The Nightmare UPDATED (Horror)

Hi, I’m Jackson. This map is a horror map designed to scare people that are afraid of mannequins Or other objects that move that aren’t supposed to move. Your goal is to escape…  if you can.  You need to find keys and other items to unlock doors and uncover decade old secrets in order to escape. Something becomes clear, you definitely aren’t the first in this place. But can you manage to be the last? 


In this map, you are 18 year old Henry Coldrew, and your father asked you to do something for him as his last wish before cancer took over. It was a strange request, he asked you to go to an unmarked, abandoned building that hadn’t been occupied for decades… or so you thought. When you arrived to the building, it was strangely good looking for a old abandoned building. You went inside, and you hear a click behind you. Locked tight. It is now clear to you that this building is not abandoned… Now your only goal is to get out. 

Pictures and examples

Use all of your will to make it through this map. Good luck.  
Hey guys, for the update I added a entire new ending and choices. It’s much scarier and it has a lot more scares. I even used some new command techniques I learned to make this experience much scarier. Enjoy, and please leave a rating!

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Added a better link for the mcworld download and fixed a bug in the map

Added a new ending and a lot more scares. Good luck!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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28 Responses

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  1. Guest-6090749490 says:

    can I play this map in multiplayer?

  2. Bursting ROM says:

    Know bro it’s me bursting ROM downloaded it video will be out in 2-3 days subscribe please!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guest-3582318102 says:

    i like it

  4. Guest-3289838904 says:

    Is this vanilla Minecraft?

  5. Guest-5634276956 says:


  6. Guest-5634276956 says:


  7. Guest-5634276956 says:


  8. Guest-5634276956 says:


  9. Guest-7425178067 says:

    wow that was scary, the part where the armor stand tracks you made my heart skip a beat great map

  10. Hey guys, part two is coming in just a few days. I’ve added a new ending and a lot more scares! Hope you guys enjoy. Make sure to leave a rating!

  11. Guest-5558951798 says:

    Great map! Can’t wait for an update! (For some reason I can’t rate this map when I am not logged in)

  12. Guest-6697037696 says:

    Good map really creepy

  13. Guest-7778150885 says:

    After i break the wire or the iron bar
    It is just bugged like nothing happen or it supposed to be like that cause Iam stuck in the wire puzzle

  14. Let me know about any bugs, or map requests!

  15. Guest-2750388786 says:

    Its cool Map Yo.Why everyone have scared i have but im not scared.

  16. Guest-4058015499 says:

    Is this multiplayer?

  17. Guest-8633522604 says:

    I’m scared and I really don’t wanna get the map but I think I might just because I wanna test my fear.

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