The Parallel World

In this map, you will have to play in the “invisible” universe by jumping on invisible blocks to reach the next level, and to see these invisible blocks, you have to look at the other universe that has the blocks

As you can see in these images, instead of the ever repeated levels, it can happen to make a world exchange, and enter the other parallel world. In fact, at the beginning you will have to do an “invisible” Parkour but at a certain point you will do Parkour in the “visible” world

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-Fixed a block placement in the "Tutorial" level

-Removed some blocks, added some invisible blocks


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6 Responses

  1. Minecraft player1 says:

    Thank you for creating the map Scerri. I love these types of maps!!!????????

  2. Minecraft player1 says:

    I have played something like this one in YOUTUBER PARKOUR. It was the UNSPEAKABLE GAMING level. It was quite fun, but, it was hard to keep track of where you are because it was invisible and you cant see where they are. HINT: Just look around for a block that you cant see instead of looking at the other side (Sometimes works)!

  3. Hey Sceri – wondering if you’d be interested in a map collaboration or two together? If so feel free to add me on discord! jesserules101#9365

    • Scerri says:

      I’d also like to do it, why not? A collaboration is excellent, the problem is that I don’t speak English and I’m Italian, in fact I use Google translator to write this message. If you want we can create a map by staying in chat. Find me on Discord. Scerri # 0883

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