The Nether Variants (14 New Mobs)

Hello this Is my first add-on, Right now It’s In development I’ll be updating It regularly on bug fixes or additions for everyone to enjoy. I’m open for Ideas and suggestions

The Nether Update was too hyped up for four new mobs, But sometimes It feels like you need more with a Wither Army, Piglin Troops and Powerful Witches

Powerful Variants, Interesting abilities and powers with more to come

Well first things first on the additions

The Withers

Wither Archers – Wither Archers are as like normal skeletons but with slight more health. And the Ability to shoot 3 to 2 arrows at a time, Common through the Nether.

Use Ranged Weapons to defeat this mob

Mortified Withers – These Wither Skeletons are very weak and defenseless but one hit from these guys will cause a long lasting wither effect to ensure the kill as vengeance, Very Common In the Nether 

Keep Distance on this mob

Soul Withers – These guys are bad news with intense speed to hit them one slash from these guys are deadly causing blindness, To make things even worse they have decent health and armor, Very Rare In the Nether

Use Ranged Weapons to defeat this mob

Wither Brutes – Powerful and Reinforced Health the Wither Brute gives a powerful hit and give weakness for 30 seconds. The only down fall of It Is how slow they are, Slightly Rare In the Nether

Keep Distance on this Mob

Blood Wither – Average and Magical, Wither Bloods are similar to Evokers but summon Wither Troops whenever their Is a mob nearby, Very Rare In the Nether

Ancient Wither – Old Withers that no longer fights, Gives different Trades than the withers

Chief Wither – Combat Focused Wither. I’ll let you find out what the other attack Is


Don’t get Detected by this Mob

Defiant Witches – Very Unique Witches with three modes, Melee, Ranged and Summoning, They also have a chance to Ignore Attacks causing a very tough fight, Slightly Common In the Nether

Bring a Shield and Bow

Scorched Phantom – Camouflaging Phantoms meant to sneak up on you for a easy attack These guys are stronger but deal less damage. Rare through the Nether.

Use Shields and Bows

Warped Boar – Passive Animal Afraid of everything that looks like a threat also teleports, Common Through The Warped Forest

Wither Ghast – Aggressive Ghast with Three Times the amount of health Including two attacks, Slightly Rare through the Nether

Bring a Bow

Despair Witch – Outcasted Witches with abilities like no other attack piglins, withers and other witches. Slightly Rare through the Nether

Bring a Bow

Crimson Skeleton – A Crimson Variant of the Skeleton for the Crimson Biomes.

Warped Skeleton – Teleporting Skeletons founded In the warped forests

Soul Skeletons – Fast Archers with extra health and damage

Detained Zombie – Peaceful Mobs that attacks Piglins and Withers, Different Effects vary on type

Violent Zombie – Peaceful Mobs that attacks Piglins and Withers, Different Effects vary on type

Provoked Zombie – Peaceful Mobs that attacks Piglins and Withers, Different Effects vary on type

Horrific Zombie – Hostile Different Zombies that attack their own kinds, Different Effects vary on type

Warrior Piglins – Similar to the Brute these guys can become peaceful If you give them gold (they do not barter)

Withered Piglin – Infected Piglins that attack Withers and Piglins. Gives Wither Effect

The Piglin Chief – The Leader of all the Piglins, (does not naturally spawn, animations coming soon and different attacks)


these are not as detailed as main mobs but are only seen

if summoned or spawned

Emerald Witch – Weak Ranged Witch using fireballs, Bring a shield

Malevolent Witch – Average Health Ranged Witch using fireballs, Bring a Shield

Vile Witch – Weak Melee Witch with attacks causing Nausea. Keep Distance

Wither Trust – Wearing Diamond Gear will sign the Withers of trust like Piglins

Wither Bartering – You can barter with withers using diamonds, Some Trades have changed more will be changed soon

Mobs not finished but can be spawned

Piglin Booster – Heals Piglins In the area

Piglin Mage – Magical Piglins but know how to fight when you get too close

Piglin Trickster – undecided.

Mobs coming soon.

Zombified Piglin Chief

Wither Aura’s

Bug Fixes coming next update

Warrior Piglin not behaving the way It’s needed

Piglin Booster not running away

Hound vanished

(The Next Update after this will be the final one on additions to mobs, Any other updates will be bug fixes or behavior changes.)

