The Mine

The Mine is a map inspired by a game called “Mindustry”. The Mine has many features for players to explore including custom items, blocks, machines, mechanics and more. This map uses NO ADD-ONS OR TEXTURE PACKS.

The Mine is mainly based on mining and automation, but you can also fight mobs, fish and explore inside The Mine!


• 10+ custom items, blocks and machines

• Machine Upgrades

• Custom Fishing Mechanics

• Custom Beacon Mechanics

• Explore and Discover Areas Inside The Mine

• Achievements

• and More


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

4.6 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-5964157485 says:

    A 24hours achievement its a afk achievement

  2. Necronz says:

    Cool but can i make a cobble stone generator? Because if i mine all the stone on the ground then how am i supposed to get cobble stone? And also a place able Sign so i wont get lost and i can kabe each area

  3. Guest-8064013631 says:

    An Amazingly enjoyable map. Worth the play through

    Only concerns are the lack of a guide or something. I fee like its alot of user error as we dont know how most things works.
    The thing i hate most is the Redstone Mine, conveyors cant connect to the centre before they DeSpawn.
    And the hidden shop is a pain to find if you dont know where to look.
    If its possible to change those 2 things then its perfect. Well crafted and works like a treat


    If i were to add anything it would be Sell Resources to earn XP.

  4. Guest-1371602771 says:

    why can’t i mine the cobblestone that replaces the blocks because it makes it vary hard to get a good pickax and progress?

  5. Guest-8468062716 says:

    The t t doesnt work

  6. Guest-5762479989 says:

    This is awesome 😎

  7. Guest-6764822583 says:

    Why the center beacon don’t work?

  8. CheezWiz says:

    Hey man, I found out about this map through DanRobzProbz and I want to say that this map is really well done, considering that it doesn’t use any addons or even experimental features! My problem is though, for some reason, when I drop the coal onto the beacon, it doesn’t collect it and just sits there? It’s weird because of the other stuff like cobblestone works when I drop it into the beacon. Idk if this is an issue on my end or what, but I would REALLY like to know, because this map looks like a LOT of work was put into it. If you can help me get this fixed that would be awesome. Thanks!

  9. Guest-2291502738 says:

    umm how do i get iron ingots? when i mine the iron ore, it only drops the ore, not the ingot

  10. Guest-1484426503 says:

    Hey I think there is a bug with miner where it can’t be placed on emerald ore

  11. Guest-2062896249 says:

    How do you get lava and water bucket. I can’t find the shop for that anywhere and if it is blocked by TNT how do you get your starter cobblestone

  12. Guest-5643264989 says:

    im curious is it only me that I can’t buy a stone pickaxe, when I have more than enough cobblestone to buy?

  13. Guest-6606957421 says:

    I’ve played the orginal mindustry, and from the looks of the comments, this is a very well designed map.

  14. Very well developed and constructed map. Nice job! 😉

  15. Guest-7418103330 says:

    I really like the map but I don’t know how to use the item teleporter…

    • Guest-5083681556 says:

      Also the Harpoon is broken for me or how do you even use it?

      • ICMCPlays says:

        The Harpoon kind of works like a fishing rod. You throw it in the water, then wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds, it will come back in your inventory, there’s a chance that you will catch something and it will tell you or there’s also a chance that you won’t catch anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi there!
      You can place the item teleporter on bedrock, which is just below the stone layer. Then throw your resources on top of it to deposit the resources. This way, you won’t have to go back to the Main Tunnel every time you want to deposit your resources.

  16. bestGaming132 says:

    This map does not work on 1.16 beta but I have seen a video where this was working. Still great map!

  17. bestGaming132 says:

    I like Mindustry and this is a good map for Minecraft

  18. Loved the preview on dakons channel Amazing 🙂

  19. NeoFlight says:

    Totally worth giving it a try.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent map–very well crafted. It is impressive that all of this is achieved with command blocks.

  21. Guest-4740388960 says:

    I like mindustry

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