The Lord of the Rings PE Mod

The Lord of the Rings PE Mod introduces the lands of Middle-earth and its inhabitants to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Ents, warg riders and mountain trolls are just a few of the new mobs which you will come across in your future journeys. Seven new armors and loads of weapons and tools also come with the mod. It’s a great experience which offers a lot of new features to explore.

PE Creator: MooGaming227
Original PC Creator: Mevans


Fifteen new mobs are added to the game and all of them can be found spawning randomly. It’s a mix of both friendly and hostile mobs.

Ents (spawn egg ID: 511) are living trees which exist in three different variants as seen in the image below. They drop wood blocks and sticks.


Mountain trolls (spawn egg ID: 520) are big creatures which are allied with the orcs. They drop troll bones and leather.


Olog Hai (spawn egg ID: 519) are evil trolls which are allied with the orcs. They drop troll bones, orc steel ingots and leather.


Every once in a while a legion of orcs (spawn egg ID: 530) will spawn. Besides the orcs also Olog Hais and warg riders will appear. And as you can imagine, they aren’t exactly friendly!


Hobbits (spawn egg ID: 514) are like small humans living in the lands of Middle-earth. In this mod they are about the same size as yourself. They drop all kinds of delicious fruit, pies and vegetables.


Wood Elves (spawn egg IDs: 518, 521, 522) are characterized by their pointed ears and can be found roaming the woods. They drop bow and arrows.


Warg Riders (spawn egg ID: 515) are orcs which ride armored wargs.


Wargs (spawn egg ID: 513) are animals which are usually tamed by the orcs and used for riding. They drop warg fur and warg bones.


Ingots, Ores & Blocks

All of the new ores can be found underground as any other ores. Ores can be used to get valuable metals which can then be used for crafting armors, tools and weapons.

  • Gulduril Crystal (502) – mine Gulduril Ore to get
  • Black Uruk Steel Ingot (490) – 1 Naurite + 1 Orc Steel Ingot + 1 Coal
  • Sulfur (499) – mine Sulfur Ore to get
  • Tin Ingot (498) – smelt Tin Ingots to get
  • Copper Ingot (497) – smelt Copper Ore to get
  • Mithril Ingot (496) – smelt Mithril Ore to get
  • Bronze Ingot (495) – 1 Copper Ingot + 1 Tin Ingot
  • Silver Ingot (494) – smelt Silver Ore to get
  • Morgul Steel Ingot (493) – 1 Gulduril Crystal + 1 Orc Steel Ingot + 1 Coal
  • Orc Steel Ingot (492) – smelt Morgul Iron Ore to get
  • Uruk Steel Ingot (491) – 1 Orc Steel Ingot + 2 Coal
  • Quendite Crystqal (500) – mine Quendite Ore to get
  • Saltpeter (501) – mine Saltpeter Ore to get
  • Naurite (503) – mine Naurite Ore to get
  • Copper Ore (188) – mine Copper Ore to get
  • Glowstone Ore (189) – spawns underground
  • Gulduril Ore (190) – spawns underground
  • Mithril Ore (191) – spawns underground
  • Morgul Iron Ore (192) – spawns underground
  • Black Uruk Steel Block (123) – 9 Black Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Sulfur Ore (193) – spawns underground
  • Tin Ore (194) – spawns underground
  • Quendite Ore (195) – spawns underground
  • Silver Ore (196) – spawns underground
  • Naurite Ore (176) – spawns underground
  • Saltpeter Ore (197) – spawns underground
  • Silver Block (143) – 9 Silver Ingots
  • Sulfur Block (177) – 9 Sulfurs
  • Saltpeter Block (146) – 9 Saltpeters
  • Quendite Block (147) – 9 Quendite Crystals
  • Mithril Block (148) – 9 Mithril Ingots
  • Copper Block (149) – 9 Copper Ingots
  • Naurite Block (150) – 9 Naurites
  • Bronze Block (153) – 9 Bronze Ingots
  • Gulduril Block (154) – 9 Gulduril Crystals
  • Tin Block (151) – 9 Tin Ingots
  • Orc Steel Block (144) – 9 Orc Steel Ingots
  • Uruk Steel Block (119) – 9 Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Morgul Steel Block (122) – 9 Morgul Steel Ingots

lotr4 lotr3

Food Items

Most of the food items can be obtained by killing hobbits. There are also food items which you need to make yourself such as pies.

