says:

    I have a few questions. 1 how do you spwan them 2 are there any better weapons to fight them with or do we have to use a diamond sword

  147. Guest-5337688040 says:

    Can these spawn naturally in the world by chance XD

  148. Guest-8740063667 says:

    Can you update the behavior. I want the function when you fly you look up and look downbif you want to look down

  149. Guest-3024884158 says:

    Can you please upload this to Addons for Minecraft.

  150. Wufflesvn says:

    Please make the function fly

  151. Guest-2809470370 says:

    Which blocks are changed

  152. Benpotgieter says:

    Please make it so you can fly pleas and add some weapons + armor I love the mod but it would be cool if we have lots more +if we can fly them that would be epic

  153. ThisJobYT says:

    Exactly why did TGE link took so long to load to the download???

  154. riester says:

    Hi legitdragonb0y, is it possible to contact you via discord or another socail media for some enquires?

  155. Guest-5800777483 says:

    For a surprise type /summon legit:ultimateking ok? The ultimate king is like triple the size of the normal king

  156. Guest-1469266133 says:

    Mobzilla mod pls make

  157. Guest-1469266133 says:

    Mobzilla addon pls make this

  158. Liam TDP says:

    Those this spaen Naturualy on your world?

  159. ociNNico says:

    Awesome addon man! Also if you want the full family add Dargon from Danger’s game, Danger Zone

  160. Liam TDP says:

    Can you make Mobzilla and TheNightmare and RoboWarrior in the future addons Sorry bro i forgot to rank my first comment 5 stars

  161. Liam TDP says:

    Wow this looks very cool LegitDragonDy i love all of your addons they are so amazing
    and you actualy put a lot of efforts on all of your works

  162. Guest-6025568601 says:

    Witherstorm addon

  163. Guest-1745467474 says:

    Please can you buff the queen to do like thousands of damage also so make it actually melee
    nice mod tho

    • Guest-1280622434 says:

      ,sorry, I can’t do that because I’m trying to keep the addon as accurate to orespawn as I can.

  164. Guest-8373840070 says:


  165. Guest-5255946815 says:

    Great addon

  166. Guest-4807885673 says:

    Bro ive been waiting for someone to make this mod for so long

  167. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for making a bedrock edition version of the java mod! You’re great at making addons!

  168. Guest-2256628300 says:

    I love this but it’s not possible to kill the king or queen in survival mode. I understand it’s still a work in progress

  169. Ktarabay27 says:

    You make the best mod ever

  170. Kaiber says:

    This is one of my favorite mods in Minecraft, thank you for revive him!!!

  171. Guest-3913517200 says:

    Best Addon Ever!!!

  172. Guest-3036516065 says:

    Please add the all armor and weapons for the king and queen. Such as the queen scale battle axe, but berths sword, royal guardian sword, queen scale armor set, royal guardian armor set. Please and thank you!

  173. MARVEL FAN111 says:

    Thanks You so Much 😀

  174. iiExotic says:


  175. Boboildude says:


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