“The Mansion” Escape Room

Looking for an extreme challenge? Look no further! “The Mansion” Escape Room is filled to the brim with puzzles that need to be solved in order to escape! Go it alone or bring friends to help, and remember to bring a pen and paper!

Hello, I’m Estrongel and this is my first escape room, and boy is it sure a doozy. Each puzzle will challenge your wits as you work through the riddles and clues given to piece together the way out!

Make sure to bring a pen (or pencil) and paper, as you’ll need to be writing down lots of clues. 

Seeing as this is my first escape room, I ended up making it overly difficult, and my next ones should hopefully be “easier” and less migraine-inducing. Goodluck!

If you have any questions or would like me to create a guide for each puzzle please let me know! If you liked the map, make sure to subscribe to my youtube

Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZnU2d_P45hy5LHbCQ3xiOA  where I post funny clips and guides of my friends and I and so you can stay tuned for the next puzzle map!

As a last word of advice when you play. REMEMBER, and I cannot stress this enough. REMEMBER to always face B.

(One more thing, I made a change that would allow this map to be completed in single player, so in the rule book instead of buttons, imagine it says levers!)~Estrongel

Changelog View more

-The second level was practically unreachable, I added a ladder to assist getting up there for people who were unable to continue the puzzle, and a tutorial is posted on my youtube channel.

-Accidentally had a screenshot as the world download, it has now been fixed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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22 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-8839605364 says:

    I am minutes into the map and i can already tell it is going to be really fun.

  2. Guest-5051704671 says:

    Me and my friend are playing this its so fun and hard!
    we like to play escape rooms but this is just…Amazing! i like how its like more than just a room or 3 and its really fun!

  3. BulzRai21 says:

    I’m exited to see your next map.

  4. BulzRai21 says:

    Good job for making this map.

  5. Blue7S says:

    Looks sick

  6. Guest-3032439002 says:

    The red stone was good and the puzzles were well thought out, but the clues/hints were so cryptic that it was impossible to solve them without a tutorial

    • Estrongel says:

      Yes sorry, my next puzzle map should be much better, this was my first one and I didn’t know how difficult to make the puzzles and hints. Some things I learned were that I should have all the clues for a puzzle in the same area, not have people move to older rooms to search for them, and to not bury everything in translations. I do have a tutorial/walk-through up on my youtube now explaining each puzzle now if you wanted to see what my thought process was.

  7. Guest-7957613199 says:

    tomas likes men -dav

  8. Guest-6943183913 says:

    how do you get past the first area?? doesnt make any sense

  9. Guest-8644254055 says:

    The map is really good so far but I just can’t seem to continue. Can you make a tutorial because I just can’t continue

    • Estrongel says:

      I’m uploading a tutorial as we speak, it should be up within a few hours, I am also going to be updating the map download, as there was something crucial missing that prevented progression. Sorry about that!

  10. Guest-9982452481 says:


  11. Guest-8900496659 says:

    any tutorials ?

  12. Guest-7550119219 says:

    I started the world in creative with a bunch of stuff. Is that what’s supposed to happen?

  13. Very good. I also create some redstone/puzzle map. If you want check them out.

  14. Guest-2962912364 says:


  15. Guest-1806461955 says:

    hey your world didnt work i download it and open it but it didnt work it says cant open file my mcpe version is v.

  16. Guest-4577813273 says:

    either the wrong world was uploaded or you forgot to set the player to the start of the map.

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