  • Banana (3030) – kill hobbits to get
  • Banana Bread (3031) – 2 Wheat + 1 Banana
  • Banana Cake (3032) – 3 Buckets + 2 Bananas + 1 Egg + 3 Wheat
  • Berry Pie (3033) – 2 Wheat + 1 Black Berry + 1 Bucket + 1 Blue Berry + 1 Sugar
  • Black Berry (3034) – kill hobbits to get
  • Blue Berry (3035) – kill hobbits to get
  • Cherry (3036) – kill hobbits to get
  • Cherry Pie (3037) – 2 Wheat + 2 Cherry + 1 Bucket + 1 Sugar
  • Dalish Pastry (3038) – 2 Wheat + 1 Sugar + 1 Bread
  • Lettuce (3039) – kill hobbits to get
  • Maggoty Bread (3040) – currently only possible to get by using the Toolbox mod
  • Pear (3041) – kill hobbits to get
  • Apple Crumble (3042) – 2 Wheat + 1 Sugar + 1 Bread + 2 Green Apples OR 2 Red Apples
  • Green Apple (3043) – currently only possible to get by using the Toolbox mod

lotr2 lotr1

Armors, Weapons & Tools

Seven new complete armors sets with weapons and tools can be crafted by using ingots, sticks and other items. Every armor provide full protection and an epic design related to armors seen in The Lord of the Rings.


  • Uruk Chestplate (826) – 8 Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Uruk Helmet (827) – 5 Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Uruk Leggings (828) – 7 Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Uruk Boots (829) – 4 Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Uruk Scimitar (701) – 2 Uruk Steel Ingots + 1 Stick
  • Uruk Battleaxe (700) – 5 Uruk Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Uruk Warhammer (699) – 4 Uruk Steel Ingots + 3 Sticks
  • Uruk Dagger (710) – 1 Uruk Steel Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Uruk Pickaxe (2562) – 3 Uruk Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Uruk Shovel (2565) – 1 Uruk Steel Ingot + 2 Sticks
  • Uruk Axe (2564) – 3 Uruk Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Uruk Hoe (2563) – 2 Uruk Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks



  • Morgul Chestplate (830) – 8 Morgul Steel Ingots
  • Morgul Helmet (831) – 5 Morgul Steel Ingots
  • Morgul Leggings (832) – 7 Morgul Steel Ingots
  • Morgul Boots (833) – 4 Morgul Steel Ingots
  • Morgul Blade (716) – 2 Diamond Hoes + 1 Stick


Black Uruk

  • Black Uruk Chestplate (834) – 8 Black Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Black Uruk Helmet (835) – 5 Black Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Black Uruk Leggings (836) – 7 Black Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Black Uruk Boots (837) – 4 Black Uruk Steel Ingots
  • Black Uruk Dagger (709) – 1 Black Uruk Steel Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Black Uruk Warhammer (708) – 4 Black Uruk Steel Ingots + 3 Sticks
  • Black Uruk Battleaxe (707) – 5 Black Uruk Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Black Uruk Scimitar (706) – 2 Black Uruk Steel Ingots + 1 Stick



  • Mithril Chestplate (838) – 8 Mithril Ingots
  • Mithril Helmet (839) – 5 Mithril Ingots
  • Mithril Leggings (840) – 7 Mithril Ingots
  • Mithril Boots (841) – 4 Mithril Ingots
  • Mithril Battleaxe (702) – 5 Mithril Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Mithril Warhammer (698) – 4 Mithril Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Mithril Sword (697) – 2 Mithril Ingots + 1 StickMithril Dagger (696) – 1 Mithril Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Mithril Pickaxe (2566) – 3 Mithril Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Mithril Hoe (2567) – 2 Mithril Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Mithril Axe (2568) – 3 Mithril Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Mithril Shovel (2569) – 1 Mithril Ingot + 2 Sticks



  • Bronze Chestplate (842) – 8 Bronze Ingots
  • Bronze Helmet (843) – 5 Bronze Ingots
  • Bronze Leggings (844) – 7 Bronze Ingots
  • Bronze Boots (845) – 4 Bronze Ingots
  • Bronze Dagger (711) – 1 Bronze Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Bronze Battleaxe (712) – 5 Bronze Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Bronze Sword (713) – 2 Bronze Ingots + 1 Stick
  • Bronze Pickaxe (2574) – 3 Bronze Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Bronze Axe (2576) – 3 Bronze Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Bronze Shovel (2577) – 1 Bronze Ingot + 2 Sticks



