Merlin’s Magical London

Previously The London Dungeons, we have now expanded to include more of Merlin’s Magical London with our new Minecraft recreation – Sea Life London!

The London Dungeon and Sea Life London are both attractions designed to be as enjoyable as possible in the center of London, which we have now recreated into Minecraft.

“Dive to the deepest depths!”

With our NEW attraction, Sea Life, you can now take a magical journey through the depths of the sea, seeing jellyfish, rays and even sharks as you do! You can learn about their natural habitats and what you can do to help them as you go through this attraction.

“Welcome, Traitors, to the London Dungeon!”

The London Dungeon is the second part of Merlin’s Magical London, and is a 20-minute immersive experience featuring live actors and lots of special effects! Laugh, cry, but most importantly SCREAM in our most horrifying creation yet!

Trailer (Sea Life):

Trailer (The London Dungeons):

Changelog View more

- Updates to texture pack for Sea Life London

- Bug fixes to The London Dungeons


- Press the three dots in the top right

- Select 'Download'

- Select 'Open in'

- Select 'Open in Minecraft'


Supported Minecraft versions


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2 Responses

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  1. Catt says:

    I seem to be having issues… texture packs missing? Says something about the Alton Towers one being gone? can I download that somehow? thanks!

  2. Violet Owlynx says:

    Hello! So I played your map, and I have to say that its incredible! Your textures, sound effects, and the idea of it being like an amusement park ride is so good! I wish it would be longer though, but I can see all your effort, especially with your command blocks when I checked out your command block system. Thank you for this and please make more maps like this!

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