The Mob Lord Addon

You thought The Ender Dragon and The Wither were the toughest bosses in the game? Think again. If you want to take on a challenge, then hear as rumors have been spreading around the world that a flying & teleporting disaster is reigning terror across the lands of the overworld. Many say that he was just once a normal bat that accidentally stumbled into the end and absorbed one of the end crystals. He gained new powers from it and is abusing them to take over the world! Only you can stop him from reaching his goal. May Notch be with you all to slay the beast.

Don’t be fooled by his appearance because he can give you run for his money if you’re not careful when you stumble upon him.

The Mob Lord can be very destructive when he’s out in the open. He will kill anything he sees in his path and I mean everything. If you want to fight him, it’s better to do it in a copied version of your world or a flat world so it won’t do much damage to anything. 😉

Mob Lord Attributes:

  • Replaced with bats
  • Has 1000 Hp
  • Resistant To Fire
  • Shoots 10 Wither Skull rounds
  • 10 dmg melee attack
  • Teleports at random distances simultaneously
  • hostile mobs will try to kill him aswell

Tho it seems impossible to kill this thing, I can assure you it’s not, as long as you have very good gear, you are gonna have a good time fighting him 🙂

This one shows him facing the Wither himself

This is just a new boss I thought of making for fun. I used an app called Addons Maker For Minecraft to make this addon easily. And also, this is my first time on sharing my personal addons for fun and hope you guys can give me feedback whether you want me to add more boss-like mobs in the future 🙂 


Ender Bat Skin

Changelog View more
Used a different featured image to showcase the beast in-game. Respond to me more if I have anything else to fix. :D


It’s a mediafire link so it’ll all should be easy. Just tap on the link then download and you should be all good :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.9

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34 Responses

2.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. EnderGamingYT says:

    Yea, Your Minecraft Is Old, I’m

  2. Logan cook says:

    This add on is great I like the idea of a stranger things upside down of the boring old cave bat. Keep up the good work!

  3. Amorox says:

    you can do more add-ons? This add-on is very cool and you are very “creative” :3

  4. :) says:

    I can help,but nah, try using blockbench,and do some models on mac, pc or anything,etc.. And get used to it, try to model first some things and then get used to behaviors and coding, but If I’m you, you should do a resource packs first,clearly not using those apps like addon creator, You should try remake or remodel some entities in mcpe, to enhance yourself, and please don’t post things like these,seriously.. It’s really bad. The model is just retextured bat,and became a bit bigger..

    • Yaeesh2005 says:

      I know. This is only my first time making a submission for one of my first addons I made since 2016 into a public usable thing! Tho I will look into how to make “actual” addons in the future since I don’t have a computer yet but I’ll get one someday! This addon was mainly posted for fun since I’ve always dreamed of people trying out one of my made-for-fun addons and how they would think. Now that I’ve gathered some courage to post something like this. I might make more in the future once everything is settled! Also thanks for the feedback! (:

  5. mucleman says:

    you know who else says this addon is such a bitchy? MY MOM!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can make this in less than a minute. Make something that add something new or actually creative.

    • Yaeesh2005 says:

      I know, I know. This is just one of my first addons I made for fun (and also my first time here) and it’s only showcasing an extra boss added, nothing else. I’m on iOS so the only way I could make this addon is from an app. You’re probably an experienced person with this so please help if you can teach me how to make custom entities on iOS. xD also thanks for feedback! 🙂

  7. Minceraft says:

    How do I download?

  8. Modded Survival lover says:

    Never ever make addons unless your on android or pc IOS players can’t make proper addons because they can’t make custom entities

    Your mob is good but it’s not gonna downloaded much as the fact it replaces bats and bats spawn in caves so meaning you won’t be able to go mining inside exposed caves.

    2 Stars It’s a good mob idea but it’s horrible because it replaces a entity

  9. The Man WIll ASK u a question says:

    How u can make this not invisible, my custom entity is just invisible :(( help me plssss
    -I like u mob too

  10. Matorstar says:

    Me encantaría que sigas creando addons así 😉😉😃

  11. Seriously, another addon that replaces mobs? Come on! Let me guess your excuse, you’re on Android. Guess what? I’m on Android too! I can make custom entities. Just watch guides on YouTube.

  12. BoxCatMC says:

    he looks cute, not scary at all

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