  • Warg Fur Chestplate (846) – 6 Warg Furs + 2 Warg Bones
  • Warg Fur Helmet (847) – 3 Warg Furs + 2 Warg Bones
  • Warg Fur Leggings (848) – 4 Warg Furs + 3 Warg Bones
  • Warg Fur Boots (849) – 2 Warg Furs + 2 Warg Bones



  • Orc Chestplate (850) – 8 Orc Steel Ingots
  • Orc Helmet (851) – 5 Orc Steel Ingots
  • Orc Leggings (852) – 7 Orc Steel Ingots
  • Orc Boots (853) – 4 Orc Steel Ingots
  • Orc Warhammer (705) – 4 Orc Steel Ingot + 3 Sticks
  • Orc Battleaxe (281) – 5 Orc Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Orc Dagger (703) – 1 Orc Steel Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Orc Pickaxe (2570) – 3 Orc Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Orc Hoe (2571) – 2 Orc Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Orc Axe (2572) – 3 Orc Steel Ingots + 2 Sticks
  • Orc Shovel (2573) – 1 Orc Steel Ingot + 2 Sticks


Other Items

  • Warg Fur (460) – kill wargs to get
  • Warg Bone (461) – kill wargs to get
  • Troll Bone (463) – kill Mountain Trolls and Olog Hais to get (25% drop rate)
  • Orc Bone (462) – kill orcs to get
  • Large Pouch (475) – currently only possible to get by using the Toolbox mod
  • Medium Pouch (474) – currently only possible to get by using the Toolbox mod
  • Small Pouch (473) – currently only possible to get by using the Toolbox mod
  • Iron Dagger (714) – 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Stick
  • Iron Battleaxe (715) – 5 Iron Ingots + 2 Sticks

Spawn Egg IDs

All of the mobs will spawn randomly in-game. Remember to turn difficulty on to make sure all of them can spawn. But you can also use the spawn eggs if you prefer.

  • Spawn Warg (513)
  • Spawn Ent (511)
  • Spawn Orc (512)
  • Spawn Hobbit (514)
  • Spawn Warg Rider (515)
  • Spawn Orc Legion (530)
  • Spawn Large Hobbit Party (531)
  • Spawn Wood Elf Scout (518)
  • Spawn Olog Hai (519)
  • Spawn Mountain Troll (520)
  • Spawn Wood Elf Warrior (521)
  • Spawn Wood Elf Civilian (522)

Install Guide

  1. Press download further down to download it (.ZIP).
  2. Once it’s downloaded to your device it’s time to install it. Use ES File Explorer to extract the downloaded .ZIP file.
  3. Start BlockLauncher and import the texture pack (LOTR
  4. Install the mod (.JS files: Lotr Mod Part 1.js, Lotr Mod Part 2.js).
  5. Restart BlockLauncher and go in-game and enjoy the new mod features!


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    Can you update it and do it for minecraft windows10 edition

  3. Anonymous says:

    please make compatible with windows
    i wish i could get it because i love lord of the rings

  4. Animeboi says:

    I can’t download can you maybe put it where the guide is and more simple?

  5. Anonymous says:

    If this could be turned into a behavior and resource pack that would be amazing as it could be used on more than PE. PE usually works for Xbox when that is the case.

  6. poctorDepper42 says:

    Either it doesn’t work at all or you’re running a scam. The download link takes me only to scams and advertisements and I was only able to find the files (which are severely outdated) from other sites.

    • ur helper says:

      its because you need to skip the ad i also feel really bad you didnt know just skip it and go to media and then download with the video i found

  7. Please update I can't download it but it looks good says:

    Looks good but I can’t download it please update

  8. VoicedPiggy26 says:

    Only bauxite and some other stuff will work

  9. extra creeper says:

    i cant get this on my android

  10. hello 3000 says:

    please update of 1.5…. this mid

  11. Max says:

    Does this work for Apple? I only see an installation guide for Android and iOS

  12. Thatboi797 says:

    Could you update it for the new beta

  13. bhiy says:

    I have spent almost ten hours trying to get this on windows 10 is this even possible and if so can I have some guidance

  14. John cena!!!! says:

    You should add the one ring

  15. R3DSTON3n00b says:

    hey you need to update!!! w10 1.2.3!!!
    this is an amazing mod, but it is becoming unusable!!!

