The Nun 1.0.6 In Bedrock Edition [English Update]

The Nun Map on the game for android, horror game, You have to get out of the school of the evil nun, she hears everything … She is everywhere! Save your life! Find out the main secret of the nun! The map was made by two developers: Gosha 29 😀 and NotNot 136

The horror map was made by two developers, it has a lot of commands, Textures, and a lot of our work. Horror map, where you need to escape from the school of the nun. This card is about survival, quest,puzzle.🙂 You can get many endings, from good to bad. There are several floors on the map (2), but there are 3 more secret… There are also achievements on the map! Find out the secret of the nun! Escape this school! Good luck!

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We have translated the map into English and fixed the bugs!

I added a trailer, did as you requested (indicated the type) and slightly changed the description  


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10 Responses

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  1. Night sky says:

    It’s fun

  2. Aciel says:

    1.0.6: The Nun is too much hardcore even in easy mode (1hit kill). When you hide and you move even slightly, she’ll hit you and you’ll die 1hit. Also when you hide, the nun doesn’t go away lol, she’ll stay right in front of you.

  3. Night sky says:

    Can I play in mcpe?

  4. Gosha 29 says:

    We will correct this situation in the future, we will make an English version of the map, but if you were transferred to the menu at the end (where you appeared), then you have passed the map

  5. Aciel says:

    I tried to play this, no idea if I even finished it or not as it was all in Russian lol. I even killed the Nun 😅 in the fire. Had few items left no idea where to use them.

  6. Gosha 29 says:

    Thanks, but don’t, we ourselves 🙂

  7. Z3t4 says:

    Can i help with the translations?

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