The Land Of Lands [Custom Terrain]

This is a huge custom terrain adventure full of new dungeons, the prismarine biome, and over 1,000 new biome mixtures! I have changed a few things, fixed a few bugs, and now my software is able to handle more chunks per second.

Creator: pdtheyoutuberTwitter Account


  • 621 Different Custom Structures
  • 473 Different Village Structures
  • 877 Possible Custom Tree Types
  • 71 Custom Dungeon Variations
  • 419 Biome Variations

Upgraded ships, shipwrecks, and loot! Now you can find four types of boat: Small1, Small2, Medium1, Large1. In these ships, you can find some very good loot if you’re lucky. However, if you step on the wrong plate, or pass the wrong tripwire, you will cause a huge explosion, and all of the loot goes with it!

I will create you your very own custom terrain map! Get a map made! You can also follow the progression of my map series, and see what’s releasing next here.


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18 Responses

4.54 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Drake says:

    This is the best custom terrain world I’ve ever seen please make more amazing custom terrain😆.

  2. Jack J. says:

    I haven’t had much luck with downloaded maps in the past, but this map is different. It is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for this beautiful map!

  3. (*=*) says:

    I have an idea could you add aFortnite leaky lake custom biome it can have the purple shard shrine in the middle and under it is a giant dungeon. And a bunch of islands around the lake plz respond I don’t want this to look like trademark

  4. Mario Like the Plumber says:

    We know what takes time 2 make these types of maps. Thank you so much! Keep doing it!

  5. LordMinecraft says:

    Coordinates of structures?

  6. LordMinecraft says:

    Can you make a map of the area with structures?

  7. p.hel says:

    Dude, you realise you could actually use otg for making your own biomes, instead of just taking biome bundle and branding it as your own. It’s cool that you are opening up biome bundle for pe players, but at least give credit to MCPitman. This is the actual biome generation mod that this guy stole from: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/biome-bundle

  8. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    UPDATE: You won’t see me post just regular custom terrain maps as often, because of me working with SkyGames. I do plan to make a season 2 maps series with more custom terrain, but not until I’ve been with SG for a while. However, you will see my content on SG maps.

  9. JOEY says:

    Can you make a moon landscape

  10. Mynecrefter says:

    Wow this is good! #PdTerrain

  11. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    I am working for SkyGames, so you’ll see my content built into their maps!

  12. Coolcreeper21 says:


  13. Ariya says:

    Can you add coordinates for the new structures and villages? (If not all, maybe some of them?)

  14. RealPixLEngine says:

    Amazing map again, PD.

  15. FourStingray815 says:

    Please add some ocean life such as kelp, sea grass, coral reefs and icebergs

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