  16. Mark says:

    can you add another option to getting food. hobbits are the good ones and i don’t want to kill them just for more food. Maybe villagers sell ingredients or they drop from common plants and trees.

  17. theawesomedude says:

    It won’t open because when I download it it says open in files when other add ons usualy give me the option to copy to mcpe but this don’t have that option so I can’t use it and I can’t use block launcher either

  18. ObedientCake794 says:

    I will give you 5 stars if you .McWorld

  19. Anonymous says:

    Nicholas White I somehow turned off that problem. First you need mcpe master. Then try to install second part of the mood, it works. But don’t install the first part. And watch out, phone gets high temperature.

  20. Simon says:

    how can i update the mod?

  21. Mevans says:

    Hello I am Mevans, the creator of the minecraft LOTR on pc version. I usually do not go in forums but I have a question to ask to you. Why isn’t this pe mod on IOS devices? Just tu let you know that most of the minecraft PE gamers play on IOS devices and my forums are going mad even if I try to tell them it is not my mod… When is it going to be on IOS devices? If you don’t know, look forward to install an IOS version.

    Mevans creator of the minecraft LOTR mod

  22. Mevans says:

    Do you know when it is going to be on iOS? Because I created this awesome mod on the computer and now I want to try it on an iPad ?.. Why don’t you put it on iOS? So many people want to play it

  23. saqib says:

    does it work with v0.15.9.0?

  24. Sinbolism says:

    Definitely needs to be updated.
    Turn it into a resource and behavior pack add-on.
    Hint hint

  25. NateBros says:

    You should have Updated this mod when 1.0.0 came and this would be better for mcpe wars lol

  26. Theo says:

    I can’t get it on my apple iPod touch

  27. Reuben says:

    For those who are having problems with this, I pinpointed the problem. I isolated all files and found one problem.

    The texture pack.

    I dunno what exactly is wrong with it, but someone needs to fix it.

  28. DanielLCS3o says:

    Hmmm does it work on MCPE 0.16?? with no block launcher and just put it as an addon?

  29. MagmaBoy says:

    Awesome Mod, All Mobs On This Mod Was Inspired In Warcraft III Or Dota

  30. Fawkes87 says:

    Is it for 0.15.4

  31. Seeeb says:

    Please make for iOS or why does it not work? :p

  32. jdailtman1000 says:

    How do I spawn the new mobs

  33. kamran says:

    does this work for samsung android ipod and 14.0

    • Editor says:

      There is no such thing as an Android iPod (as far as I know). iPod is a device owned by Apple. The operating system for Apple devices is called iOS. Android is the operating system for Samsung, Nexus and similar devices which aren’t owned by Apple.

  34. HIs says:

    can you do it for ipad??

  35. GuardianMilky says:

    Do it works on 13.0?

  36. Kobee says:

    Dose this work for iPad?

  37. Jmglcraft says:

    Looks cool..
    Trying to figure out why it doesn’t work for me. Looks like this

  38. Anthony says:

    I only got to unzip the second mod part for some reason. Also when im on craetive and i try spawning a creature blocklauncher says its invalid! Help pls! Does this mod not work for 13.0?When a group of elves came you couldnt see them at all. They were just blacked out?

  39. blue_flash says:

    hey ! can u upload the files again pls? i cant download it anymore.. T.T ….. really want to try it and play with my friends !! 😀 😀 thank you in advance

  40. Haidar says:

    I can’t download the file after skip ads
    It says
    “The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.”

  41. CaseDoesMC says:

    Does it work for the latest version of mcpe? I hope it does I so love LotR

  42. dreamhassler says:

    Hi, I recently decided to get this app and it honestly took me about 2 hours to figure out what i needed to get everything and I’ve only gotten so far are these downloads (using es file explorer) mod 1 and mod 2. I understand you have guides on how to download a texture, but how and where do you find THIS mod’s texture? Do you just download and it should give you the texture right away? On my game i have some of the characters (on blocklauncher) like the wood elves, but they look like villagers, the mountain trolls are fine, the ent’s are just black figures, and I have no ores or weapons or spawn eggs in my inventory for creative mode. Thanks alot for taking your time on reading this.