(please report any bugs with the mod in the comments for me to squash them 😊)

Changelog View more

Added Piglin Chief

Added Mobs W.I.P.

Changed some behaviors

Added Future Update plans

Added Two new families, Withered Corroded

Added 14 New Mobs

Changed Boar Behavior

Changed Wither Blood Behaviour

Added New Witches

Lowered Phantom Spawn Rates

Lowered Wither Variants Spawn Rates

Changed Soul Wither Speed

Added Extra Sounds

Fixed Download Links

Added Boar, Hound, Wither Ghast and Scorched Phantom

Fixed Wither Variants Spawn Rates

Added Blaze Rods to Wither Bloods

Added Defiant Witches and Blood Withers

Fixed Spawn Rates

Added Spawn Egg Textures and Names

Changed Wither Archers Behavior

Changed Name to Wither Variants to Nether Variants


Windows 10, Xbox, PS4, Mobile


Supported Minecraft versions


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41 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. joe847802 says:

    can you make it work in realms? I have other addons working in realms with custom mobs like this, but these guys dont work on realms at all. Anyway to incorporate it in your next update?

  2. Sub2Pewdiepie69 says:

    Idea: make zoglins naturally spawn in the Nether Wastes, so it makes the old biome a VERY dangerous place and makes it look like a warzone between the ziglins and zoglins.

  3. GiniMonsterZ says:

    Hey man Cool addon bro keep up the good work. I have a slight problem with it though. The red zombies look too similar even with the eyes being different. Hard to tell whos who when there not looking at you. Could you change there clothes or make them look a bit more different?

  4. InfernalYT says:

    The newly added piglins (Piglin Mage, Withered Piglin, Warrior Piglin, Piglin Trickster) do not turn into zombified piglins in the overworld. Maybe change that?

  5. awesomeEVAN555 says:

    Link doesn’t work!

  6. Mr potato says:

    Add a hellhound

  7. ScareEE55 says:

    The wither ghast looks just like the three-headed ghast from Minecraft Story Mode, and that is awesome!

  8. Sub2Pewdiepie69 says:

    Pls remove the Boar mob. It makes living in the nether much easier when the animal is vulnerable to a sword, it makes the hoglin kinda useless when there is a easier mob to kill for food.

  9. Nebflut says:

    No work on realms. 🙁

  10. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit though.

  11. Guest-8007392446 says:

    Nice addon

  12. Guest-5894431873 says:

    nice mod but i have feedback can you add a few more illagers like maybe a fire illagers pls

  13. Guest-7867270327 says:

    Hmm do these actually spawn in the nether? Cause i turned on ex and see none of them spawn

  14. Guest-4949901008 says:

    Great addon. The skins tend to glitch out abit for the witherskeleton variants. But ive a suggestion, make a guard that you can employe to balance it due to the amount of hostile mobs present.

  15. Guest-8154162102 says:

    Hi love your addon

  16. Guest-4239307146 says:

    This is perfect of the small survival game my friends are gonna play. Thx for creating!

  17. Guest-9334615805 says:

    can you make these guys spawn less? They seem to be spawning a bit to much. More specifically, the mortified wither spawns way to much ive noticed. Add on is great, that just my one gripe. And since your opened to suggestions, Have you thought about adding drops for them? Custom drops to be exact, like wither bones for example, or wither ribs to use to craft a bow or a weapon of some sort. Even use wither bones to craft wither blocks or something of that sort. For the wizards, magic dust or other items to try crafting a staff or something. Even something cosmetic. Animals, custom food too.

  18. Guest-9037467430 says:

    Can you change the textures for the withers?

  19. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in My addon. I will give you credit.

  20. Guest-8498622301 says:

    add skeleton piglins

  21. Guest-9592682207 says:

    Tornado when i spawned 2 blood withers they spawm troops but when i spawnn more it no work is it like a rare chance of summing troops?

  22. Guest-3420686444 says:

    I Don’t like the 128×128 Texture I more like the 64×64 Texture 😒

  23. Where you create addons pls

  24. Guest-8311647141 says:

    Whyy is there a bettermobs download?

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