  43. CJ says:

    Great mod, but a lot of the time it doesn’t allow me to hit the attacking mobs. Any idea why this might be?

    • Editor says:

      It’s because the hitbox (also known as the area of the mob which you can) hit is very small. Try to aim at their feet and it should work.

  44. Das says:

    part 1 gives me this
    **error code**

  45. FastByte22 says:

    Looks like an EPIC mod. From what I have found, it’s basically one big fight from the minute you get in, so tons of epic battle. Only issue i’ve found so far is pretty major. I’m running MCPE 12.3 alpha and the current edition of blocklauncher (October 25) on a Moto X 2nd gen, also current OS version. The issue I’ve found is that every time a mountain troll party spawns, the game crashes. Ents, hobbits, olog hai (do you mean Uruk Hai?) wood elves, etc all work fine. Mountain trolls bring the roof down with their beastness…. but they also crash the game. Also, their hitbox is at their feet….about the size of a silverfish. Any way to change this?
    Thanks a ton for an epic mod

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for the info! 🙂

      I have sent the creator a message, hopefully he’ll check out your comment and try to fix it.

    • MooGaming227 says:

      The hitbox problem can not be fixed because they have the ai of a silverfish and the bug with the mountain troll i have not seen before. When the next update releases, tell me if the bug is still there. I just redid the whole spawn system.

  46. Danny says:

    How do I download for iOS mcpe 0.12.2

  47. wofulmoss says:

    will this work for 0.12.3?

  48. John says:

    Is there a minecraft forum link?

  49. Ormagoden says:

    Hey i think that the mod creator should make wargs ridable i know thats not true to the storie but it would still be cool

  50. BlockyEric says:


  51. CaptainColaz says:

    Its Cool to have this mod on ur game

  52. Nate says:

    How do you change an .rar to a useable file?

    • Editor says:

      You need to extract the file using a file manager app. Go to Google and search for “file manager” or “ES File Explorer” to find a good one.

  53. DarkLordCreeper says:

    Is the Auto spawning of the mobs is working

  54. Sebastian Willingham says:

    For some reason the wage rider glitches and won’t work and the items won’t work
    Neither will the weapons please check it out for kindle fire HD 6

  55. Pro_bros says:

    What about on fire phones? Does it work on Amazon fire phones?

  56. Sweet66 says:

    Nevermmind I found how. This is the best mod I ever downloaded

  57. Levi says:

    When I downloaded this it came out as a .rar file what do I do?

  58. Bunky09 says:

    Can i use this in a mod pack

  59. Cameron says:

    Can you please tell me how to get other mods

  60. Cameron says:

    How do you download it I really want to play it.

  61. Lawrence says:

    Hi, so I downloaded this texture pack, and I already have a file manager on my phone but it says it doesn’t have a file location please help?

  62. Vitinho says:

    How to get this mod?

  63. CreeperArged says:

    Thanks For Letting Me Know It Works For 0.12.0 🙂 I’m Gonna Go Download this Mod Now !!

  64. InDoExo says:

    Wow,how to get this mod?

  65. CreeperArged says:

    Does This Work For 0.12.1 Too? 🙂

    • Editor says:

      I tested it for 0.12.1 and it worked.

      • Darkegrim says:

        what about 12.2

        • Editor says:

          I think it should work.

          • Nicholas White says:

            I keep getting this error every time I try to play?

            Error occurred in script: Lotr Mod Part 1.js
            org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.RuntimeException: You must make an item with id 473 before you can add it to the creative inventory. (Lotr Mod Part 1.js#574)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(Unknown Source)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke(Unknown Source)
            at Source)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop(Unknown Source)
            at script.newLevel(Lotr Mod Part 1.js:574)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Unknown Source)
            at Source)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
            at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
            at Source)
            at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.callScriptMethod(
            at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.setLevelFakeCallback(
            at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.tickCallback(
            at Method)
            Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: You must make an item with id 473 before you can add it to the creative inventory.
            at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$NativePlayerApi.addItemCreativeInv(
            at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
            at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
            … 12 more

          • Editor says:

            Most likely outdated.

          • Nicholas White says:

            The mods out of date?

            What would u suggest I do?

          • Editor says:

            There is nothing we can do. Someone needs to update it.

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